How to Reverse the Indoctrination Process of Brainwashing that Makes us Sick and Angry


Disclaimer:  These solutions will not be as effective without God at the helm. Pray first for healing and guidance.  

In the U.S. we are programmed with the “I AM BAD AND WRONG” indoctrination first and foremost.  This is the “demoralization process” which readies us for the rest of the sick programs they shove down our throats without our knowledge.  “My people are destroyed all the day long for lack of knowledge.”  See more on how we were programmed?

It took me over 12 years sober/clean after years in addiction and near death trauma to finally realize why I did not want to feel and why I was so ashamed of who I was.   I wore an emotional mask hiding my heart for shame of me, to the point of near self-destructive annihilation.

See the link above for more info on how the elite rulers program the masses with “I am ugly, bad, & wrong” belief system.  Why would a man change his sex and self mutilate?  Why tattoos over a gorgeous body? its heinous!  Why would a child cut herself?  Why would a woman paint her face?  Why would we have sex with boys or men just so they like us?  Why would we use sex to control others? Why would we compromise our morals just to be liked?  Why would people get surgeries over and over to look better?  Why would people spend billions on vanity products?  Why are so may so depressed, why addiction?  Why, why why?  LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY’S EMOTIONAL CONDITION AND WAKE UP!  THIS IS NO ACCIDENT.

This is why:  IT IS BY DESIGN and by PROGRAMMING THAT YOU BELIEVE ABOVE ALL OTHER THINGS THAT YOU ARE “UGLY, BAD, & WRONG”.  And furthermore, that you bury this belief so deep you forget you have it AND it steers your life.

FIRST we must believe we are “ugly, bad, and wrong” before we succumb to any of these other sick and disfiguring programs to “FIX” who we are.


Its okay for you to be hurt and offended by the goats, God doesn’t show us how NOT to feel, He shows us how to feel and let it flow out. Don’t fall prey to the trauma programming that says it makes you weak to care what people think of you, or we are weak if we can be hurt emotionally by others. LIES. It makes us human not weak. It takes more courage and strength to address our hurts than to cover them up with anger and blame. WE ALL DO CARE AND we all do get hurt even by strangers. What I am telling you is at the core of our country’s illness.(yes along with other things).

Stuff and Repress

The programming to stuff feelings is at the core of our demoralization indoctrination as we have been shamed into holding pain in, so we hold our deepest hurts inside till they make us sick and we run then on ego and wear a mask of ” I am bullet-proof”. Start with the pen to write deepest fears, shames and hurts, then share them out loud. (these words fear, hurt & shame should trigger your programming and piss you off, walk through it address self truth in spite of the lies they tell us when we feel these things),

Express the Truth and The Truth Shall Set you Free

We all need one person we can tell anything who WILL NOT criticize us and will relate and say “yes I feel that too”.. Empathy heals the heart. And MORE than anything our heart needs to be heard in all its truth and secrets. Things have traumatized us that we do not even realize. Start writing your childhood to cry your un-cried tears. Tears are a HEALTHY emotion.

Why am I Angry I must be bad?

Under anger is hurt and shame. You see clearly many things. You gotta feel to heal. Human condition brother human condition, express on paper the shame truths deep deep deep buried in your heart and it WILL set you free at an even deeper level then share them. Think about these terms in the formative years: chicken shit, pussy, scaredy cat, winer, cry baby, yellow belly, these terms formed our emotions. We have been taught programmed that our human condition is a SHAME and bad and wrong.

Why am I afraid of speaking my heart?

WE MUST BECOME WHO WE REALLY ARE completely to be happy and healthy. You are much further in this direction than most but more work on this needs addressed. You have one person who you can express things to that make you turn red. This is what you want to happen. If you’re not uncomfortable when sharing your deep hidden secrets its not working or not the right secret.. Your listener to share with must be a person who is empathic and relates, and validates you NOT EVER SHUT YOU DOWN OR INVALIDATE..

Pen and Paper Works Miracles for Releasing Pain

But first write your memories that stick out write all down from as far back as you can remember. If you have a recurring memory its for a reason and needs released.


Expressing in this way is the key to emotional health. I give you wisdom on how to heal further from the brainwashing that makes us all very sick. Just knowing this programming, being aware of it is NOT enough to heal and change it. I pray you accept this healing process, but most don’t. We all have the “I am bad and wrong” programming. This is why we strive so hard to make others think and believe like us, then we are good, if they agree THEN we are valid. Not saying not to share OH NO people need to hear your words. But you must heal so when they reject your words it won’t trigger the programming and shoot your into ego defense mode of anger or cursing. Granted righteous indignation will still happen because we are lions of God not sheep. But that indignation gets vented when we pray and feed the sheep, it motivates us. Righteous Indignation. is different than on going disruptive anger with emotional hangovers, blame and dysfunction or disrespect of others.

People are Ass Holes Often

Why are people so disrespectful online in threads and comments? Because in their heart they believe they are bad so when people disagree it triggers the “I am wrong and bad” program and they get angry and defensive. This process of transparency of sharing “what happened and how it made me feel” when done in depth and courageously with tears, groanings, even screams (in a safe place, I did most of my processing with screams in my car alone, some pain is too intense for tears to express it must be moaned or screamed out.) reverses the “I am bad and wrong” program. The Russian defector said the demoralization process is irreversible. Bullshit with God all things are possible.

Start All Emotional Processing with a Prayer

Pray first. Can you see past the “I am bad” programming? Most can’t. The usual reactions to rebuke one’s own healing process is this “why should I go back and rehash old hurts and pains, its self pity, its morbid reflection, its of no use, or that’s too much fucking work.”” Well thing is “what happened and how it made me feel” is a blueprint for your emotions to invoke the process the rest of your life on how to stop repressing and letting emotions flow instead of holding things in till they make us sick or ruin our relationships because we project crap onto others in defense mode. And on and on and on..bla bla bla.

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