How to Cheaply block Cell Signal.

Silver fabric is out of this world expensive and all the big emf safety companies make different grades of it.  Put it this way, a bed canopy of silver conductive fabric starts at around $900. There are two ways to shield from emf, either block or reflect.  Both work.

I am seamstress so I tested with my  Meterk EMF tester using my own router to see if by chance any of the metallic fabrics I have on hand would block RF.  By surprise I did not find any blockers but often reflecting radio frequencies accomplished the task just as well. Yes I found fabric that deflects.  I think it’s because it has metallic or shiny fibers all through it.  Also they make the fabric “confetti dot” out of both metallic/nylon and just polyester.  I like to think the metallic is better but as long as you have a good shine to it should work okay. Silver color confetti dot fabric works best with metallic in it its 17% metallic and 83% nylon.  They sell it at Wally world and online at Joann Fabrics. Put it in all your windows or make yourself a canopy out of it.  It’s only $3-$6 a yard.  Be sure to use a Joann coupon.

What does confetti dot reflective fabric look like?

Two layers works better than one, but its cheap. Buy the type fabric from Joann fabric with 17% metallic and 83% nylon as opposed to type two 100% polyester.  I have not tested the all polyester type from Wal-mart and do not know if it blocks or reflects emf sufficiently. Read cardboard bolt for ingredients.

If you go to Joann’s in store to see ingredients read the bolt cardboard fabric is rolled onto.  There are two types of confetti dot available Walmart carries both types again read the fabric bolt it comes on in fabric section of store.  I did not test the polyester type but I am pretty sure it also works because its just as reflective.

Silver Fabric the blocks emf is $20 a FOOT. Confetti dot
Silver Fabric the blocks emf is $20 a FOOT. Confetti dot that reflects emf is $5 a YARD use the coupons for joining email at Joann.
Silver Fabric the blocks emf is $20 a FOOT. Confetti dot
Silver Fabric the blocks emf is $20 a FOOT. Confetti dot that reflects emf is $5 a YARD use the coupons for joining email at Joann.



Furthermore aluminum foil works also, metal roofs, anything metal will block signal.  You can use rock crystals to try to change frequencies but I have had no luck with that as far as I know.  I have no way of testing this the crystals theory right now.  Actually I did show that black tourmaline when surround my phone put out less emf however that protective set up is unreliable.  However I do feel good about the faceted round crystals that when put in the window on a sunny day bring in brilliant color and light.  It just makes sense that they are changing the frequencies because of the way it changes color and light coming through a faceted crystal.  They sell them cheap at Joann Fabric.

SAFE LEVELS OF MILLIWATTS microwave exposure 5.00 (some emf professionals say 1.00mW2 is safe limit)
Put a metal roof on you house if you do not have one.  Right, like everyone can afford a $5,000 roof protector, yikes.

When I tested the confetti dot fabric I did it with my router and a reliable emf meter.  This was not a cell signal test, however I did test the signal with and without the reflective curtains and a cell signal meter app  from playstore on my cell phone.  This developer at link also has a pay version. And you can pay for no ads with the app.  I love it.  It uses the info on my phone to explain all frequencies and their strength.  It will take some learning or just use the “meter” part which is color coded and uncomplicated.

I must say any silver fabric I have put on my head ends up annoying the hell out of me and giving me a headache.  I feel like it does more harm than good. It’s better to block signal using walls and windows than putting metal on your body.  That is what my Spirit is telling me.  Send any questions to and make sure you title the message in caps and something that will get my attention like “PLEASE HELP” would work.

Please turn off your wifi and hardwire all your devices.  The router is the most lethal tech item in your house besides your smart phone.  Never sleep with a smart phone.  Put Smart phone in another room and make sure the signal can escape the house.  You don’t want to be in a faraday cage UNLESS its a tech free zone as well.  Otherwise you will be bombarded in a room where signals cannot escape.  For instance if you have a router putting out signal because it’s hooked into fibre optic or satellite.  So you either put the router itself in a faraday cage because even when wifi is off it emits signal.  Or put it safely away from human bodies and in a room with a window and no metal roof.  Use common sense.  Too much signal will put your cell structure on its side rolling and spinning cells, interrupting oxygen and water molecule uptake.

Thanks for reading along.  Make yourself a canopy for your bed, at least you will have time to heal and sleep with no frequencies and radiation messing with your mind.  JoAnn Fabric

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