Four End Times Out of Body Dreams

After I Received The Holy Spirit Baptism I Had 4 Dreams

Not all are the hand or the arm.  There are many gifts of the Spirit.   The scribe of this article, Jazweeh is 62 years old.   She has sought out God from the time she was young.  She fell many times and got back up.  Faith is how we are saved.  Faith in God.  Do not build unfair comparisons in one’s mind to belittle your own walk with God.   Wisdom comes with age.

It takes years to build this kind of relationship with Jesus.  To receive such a well rounded understanding of God’s Love & Grace moreover to believe in what is the supernatural.  Baby Christians are not expected to be all that.

Jesus is Lord & He promises that if He is sought with one’s heart He can be found.  Seek & ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you._______Laura E. Editor

(Feel free to skip to the interpretations.  But you may not get much out of it that way.)

This happened in the early 90s approximately.  How I know I was out of my body?  Well let me tell you this. If any man quotes Apostle Paul by saying “in the body or out of the body I do not know”.  Then be certain they were NOT out of their body.

When I was out of my body I KNEW IT.

There is absolutely no mistaking the feeling of your own spirit and soul leaving your human body home.  I promise you if you leave your body YOU WILL KNOW IT!

Now The Three Out of Body Dreams & Why they were so Important

I had no idea what the three dreams meant in 1989 except that I felt my spirit leave my body and knew by that beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am NOT this body of flesh.  And that this flesh is temporal.

That was all I got out of it.  The rest of the dreams content was a mystery, that is UNTIL NOW.  12-17-2021.  32 years later I understand what was meant by four of the absolute most profound spiritual experience of my life.

4 dreams–Hell & Purgatory, My birthday, Floating, and The Vortex.

The First Dream “The Floating”

I was floating in the air over & above a church service inside a church.  There were about 30 people there.  Nobody could see me.  They were unaware of what was going on above them.  I floated watching them. I wished deeply that they could see me.  I wished that they could see the supernatural occurrence that was above them but they could not.  The church slept.

The Second Dream “My Birthday”

I saw the black woman in the rocking chair.  She smiled with such peace of mind.  She looked at me as if she knew me and knew what would come.  She has a very sweet spirit.  She was wise and so calming.  I call her wisdom.

Suddenly I looked up and black & white balloons (I think black & white) fell from the ceiling.  So many balloons.  And joy came to me.  I was happy.  It was my birthday.  Suddenly I knew it was my birthday.  My heart was blessed.

The Third Dream “Purgatory the Top Floor of Hell”

This dream was longest.  I went out of my body into purgatory.  I knew it was purgatory.  In real life there was man recently accused & convicted of rape.  I heard he later killed himself.  That same man was in my dream.  I went into purgatory and saw him pacing the top floor of Hell.  I was looking for my Grandfather there.  I wanted him to know that he didn’t have the right to condemn himself to Hell.  That is why he was still on the top floor and not deep within the bowels of hell.  Hell is for the wicked. Not the fallen.  He was fallen.  His heart was good.

I found his dwelling in purgatory.  It looked like Firestone in Akron where they used to make tires.  He worked there most his life.   And so his faith put him there after death.  He needed to meet Jesus and He could because of the grace that was still available to him at the top floor.  Once he went down to hell he would be stuck and then only Jesus could have got him out.

A demon came to me and said “why do you seek your Grand Dad?  He is one of the worst souls down here!”.  The demon did what demons do.  He accused.  Demons are the accuser of the breathren and we must evict them from our own voices lest we accuse ourselves.  My Grand Dad hid from me because he was ashamed but he felt and heard me.  I knew it, and I know it now.  He later left purgatory.  He was delivered by The Love of Jesus.

“These things I do and even greater than what I do shall ye do.”  Jesus

Most all of Jesus’ prophecies have come to pass in my sight.  Except His soon return & the Lake of Fire.

I saw three young girls in purgatory as well.  They also condemned themselves.  For the beast convinced them that they don’t deserve God’s Love because they are bad and wrong.  But Jesus said “where are thine accusers?  For I do not accuse you nor condemn you, go and sin no more.”  Their self loathing was their sin.  We must watch the voice in our head by practicing positive affirmations every day.  Go over the good things you do daily even if it’s just “I ate well today, I took care of my child, I fed my child.”  And so on.

Then I saw again the rapist who killed himself on Earth.  I noticed he was carrying a bible clutched in his hands he held it to his heart.  He paced the floors of purgatory over and over and over he paced quoting scripture all the time.  I was not led to go to him or to save him from his lie.  He thought the bible could save him.  He knew every word of the book by memory.  But the words were not in his heart and so he was in purgatory suffering discontent and turmoil.  He wanted out.  He could not see me.  He was consumed with his own madness.

I left purgatory with the three women.  God’s words that I quoted, that Jesus spoke happened immediately.  Every word that God uttered worked immediately in that place.  There eyes were opened when I told them they didn’t have the right to condemn themselves.  That they are not God the Judge of all of mankind.

We left walking straight through the thickest iron doors I have ever seen.  Just outside were the halls of the dead.  Where men & women shuffle through the halls losing their identities and forgetting who and why they are.  They await judgement.

My dreams do not match the preachers stories and depictions of Hell or God.  God gave me these out of body dreams that I know are Truth.

The Last Dream.  “The Vortex & Jacob’s Ladder”

I fell asleep and left my body.  I moved so so quickly through a vortex.  I was travelling at the speed of light.  On and on I flew.  There were lights all around me.  They were stars but I was moving so fast it made the stars appear as a tunnel.

Suddenly I slowed down.  I was on a ladder up up up I went on the ladder.  I kept going.  It was dark with many lighted stars around.  And the ladder.

I slowed down and was startled back into my body instantly.  I travelled so far but yet I was put back in my body instantaneously because of a sight that scared and startled me.

It was a skeleton on the ladder.  He hung there as if he was just waiting to scare me.  And he did scare me.  Right back into my body I went.  He looked like the Grateful Dead theme skeleton popular back in the late 70’s.

Interpretations of the Dreams

#1 Floating

Now that the end times are here I see the prophesies of Jesus coming to pass.  All of them except two.  His return, & the lake of fire.  I see the miracles of the Mandela Effects that are signs and wonders. I see the desecration of the holy place, the abomination of desolation.  I can’t list all the signs and wonders here.  Christians, many of them do see the end times are upon us.  But the majority of Christians are asleep just as the dream prophesied.  And many only see the carnal signs not the supernatural signs and wonders.

#2 My Birthday

God gave me great joy back when I had these dreams.  But I believe the balloons and my birthday represent the coming rapture.  It may be in July 2022.  That’s my next guess.

#3 Hell  (The fall of the Christians)

This dream is self explanatory except one of the bullet points is that The Holy Bible is without a doubt the worst idol on Earth.  The bible is worshipped by Christians world wide.  Christians who know the book but never sought out God.  Instead of worshipping God they worship the Moses staff with the serpent hanging on it.  So many have fallen from knowing God by stopping their Faith and parking it on the bible itself.  It’s a book made by men’s hands.  It had the sacred words of Jesus in it.  But when God took His words from the book and wolf began his rewrite, the Christians knew no different.  The Truth was not in their heart.  They didn’t Love God’s words enough to be planted in their hearts and produce fruit.  The seed fell on fallow ground.  And they chose idol worship over knowing & seeking diligently God Himself.

#4 Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder, Jacob’s Trouble.  The Israelites in the bible do not represent a country or a religion or any geographical standard.  The Israelites are God’s children.  Jacob represents Israel.  Israel will not go through the great tribulation.  They will (I hope) be raptured out of the great tribulation that is to come upon the earth.  Why?  Because they have already done the walk with God they do not need again the gift of desperation to prompt them to seek God as the others do.

Great Tribulation is so men will seek God and be saved.  And so God will remove His Holy Spirit from Earth.  Israel shall leave Earth and then the lake of fire will do it’s work.  Then the worst of the prophesies of tribulation shall come to pass.  But make no mistake.  The plagues and death are already upon the 1/3 of mankind.  If you do not see it, you do not look.  Perhaps the vail is still upon you that was removed from so many of us in 2017.  Cancer itself is man made and one in every two men will get it. (A.C.S. statistics).  Do you see what is in the food?  Look at he image of the beast in your hand and on TV.  Knowledge has increased.  All is being revealed, just not to the many.

All is being revealed to the few.  We see SO MANY SUPERNATURAL EVENTS AT HAND but we also see the strong delusion that blinds men to what we see by the dividing of time.  The dividing of time is upon the earth and that means two realities. Some see two some only see their one reality.

How can this be?  Imagine this 1/10 of the world has their vail removed.  The other 9/10 are still vailed and cannot see many things.  Now throw in the locust from the pit that consummates with the 9/10 of mankind.  The locust removes memories.  The locust downloads new fake memories that didn’t happen in their past.  Add in some cognitive dissonance and then issue the dividing of time that allows only those unveiled to see what is actually in the skies around them.  There’s the carnal and there’s the supernatural.

Satan is remaking men in his image with his shot.  While God is remaking men in His Image.

When I was a child me and my older sister shared a room.  We had twin beds.  Her by the door me by the window.  For about 7 days we were both seeing visions in the night.  This is real.  My sister would scream and my mom would come to comfort her.  Why my sister was seeing nightly visions of spiders, mean dogs, and centipedes and other very scary things crawling on the door and on her bed.  I was seeing a beautiful women dressed in a long white gown come up the steps and walk toward my bed.  When I got scared I closed my eyes under the covers and she would disappear.  Only to appear the next night and each night I let her get just a little closer to my bed.  Until she was right next to my bed. Then the visons stopped for both of us.

I think this happened to show me the dividing of time.  How one event will be seen in two different ways.  The rapture.  When the rapture happens the world will see something very horrible while the few will see something quite beautiful.  And then we the few shall be gone.

I am a scribe of God.  If for no other reason than that God revealed the end times to me to share with you.

So since Israel doesn’t go through the G.T. they get “Jacob’s Trouble” which I think is about over.  They are alone in what they see.  Those around them will call them crazy. They cannot relate to people anymore.  Even the Christians who proclaim Jesus’ return cannot see what they see.  Israel is utterly alone.  But also they are protected. They do not group together or know each other.  They know and feel one another.  They hunger for the unity of their true family.

Jesus Himself went through a similar discourse.  No one could understand Him fully.  And few understood Him partially.  You see we are fortunate to just have peace and nourishment blessed with protection in this time of trouble.

The time of travail is finished.  The burdens for souls have lifted.  The intercessors no longer cry for souls.  Now they announce the coming of Jesus.  The annunciation of Jesus is at hand.  Yes we have had our troubles.  And no one, well few people see what we see.  But we are in Truth.

Every knee SHALL bow & every tongue confess that Jesus is The Christ.



2 Replies to “Four End Times Out of Body Dreams”

  1. Hi, I’m CJ from San Andreas.

    So I’m a main character of sorts; it’s ‘crazy,’ right? I don’t know what ‘Mandela Effect’ is; but it’s not as interesting as God. I know, I know, “could God go back in time and?” Dudes, God is infinitely powerful; lets not speculate on things that are of no concern to us. Jesus is real. What Lane has written is pretty trippy, the thing about 2 people seeing the same event as different things? People have reports of ‘alien abduction.’ While I was being attacked by demons (yes, I was at war with demons, ‘crazy.’), I noticed SO MANY details about alien abductions were identical to my experiences being attacked by demons. They didn’t ever present themselves as ‘aliens’ or ‘light beings’ to me. People, stop being deceived! The name JESUS works! It repels them away! Is God up to his crazy God shenanigans again? Yes; he’s been making a main character of me.

    This morning, I saw the number 4 several times. My drink even came out to $4.44. I looked up the meaning of the number 4 (Biblical). There is plenty of material for study. People have great ways of putting out the word. It’s everywhere! THE FEASTS OF THE LORD were in there somewhere… something something… the Sabbath. It happens to be Saturday today, too. I had also just finished praying. I had just realized that it was Saturday. Of all of the days for me to go and run some errands, I apologized to God for working today. I should be resting and celebrating. I should be taking time to be thankful to God. I do this every day; but I should take even more time off on Saturdays. It’s the law! 🙂

    I’ve heard people on YouTube claiming that their ‘spirit guides’ (demons) started saying things like “you need to know what it feels like to die.” How blind can you people be? Stop rejecting Jesus; stop rejecting God. UH-UH, he’s real; those ‘spirit guides’ are demons. They didn’t approach me as angels/aliens because I’m sealed or something, right? That’s my best guess. I’m sealed as one of God’s witnesses. I’ve seen some things. Lets try not to bash the Bible too much, Lane. It is full of wisdom. In the beginning, there was the WORD. Words are quite powerful; we, humans are pretty remarkable creatures. God made us so. He spoke us into existence; he is overwhelmingly powerful.

    He has just been letting humanity make up more and more lies. He let us all drift away in so many directions. Here we are; we are arriving. Every story has its ending. Are we going to come back to recognizing God? There are kings in the Bible who commanded their people to take down their statues of idols; good times followed. We need some good kings! Take down those statues of baphomet! Throw that sh*t away! If there’s any place that is destined to be a crator, it’s a place with one of those statues. All of the rebellious people look so retarded. They gather in the streets, dressed in Hot Topic Goth apparel. “Look at us; we don’t believe in any of this stuff. To us, it just represents freedom from the tyrants who claim that God is real.” O)))))ka))))))y… keep playing make-believe demon summoner, keep thinkin’ it’s not real. Keep thinking they have some sort of honorable pact with you. On the day that you realize that demons have a claim over your soul, who is going to step up and save you? You’ve already decided that you don’t side with Jesus, right? Word on the streets is that those demons flee; and all it takes is HIS NAME: JESUS.

    Stop mocking God; people of the world, Jesus really is coming. Every day, He is closer. He has an appointed time; it is coming.
    If you still have the freedom to read the Bible, do so. Do what you can, learn how you can. While it’s still legal to read and talk about Jesus, get to it. It’s only a matter of time before the government of the antichrist sets in (communism?) PRAISE JESUS! He is the King of EVERYTHING. God bless you.

    – Rudolph the red-nosed King CJ from San Andreas, out.

    1. Sand and Sea.
      I do thankyou for your comment. As for the guides…evil is as evil does-no more no less. For if Satan wars against himself his kingdom shall fall all the sooner. Caldrons and fleshhooks, snuffles and wizards that peep and mutter. What of the sucking of breasts of kings they suck king’s breasts? “Stupid”, “stupid” all through the books, hooks in the nose -betwixt betwixt the language of witches. Naughty figs “higher powers” and “God of the force” may the force be with you, fables of course. “hate your family” its required of you. 87 times “hate” in KJVB , and “give suck give suck give suck” through and through. And what of the feasts you mentioned, oh sure “feasts of Dung” SOLEMN dung feasts. spread dung on your face Mal. 2:3 ! All bread turned to “meat”. They sat on a wall drinking their piss? “piss” in the book oh my, dung & piss for lunch today. The alluding to cannibalism is through and through lots of fleshpots. Oh sure what fun! “Don’t trash the bible” ye say to me? It’s trashed itself cannot you see? You see, you see. The new “Middle English” vile and ruff full of witchcraft and other hidden “stuff” –quite literally stuff stuff & stuff. Bottles of water on Sarah’s back? Pish posh pish posh the book is lack. And it ain’t coming back. The wolf now does lie with the lamb, baptisms in Moses? Blasphemy at hand, golden girdle, girdle of skin, men in skirts & Jesus with a “bosom”? God with a hem & skirt, horns from His hands? Who is this Leviathan foul God of Job 41 that is breathing red fire and sneezing? Fables fables fables they turned to fables and preferred the lie. The desecration nearly finished. And those who saw just a glimpse of the lies said “so what…cast not out the baby with the bath water…let in the father of lies to the book and speak not of it by hook or crook.” let it in let it in, they say. Yet they see not the blasphemy before them as they proclaim the mighty name. They. I speak by my words to “they”. I have not even begun to show the vile and vulgar changes to the bibles. This is but a drop. “Four and twenty elders” baked in a pie.(clue) Let the reader understand. The abomination of desecration is the desecration of God’s holy words given to men by inspiration. Up up up like a scroll as prophesied His words safe in Heaven and in the hearts of Truth. Amos 8:11 & 12 fulfilling.

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