“Know Them By Who They SHOW You They Are______

Not by Who They taught you They Are in elementary school when you were both vulnerable and trusting.”   The Beast System Revealed.

Those who don’t know they have been programmed are the most deceived of all.

If you want to be safe from EMF cheaply, your going to have to study a bit.




EARTH Vibrates at mere 7.83 hertz.

IF you can get through this article, the photos, and skim the links you will understand that WiFi, cell phones, routers, microwave ovens, and other devices are lethal. I do mention here other extermination methods of the system but am not delving into them at depth here. If you read and study this article/links you will understand enough about frequencies to know that its no accident that people are getting Cancer.   New diseases will crop up looking like old diseases mainly the ones that are related to our own electromagnetic vibratory frequencies functions and the corruption thereof.

SOLUTIONS TO EMF(I am NOT Selling Anything)

Be sure to read about the cheap fabric I discovered that reflects emf the silver fabric alternative.  Make your own curtains and do not run microwave ovens or wifi in the house.   Keep cell phone in a unsafe room away from humans.  Turn off wifi at the router system control page.


What the hell does emotions have to do with surviving EMF & the Beast system?  Thing is The Primary purpose of the Beast system IS to HIJACK your emotional condition….then and only then do they have you and not until then.  This hijack happens at such a young age most people do not realize it or understand it.  Most people will never see who they are until the great tribulation knock them down and only God Himself can pick them up.  Will they cry out?  Time will tell.

Please if you want to recover from the Beast System programming or “SELF IDENTITY emotional Negative Mind-Set” go to my addiction recovery websites.  I put them up in years 7-14 of my own recovery from addiction.  (recoveryfarmhouse.net & .com)  For me the “change everything about me” experience including 12 step programs aided greatly in my escape from Beast System mind-set.

Beast System Mind Programs

I call beast programming the “I am bad and wrong” program that we all are subject to, to a point. The “I am bad & wrong” programming demoralizes our self worth so we are primed to take on new identity programming shutting down our real heart.  We pick up the mask programs from around us, TV, Education Indoctrination, more TV programs, status quos of peer pressure, etc. in hopes we can become someone who is good & right by wearing a MASK.  Granted most people will NEVER see this in themselves, they lack self truth, seeing themselves as they really are takes years of work, years.  These MASK programs that most of us wear are inbedded at a young age.  And that which is too painful emotionally to look at we blind ourselves to.

With the low opinion of addicts this day and age even though it is popular to go to rehab, its the millennials who have absorbed the “rehab is kool” programming NOT the generations before them, who still see addiction as a shame that should be either kept secret or denied all together.

Don’t let status quos and the perceived opinions of other people/reputation stop you from following your own heart.

Pitfalls of 12 step Recovery Programs (use AA to recover don’t become AA just another program)

Use my https://recoveryfarmhouse.net website to “deprogram emotionally from the beast system”  Its in the menu at the site.  You may be surprised at just how much our emotional condition is TIED to our ability to learn TRUTH.  When I used Alcoholics Anonymous to deprogram I had to guard against becoming one of the 12 step Nazi’s who worship AA as their God.  The goal is to become who we really are and learn how to process emotions.  Not shut emotions down as if they are bad and do not exist.  Goal is to find God not make AA our God but that’ s what many people do as they blind themselves to the Truth of God and become a walking talking 12 step mantra never using their own words in conversation always quoting the 12 step lingo.  On 12 step Facebook groups if you don’t speak the AA language they won’t listen to you and are unable to understand you, many of them.

How do we Know Who The Beast System Is?

It takes research, here I give you the benefit of my own Prayer, meditation, leading of God, and Research by putting what I have learned into a long-ass nut shell.

The food is poison

The clothes are poison

The furniture is poison

The homes are poison

The TV is Mind Control Agendas spoon fed to us by happy and emotional entertainment to tell us who to be and what to think.

The beast has stolen the life giving heirloom seed.

The beast has stolen our knowledge of self sufficiency and independence by EDUCATING IT OUT OF US.  By this I mean educating us into needing their poison stores with all their poison products.

The beast lies and lies pretending WE are responsible for the state of the Earth while they push consumerism and plastic down our throats.


5gHZ and 2.4 GIGAhertz are both toxic frequencies made ‘FREE” frequencies by the FCC that just happen to be on the two frequency ranges of the water molecule in the human body and 5ghz frequencies are on the oxygen molecule of the human body causing oxygen & water cells to “roll & dance” in our bodies and disrupting our two most important cell level frequencies.

All Microwaves Leak at 2.45ghz

Both available Wifi on router are the same frequency as a microwave thanks to the FCC making 2.45ghz and 5ghz free use, not like radio am fm or cb radio and other various regulated frequencies.  Here’s proof MY OWN ROUTER SYSTEM CONTROL PAGE INFO

Learn how to shut off your routers WIFI leaving internet access on (hard wired).

Get your router emf meter test and find all hot spots in your home.  This meter will measure both electrical fields and emf from cell phones and routers.

What is a frequency?

Human Frequency and Schumann Resonance Earths Frequency is 7.83 Hertz. All the plants fall into this range.

Essential oils were found to have the highest frequency of any natural substance used by Man. Unfortunately the essential oil articles are using accoustic emissions ranges which are in the mhz ranges making these unnatural emf numbers seem not so bad.  The beast systems USES measurement yard stick switch off to confuse you and make the emf from cell phones ect look not so lethal.  SO these articles online about nature are saying “higher is better” but they are talking about acoustic (sound) frequencies rather than vibration frequencies.  Electromagnetic spectrum measures frequency in wavelengths.

Electromagnetic radiation phenomena with wavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to as short as one millimeter are called microwaves; with frequencies between 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz.


Therefore PLANTS do not have electromagnetic radiation frequencies (emf) to compare to these unnatural devices that emit emf which the beast system is pumping into us humans for mind control.  Earth itself does have an electromagnetic field but the hertz is very LOW 7.83hz and good for the human body.  Hence Grounding by walking barefoot on grass will align your body electrically and should be done daily.

NATURAL FREQUENCIES ARE ALWAYS IN THE HERTZ RANGE very low.  Therefore I am not adding any links to essential oils measurements of acoustic emissions as it will say mhz and just confuse us all.

Conversion= 1000000000 Hz = 1 GHz

Unnatural Frequency Table
Various devices and their frequency ranges



Now after seeing the chart of all the UNNATURAL FREQUENCIES AND JUST HOW HIGH THEY are.  Know also that microwave ovens work in the millimeter shortwave ranges of 2450 MHz OR AND THEY LOVE MIXING UP THESE NUMBERS by rates of measurement GHZ, MHZ, HERTZ, AND KHZ SO YOU DO NOT KNOW WTF THEY MEAN.  the Look at the photo for the conversions. https://jazweeh.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/EMF-CHART-JAZWEEH.png

Open the photo and compare the numbers.

Let me interject…your 5G  runs in the 10-300ghz same as a microwave that cooks your food. Not good.  But also there the
“Your microwave oven operates at a frequency of 2.45 GHz (gigahertz)” 2.45 GHz

Furthermore your wifi router is putting out frequencies that run at 2.45 GHZ range just like the microwave thats why  in this article I prove that 4g regular wifi effects our water molecules making them jump and dance.  Same as microwave just not as much WATTS & not in an enclosed area box.  ALL MICROWAVES LEAK.  Get your leakage meter for only $20 and see for yourself.

Schumann Resonance is the very pulse of the Earth at 7.83 Hz, the frequency of Earth’s natural harmonics. It is the natural resonant frequency of the planet and matches that of human consciousness at the optimal alpha brain wave state.

Therefore, Schumann resonance amplifies the same frequency that allows humans to enter a state of creativity, relaxation, and visualization with alpha brain waves. That is why some consider that the sound of Schumann resonance at 7.83 Hz even heals the body.  Go lay in the grass to relax.

What is the Goal of The Beast System Programming?

To make money off your demise. To blind you.  To prevent you from finding freedom in Christ Jesus.  To prevent you from knowing God.  To prevent you from seeing The Beast, Truth in plain sight.  You are a commodity.  Think Big Pharma, Medical system, Cancer Treatments (poisons), Work, Slavery, Money system made to oppress you, You CANNOT get ahead and make no mistake, they brainwash you to believe that’s your fault.  And they rig the financial system to make damn sure you stay in your place.  Its very hard NOT to hate the Beast system.  But rather than hate it, flatten  it with spiritual warfare. God has given you the power of prayer.  Once you see the Beast then you war in the Spirit against the beast.  Pray for the gift of spiritual warfare.  Pray ye not be deceived, pray that your eyes be opened.  What could it hurt?

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