“Hijacking the Harvest” A Narrative of Lies

The Harvest is Ripe

I was hasty in my judgement of starseeds.  I have rewritten this article.

The Harlot Churches primary objective is to turn you away from Jesus & Truth and they use condemnation to do so.  “You are bad and wrong (they say) and you will be punished” says the religious beast.

Star Seeds

The star seed narrative and the ascension movement tells you different.  Why wouldn’t you be attracted to it?  It says “you are good and right and will be rewarded”.  The ascension movement is no accident.    Part of the narrative seems to be to explain away (as usual) Jesus and the Truth and to divert you from The Holy Spirit power that has stark authority over evil in the spiritual realm.

If the beast hijacked the star seed narrative just like it hijacked the Christian’s narrative, then its likely to backfire on him.  Why?  Because Love covers a multitude of sin.  To be clear a human needs God to be able to consistently show authentic Love to his fellow man. At least that’s my experience.

It is easy to Love those who Love you.  But Loving the unlovable that is The Love of God.  Love is a caring, giving, kind, encouraging, act toward another human being with no motive of payback.

To be clear. I believer the 144,000 will seed the new earth and teach and guide as guardians those the great multitude of God’s children on the New Earth during the 1,000 years of peace. But I also think that some are calling this call of God as “star seeds”. Those of the less biblically inclined group.

God does not go by man’s rules so labels are not a sign of great faith, great faith comes in many faces of Love and stepping out in Faith. Those who seed the earth will come from all walks of life. Being the 144 thousand as it is written they are the chosen few. Not necessarily Christians. Likely not Christians except for their belief in Jesus and God. I don’t know the rules. I can only account for my own Faith. God chooses whom He chooses. The elect are not religious or they would not be the elect. God’s chosen few have gifts that most Christians would likely label as witchcraft. Especially since the 2017 great activation awakening.

The After Life

However the starseed movement is by no means bad.  But my experience tells me without Jesus there is no way to God The Father.  Jesus is the Truth, The Life, and The Way.  He took the keys to death and hell and overcame death so we may also overcome death.  Jesus created the connection for humans to God.  Only a sinless man could go into the grave and hell and take the key from Satan.  I have had visions of this place.  And I have been in the grave. I died, temporarily.  And I had an out of body dream (more than 1) and I went to purgatory where people were held captive.  I have seen the halls of the dead that some may call the halls of Amenti where men lose their memories and fumble about waiting for the judgement.

Jesus is the key to the afterlife.  Is there another way? For the the sake of the star seeds who do not know Jesus and the power by HIs name I certainly hope so.


You won’t find any spiritual warfare in the realm of the star-seed at least not by the traditional Christian spiritual arsenal of weapons.  Such as quoting particular bible Truth, binding by prayer and casting out by laying on of hands, invoking of the rushing mighty wind for deliverance by The Holy Spirit and healings, prayer and more prayer to receive the baptism of The Holy Spirit. Plenty of passivity, love love love is what the star seeds profess as their call.  Love IS the most powerful gift of the Spirit.   I do not doubt Love conquers all evil.  But how does one Love if they do not have Jesus?  Is the name as important as the hears intent?  God looks upon the heart. 

The Big Question

Could these starseeds be applying the gift of Love without knowing Jesus?

I cannot deny that it is very possible that they are and do have a connection to God without knowing Jesus by name.  “God looks upon the heart”.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  Love is the greatest of spiritual gifts.  Faith and Hope are next.

The greatest commandments are to Love God with all my heart soul, mind, spirit and love my neighbor as myself.  That means treat him as I want to be treated.  PERIOD.

Furthermore there is NO great mighty deed that a man can do than give his life for His breathren or for others.  
So to say that these starseeds cannot know God would be the same as saying that God is not Love or that Love is not the greatest gift.  Plus it would be very judgmental to say and I would be doing God’s job.

There is a God and I am not it.  Some things are mysteries.

Love Destroys Demons

And granted there are demons who bow to pure Love or are destroyed utterly by its presence.   After all God is Love.  Our human bodies cannot hold the power of Love in its fullness.  We would explode.  But we can hold enough Love in our hearts to destroy evil.

Who Can Love Without Knowing God?….Nobody.

Thing is, I don’t know anybody who can Love like that except Jesus and those who have God in them to project such Love.   Or those who have a gift of Love, the greatest of spiritual gifts.

We must identify the demonic to be able to destroy it with Love.  And starseeds at least what my research tells me do not put down demons by working in the spiritual realms.  Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong.

The starseeds appear to be kind and project Love by their actions toward others in hopes it will wake the others up to the new age and the ascension.  They don’t know the things of The Holy Spirit.  I keep asking them what it is that they do trying to learn from them and their calling they say on the most part is to show Love to others.  And they are compelled to visualize Love everywhere so as to create it, manifest it on Earth.

They tell me they envision Love to manifest it.  I don’t doubt for a minute that visualization is a mighty tool in the hands of men (if you read my articles you know I mean mankind).  Visualizing and sharing Love is a work of God.  The starseeds don’t have to have the demonic and Holy Spirit gifts knowledge to do this.   And it is affective.

Things on Earth Have Changed and the Vail Is thinning

We are in the age of visualization and miracles.  So many signs and wonders the secular named the phenomena the “Mandela Effect”. the Holy Spirit gifts have morphed to include visualization as a powerful tool.  Yes that’s right.  Intercessors who worship Jesus in Truth and Spirit, speak in tongues, and know that God is Love are using visualization and hand signs now to destroy evil.  The gift of the intercessors of God is absolutely evolving with this age.

But I doubt very seriously if any star seeds have received the gift of higher language.  But too if some had I am sure I would not hear of it online.  That’s not the kind of gift that people like to share with others especially with all the propaganda surrounding the gift making those who have it seem crazy.

The gifts of the Spirit have changed with the new age.  And one thing certain only those with the gifts actually know the gifts.  We mustn’t judge the starseeds for they may be working for God Himself.

Aliens & Flat Earth

The starseeds talk about aliens alot and seem to be fixed on the globular earth perception.  Seems its mainly Christians who subscribe to flat or convex stationary with foundations and a firmament flat earth.

Love covers a multitude of sin.  The seeds know that Love is an action not a feeling.  They know that things have changed dramatically on earth.  They see several of the signs and wonders, the Mandela effects, the signs in the skies, horizontal moon, changes to books and language etc.

Supernatural Bible Changes

They just don’t usually know how to line up the wonders and signs with prophecy as would someone who knew the prophesies of the Bible before they were corrupted by the deceptive signs and wonders.  They now call “lying signs and wonders”.  But we know signs don’t lie, it takes a tongue to speak lies.  The KJVB scholars were not illiterate though now by the grammar, spelling, terminology, punctuations, & words of the KJVB books the scholars of old are clearly portrayed as illiterate.

Come to find out the KJV has been changed from Old English to “early modern English” just this week. (history shows it never was written in Old English.)

Whereas last month the articles of the beast all called it written in “middle English” a basically Viking/trailer hick lingo, vile in entirety.  Those with a mind know KJVB was originally (pre-M.E.) written in poetic, respectable, articulate, and worthy of the title “Holy” Bible Old English language.

What are Demons?

Demons cannot be turned to Love it is impossible but they can be destroyed by Love.  Some demons that would oppress, possess, depress, and so on can be destroyed if you show them caring authentic acts of Love.  But they will hold your body in bondage to sin if given the chance and their nature cannot be changed.  They came to steal, kill, and destroy humans and their souls.  They need the bodies of humans to do their work.  They have no empathy.  They simply must be destroyed or bound up and cast into Hell.  There is a reason the new age agenda has no Satan, demons, weapons, authority.


Any and all large moves of people gathered together are either created by evil or hijacked by evil.  Evil always claims the narrative when large groups of humans are involved…it must.  TV will hand you truth but there are always great lies that follow.

“Know them by who they show you they are”.

The Harvest of the wheat that has long been prophesied by every long standing spiritual movement in some terms or another is here.  The blue & red Kachina stars of the end of the age prophesied by the Mayans &  Hopi are here.   The signs in the skies are here.  The deceptive signs and wonders are here.

The Spiritual Harvest has finally come in and there is a fight at hand for your soul.  The beast system must steal the harvest and will use the church and propaganda to do just that.  We must be careful to wear the full armor of God and to be protected from the strong delusion of lies & false memories of end times prophecy.  “they were turned unto fables”, “They preferred the lie” “Satan sent a strong delusion”.  (for it is impossible for God to lie).  “They Loved not the Truth.”

So many prophesies are being fulfilled at once.  People with just an inkling of spirituality awakened in 2017 and are seeking God like never before.  The evil beast had to something to deter so many people from finding Truth & Jesus so having already corrupted most churches turning people away from Jesus in droves the beast invented the alternative spiritual story “ascension & star-seeds”.

Not to mention the star seed narrative also fits the bio-tech movement of the beast. Filling men with metal and making them walking antennas made to pick up lies from wifi straight to the brain of the unsuspecting wifi drenched human.  Cell phones are a weapon of mind control.  Protect yourself with the armor of God.

The separation of the sheep from the Goats is nearly full.  How to recognize serpents, wolves, & goats.

The dividing of time is here and it has much to do with the separation of the harvest wheat from chaff.

Signs and wonders are everywhere from the skies to the Mandela Effects.  The threat of biotech is upon us.  Wifi and cell phones are greatly corrupting the minds of men injecting false memories.  Supernatural changes on Earth are galore.  Men are apparently being uploaded with lies of their own history straight to their brain.  Most people have been injected with false memories because they are not protected by the belt of Truth along with the full armor of God.

What is Salvation?

The helmet of the Hope of salvation is vital as protection from evil.  But few Christians on YT will ever talk about “Hope”.  Though Hope, Faith, and Love are the 3 greatest spiritual gifts that we have on Earth.

Once Saved Always Saved

Instead of invoking “Hope & Faith” into the spiritual condition the Christians those on Youtube preach “Once saved always saved” doctrines that are based on a certificate of salvation -made to order.

However salvation is a matter of the heart not a legal agreement and the hope of salvation doesn’t include a certificate of verification of salvation.  That would make it easy wouldn’t it?  Who need Faith or Hope?  I have a certificate!!!

What we do have is Hope, The Helmet of The Hope of Salvation.  We Hope that we are saved by Faith as the bible once proclaimed that we are.  We pray to God and we listen to Him to come into a relationship with Him.   That relationship increases the measure of Faith we have been given.  We should seek out the Holy Spirit Baptism as well.

The Testimony of The Saints are Magical

We are saved by Faith.  If its not Faith then its not Faith is it?  If we are saved because we have obtained a written certificate of salvation that says “Once saved always saved” then its neither Hope or Faith that our spirituality of Hope rests on.   The Love of Jesus toward us by deliverance, healing, and revelation shows us God is real and Loves us.  Deliverance and being born again imprints on our soul that God is Love and cares for us.  So we give our testimony of what He has done for us and our Faith is increased by it.

How to Find God

If you do  not have a testimony yet, perhaps you have not yet given God permission to fix your heart, mind, and body.  All you need do is speak to God from your heart and ask Him if He is real.  Ask Him to help you.  Ask Him to show you how to trust in Him.  We are not born usually anyway with a flawless trust for God’s will in our lives.  It takes practice to trust in God’s will for us.  We need to find out that He knows what is best for us more than we do.  That kind of trust in God’s will for us usually takes some desperations and a few disasters to break down the walls of psychological and emotional defenses.

Hence the end times tribulation comes into play to jerk the rest of the children of God into emotional transparency and truth toward God.  For the children of God the great tribulation is a time of salvation not a time of punishment as so many believe.  Your soul is of much more value than your human life is.  God’s priority is that your soul be saved in Him with Him by Him.  The body is temporal and carnal.  The body is a stumbling block to spirituality.

God is Love.  By relationship He shows us His Love for us.  By seeking God our Faith is increased.  But as long as we are human our faith must rest in Hope.  If we seek deliverance and healing our faith is increased when it happens.

Your Testimony of What Jesus has Done for You is The Gospel of Jesus

We give our testimony of how we were healed by Jesus supernaturally.  The truth gospel includes a testimony.  The good news of the gospel of Faith, Hope, and salvation is my testimony to you of what Jesus has done for me.

By our testimony we overcome many obstacles and our Faith again is increased.  Don’t have a testimony?  Then your ripe to receive great blessings from Jesus if you ask and seek.  This cry for help will give you your testimony of the gospel of Jesus the Christ Savior.

The Supernatural Bible Changes & The Strong Delusion Are Here

The masses say it we who see the Mandela Effects who are having false memories.  How do I know that my memories are in tact concerning the KJVB?

Because the wolf speaks through the book just as Jesus said it would making it desolate of wisdom, Truth and of Faith.  The book is becoming desolate of Love making God an evil entity.

What is the Strong Delusion?

Christians on the most part DO NOT SEE THEIR BIBLES CHAGES furthermore they do not recognize the wolf or blasphemy.  The read right over it is if it were good and holy making their own meaning for the English language.  That my friend is the strong delusion at hand.

I know the precepts of God and the holy books are now full of lies, blasphemy, and corrupt precepts claiming godliness.  The goats do not know the voice of The Good Sheppard.  If they did they would see the Bible precepts falling to evil.  They would not accept of book of insults toward God & man if they were awake and protected.

These End Times Events Have been prophesied for centuries.  Now we watch at prophecy is fulfilled around us.

Religion’s Prime Objective is to Steal your Faith in Jesus, Your Hope of Salvation, & Your perception that God is Love and Love’s you as His child.

Religion is a pot of boiling lies with two Great Truths in its caldron to first draw you in…Jesus is The Savior & God IS real.  So you go to church, receive prayer and have a great revelation of God.  You now know He is real.  Now your vulnerable to the church of lies.  The church fills you with their caldron of lies and your faith is weakened by your interactions  with the churches bath of lies.

How to keep Spiritually Minded people from finding the one true God

What better way to steer people away from Jesus?  Than by creating a corrupt hypocritical society entrenched around the Mighty & True name of Jesus.

What better way to muzzle the true spiritual power that is available to humans on Earth.  The receiving of The Holy Spirit by prayer and the laying on of hands.  What better way to suppress spiritual power in humans?  By taking the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Higher language and making those people seem INSANE.  They show clips of people speaking in gaga goo goo languages rolling around on the floor as if insane making fools of them so very few will seek God in the manner of the laying on of hands as at Pentecost.

The Christians and probably the books as well have turned “Pentecost” into a feast day instead of being about the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  Pentecost had NOTHING to do with feasting on food.  Really?  Talk about turning something spiritual into an act of gluttony and carnal pleasure.

Oh sure we accept the God of the Bible they say but keep that Holy Spirit stuff and tongue talking to yourself.  I want no part of it says the believer of the lie.

in the name of Jesus than to corrupt every other aspect surrounding His name.

Corruption of the Holy Books (Desolation of the Holy Place Prophecy fulfilled)

All of religion including their books have been extremely corrupted especially since 2017 forward when by deceptive signs and wonders as prophesied all the holy books changed.  Even the English language is trashed in many books to match the corruption of Old English.  Now they have invented “middle English” and they call the KJVB “Early Modern English” Really?  I say the once poetically powerful & articulate Old English is now more of a Viking Trailer trash kind of Hick mix up of slang dialects.

It seems whoever is rewriting the Bibles is intent on trashing not only the English language but also the reputation of Jesus, God, and man to boot.

“They turned unto fables”.  “They preferred the lie”, “They Loved not The Truth.”   These scriptures exposing end times will not be in the books much longer.  Jesus is The Truth, The Life, and The Way.

Most Christians do not remember what or how the Bibles used to read and that they were truly “Holy”.  The Holy aspect of The Bible was reflected in the language used in writing them especially the King James Version that had many great truths in it.

The Prophecy of the Talents. (Spiritual Gifts are Being Redistributed.)

So, with all these signs and wonders going on.  Not to mention those with spiritual gifts are being amplified in these days.  If you have a spiritual gift its being morphed and improved.  Not to mention the parable of the “talents” is now the prophecy of the talents as those who refused to use their gifts are losing them.  The unused gifts are being redistributed to those who do exercise the gifts of The Holy Spirit.


Ask for Faith, Hope, Love, Understanding, More Love, Healing, Revelation Knowledge, Joy, Peace of Mind, ask for a purpose, pray for God’s will in your life, ask God to help you Trust in Him, confess your fears, write them all down and ask God to remove them.  Get very real with God all the time.  You don’t need a church or a book to find God.  You just need to show Him your heart and speak from your heart to Him. Keep no secrets.  Because my friend we are as sick as our secrets.  Expose all fear to the light of day by confession, sharing, and writing.  Let it all out.  Hold nothing back that evil can use against you.  Clean house.  These things will help you in your relationship with God.  Primarily you must ask Him to reveal Himself to you.  How else will you come to believe in Him unless you be shown?

JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD NOT SOME CORRUPT BOOK.  He will put His precepts in your heart if you allow it.

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