“Novel Corona Virus” Decoded


  1. Novel=story=fiction
  2. nooviralrusecon
  3. Noo Viral Ruse Con
  4. New Viral Ruse/Con gone viral.
  5. The extra yellow “V” is the “V’s” in the square and compass masonic symbol

So what’s the ruse and the con?  I am guessing here that the main reason to scare the masses into believing we are all in danger, the fear of death, the mother of all fears and part of the human condition is to impound us by experiment into our homes under martial law and see how that works out for future control and future reference by the controllers.


Is there really a virus around?  I am beginning to think not.  The cure in my article “cure for Coronavirus” vision was given for “a virus” or “plague” UNNAMED I do apologize for the leading title that was not forthright.  So I have not confirmed the clove and pine cure as being for corona virus.  However these cures will fend off most colds and lung irritations as I have proved them myself.

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  1. First off, thank you for this site.

    Certificate of vaccination (ID)

    Now if you go to ID2020.org, and you look up at the top, you should see Certification. Click on that.

    In the first sentence it talks about a Mark (as in Mark of the Beast)?

    ‘Through our Certification Mark . . . ‘

    The Bible talks about the Mark of the Beast! Isn’t it interesting that they speak of the certification mark!

    Here is a g a t e s video:




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