The Earth is now The Lord’s Threshing Floor

I Jazweeh received a song today from The Spirit of The Lord in both English and in a Higher tone and language.  The song’s interpretation was present as well as the mystery of God and His threshing floor.

“Protect us Father from thy threshing floor.  Deliver us Father from thy threshing floor.”

End Times Destruction, Locust, Spiders, and The Seal of God

The Earth is now the Lords threshing floor and if we are not protected by Him in the days to come we WON’T survive.  We simply MUST have the seal of God in our foreheads so the Locusts of the pit cannot come against us.  Furthermore I have seen that Spiders from the abyss are rising with a sting as a giant Tarantula.  The hairy and genetically altered spiders that I have seen in a vision are part of The Lords threshing floor.  They will emerge from the pit and seek out the lost and the rebellious.

The Locust will also be released at some point.  But these spiders that I saw were as large around as a gallon of milk.  They have an instinct for those who are not sealed with the Holy Spirit of God.  The threshing floor separation starts today.

The Lord has Gathered His Elect

There has been a great awakening on Earth as The Lord has sent out His fishermen to help the saved sharpen their spiritual condition by drawing nigh unto The Father and unto Jesus His Son, our savior.  This part of the gleaning is over.  Yes we will still have our Christian preachers but many of the Truth spreading preachers have been kicked off Youtube.   The gathering has happened and now begins the threshing floor of God.

Ask The Lord Jesus to save you even from YOURSELF because sometimes we are more destructive to self than the enemy is to us.

People will die in 2019.  Children will get the “new polio” disease parents never realizing IT’S THE WIFi SIGNALS THAT ARE LETHAL TO THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.   OUR ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS OF THE BODY NEED GROUNDED in the natural Earth frequencies.  Walk barefoot in the dirt to ground yourself after being around wifi.

The Threshing Floor in Both, Farming and of The Lord

We don’t understand the term “separate the wheat from the chaff” because we are not privy to planting, winnowing, crushing, and separating the useful grain parts from the somewhat un-useful.   Clearly in spiritual terms it speaks of separating God’s chosen, from those who reject God all together.

I talked to a friend yesterday who explained to me that in spite of the “chaff” being called “worthless grain” in the dictionary, the cattle LOVE IT!  Furthermore the cows fight over chaff and wolf it down as fast as they can not stopping to take a breath.  They burrow their heads into it and chomp chomp chomp.  The threshing floor is for the purpose of harvesting grain and separating it’s parts, the useful from the unuseful.

Threshing is the process by which the grain husks, or chaff, are loosened. It is done after the fields have been harvested and usually involves crushing the grain stalks on a flat surface, or threshing floor. Threshing is necessary before the final process of winnowing (blowing it with wind or air to blow away the chaff off the wheat), which separates the husks from the edible grain before the grain is ground and stored.  I say the cows eat the chaff but to us humans it is inedible.

The Wifi Holocaust Protect Yourself

We HUMANS are not meant to absorb these unnatural frequencies.  The more smartphones and wifi we are exposed to the more emf radiation occurs.  There is a Holocaust happening NOW and it’s called WIFI 4.2 & 5g.  Wake up!  DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR WIFI ON.  DO NOT SLEEP with a cell phone in your room.  Routers and the wifi it puts out are two different functions.   WIFI is in the air.  “The prince of the power of the air”.  This is Satan’s description.   Whereas a router is what supplies the wifi.  You can be wired to your router and enter the router login page and settings.  Then turn off the wifi and still get signal to all the devices that are wired by ethernet to the router.

Turn off your wifi and hardwire EVERYTHING in your house.  Your internet will be faster that way cause your getting a direct signal through wire instead of through the prince of the power of the airways.  Use ethernet wires and you can even wire your cell phone IF it’s ethernet ready to hook it into your router.  Phones starting at Samsung Galaxy 7 and later do have ethernet ports.   But that won’t stop signals from blasting your brain all together.  It stops the signals from blasting from your router.  You still have signals blasting from your phone unless you turn the wifi setting off on the phone itself as well.   Don’t put the phone near your head.  I measured RF in my home and the router and smartphones are the strongest offenders of EMF, radiation emissions.

Opt out of smart meters when they come around to change the meter on your electrical pole.  It now has an analog meter.  They want to stick smart meters all over your house connecting all your electric use to wifi digital meters.  OPT OUT OF SMART METERS OR YOU WILL REGRET IT ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN YOU OWE IT TO YOUR CHILDREN TO RESEARCH THIS.  Don’t research by going to the communications companies, THEY LIE.  You must find independent researchers.  The corpse-erations LIE and apparently want us all dead or asleep, DUMBED DOWN, IGNORANT, AND DEPENDENTLY SHEEPISHLY SUBSERVIENT TO THE CORPS-ERATIONS.