Should the Family be Granted Legal Recognition in U.S. Court Systems?

Honestly I don’t know if this is good idea or NOT.  Corporations with their huge standing and legal rights in the courts______

petitioned long ago for those rights. But long before corporations were corporations they were first, the family.  However to the courts the family does not exist therefore have no rights as a legal entity.  Nevertheless these men calling the shots of the fate of nations and family are redefining what the family is in their twisted and horrendously amoral ways. (scroll to see more of article, watch video too.)  So the U.S. Court system claims this regarding family.


All “family law” is about divorce therefore not about family at all and surely not geared toward the protection of the family


Lets face it…the tearing down of the family is the goal of the beast system at large and it is using the law to do it.  The law is the weapon of evil and greedy men.

The U.S. law is in no way “holy” yet Holiness is God’s Law and is above the law of deception and worship of the dollar…the beast has enslaved the family by making IMMORAL LAWS in our country that rip down the family.  Yet the family existed long before the legal system.

Not to leave out he poisoning of a nation by food, emf, clothing, and plastic.  The Beast will not stop until it is stopped.

“You don’t exist but I am going to define what and how you are including your rights while I dismantle your right to natural and wholesome self identity.”  They .U.S. Government has already allowed children to be poisoned along with the human race.  They have facilitated the poisoning of clothing and furniture with smoke retardants that will make you retarded.  And they have deprived human kind of their natural gift of farming, growing, harvesting, and stolen all the seed that sustains life.

Let’s face it folks, greedy men with diabolical hands and minds have raped the land and our children.

They have paid their way into control of all things vital to human life. While making sure not one human being knows ANYTHING about how to survive without a fucking STORE.

The beast is the definition of evil and people DO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THEY AND IT ARE NOT LIKE US AND THEM.  They judge the system by their own morals and by that they err greatly.


The Great Sign in Heaven Revelation 12

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