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UPDATE: See #10 red flags below. (Jury still out this is only one Red Flag, I kinda like these guys.)Therefore: I just listened to the YT channel "prophecy watchers".  First it felt commercialized and agendatized.  But then I noticed beyond a shadow of a doubt the white haired Santa Claus looking guy CLEARLY has the beloved voice of our Hal Lindsey.  HUGE RED FLAG for fakery when these "soundalikes" occur on YT channels.  Predictive programming.  Synthesized voices.  Everybody trusts Hal Lindsey right?  See other examples below.  Close eyes and listen.

Red Flags of Satanic User’s Channels on YouTube

“PpOSTFACEvb” (“The People’s standard patterns of (vulnerable behavior) for control and empathy”)
key to predictive programming 10 red flags guide.

This is a guide and is not conclusive.  The patterns are to make us think about what we are being told by users.  Also the examples used below of certain channels is not a definitive conclusion that the user is a fake and working for predictive programming.


Some of the red flags are typical vulnerable behaviors that attract empathy from the viewer.  Unfortunately these emotional vulnerabilities can be parroted by wolves who are anything but vulnerable in real time.  So the flags are just that, red flags to be aware of when choosing channels to put your trust in.

#1 They would mention “mom” in a loving respectful way that has nothing to do with what their video topic is.  They slip this in to gain empathy.

#2 They present themselves as vulnerable for again, empathy.  Examples:  They do blunders, they mispronounce words, they make a mistake then apologize.  They make themselves vulnerable emotionally by demeaning themselves in some humble yet lovable way.  We feel a connection to that being vulnerable ourselves.  So it prompts trust and compassion for the actor.

#3  Repeated apologies over and over is classic for provoking empathy or care and compassion from viewers.

#4 They mention someone close to them who has died in their life, like “mom” or a child, or husband or best friend ever.

#5  Share meaningful truths for the set up of the big slip, the big lie.  The bait and hook is deep truth that they know believers Love with their heart.

#6 Check the user name for RITUAL SPELLING/spells.  The elite CANNOT RESIST putting up Satanic spell binding names.  Satan is rebellious and misspelling words intently and rebelliously is part of the spell to disrespect the language God gave us. (not to be confused with needing to change a letter in user name because someone already own the name).

Since the Mandela effect SO MANY WORDS ARE SPELLED DIFFERENTLY it’s disconcerting.

How do you tell if a user name is dark in nature?    New uses of letters such as the “k” or “Z”  or “X”  or “J” really any out of place letter like b or p after a regular word.  Example: “exoAnimalz”  The “ex” is the start of the spell or “spells” by its negative connotations.  Animal is the real word inside the spell.  But “animal” is being wrecked and trashed by the “ex” and then lastly the “z” instead of an “s” shows rebellion and disrespect to God’s language.

Now this kind of spelling like “Majik” or “Magick” is becoming a fad popular by follow the leader sheep/goats.   How is it really spelled? “Magic”  it was always “magic”.  Mindless spelling rituals are in style as of late, so it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is Satanic.  It means either they are Satanic or are following the orders of a Satanist by their post/user name, or they are a follow the leader sheep/goat who is clueless to what they have done in the ritual spelling, spiritual realm.  Or they just had to use word replacement to get the sound they were seeking.

#7   Is the voice of the Youtuber familiar to you?  Be VERY aware of the voice.  What the programmers are doing is synthesizing voices from actors and even mixing one or two voices together.  For instance:

“JayDreamerZ” Notice the ritual spelling with the “Z” not only there for disrespect but it’s capitalized to emphasize disrespect of God’s language.  Next list closely to his voice.  You will hear Matthew Broderick who we all Love because of his portrayal in our brainwashing mind control movies we watched when unawares.   And then what is the other half of the voice?  Its a youtuber who has done his job and is now very much on his way out..the man may stick around to let everyone know its okay to take the mark of the beast, as this is the end game for most puppet youtube channels.  It’s “Face Like the Sun” that’s right.  The guy who helped wake many of us up. That voice…we love.  So the mix of jaydreamerz voice is Matthew Broderick and FLTS whoever he is.  FLTS’s voice may also be a mix I have not analyzed it yet.

Who else?  How about Photo Helix?  He clearly has the voice of Matthew McConaughey give it a listen while closing your eyes.  Hell, he may BE Matthew McConaughey for all we know.

When voices of users are so close to the actors who got very positive results with mind control and predictive programming of the masses in their movies….its a huge RED FLAG for being Puppet Youtubers if a user sounds just like a well known actor.  Thing is we let our eyes deceive us because we don’t listen, or use our instincts and intuition that comes with powerful discernment.  We are programmed to shut down our most perceptive senses and programmed again to activate and hoan our worst qualities.  This is part of our indoctrination.

#8 There is always a message of faithlessness, belittling of God and of believers.  There is always an agenda of unbelief or taking the mark of the beast as an end game for these channels.  For instance I went to a “Supernatural Bible Changes” channel that advocated the mark of the beast as being symbolic and not an actual thing to beware of.  I went to another channels of the same topic which made the whole of the Bible worthless and lies.  No God gave us His direction for a reason but it IS FADING FAST.  The words of God will not be around much longer.

#9  Beware when the user claims to see the Bible changes or see the Mandela effect and then uses new words, new spellings, new terms that we know were NOT in our original reality.  So they might say they see the changes and then use a word like “nonsensical” or “demonstrous” or “authoritative” instead of “authorative”  well now I see authorative isn’t even a word in this reality. WHATEVER!  Uhg.  All the Mandela Effect spelling changes are of ritual spelling spells for this new world order.

To me if they use the new M.E. affected words that never existed and have spell ritual binding type spellings then they are just being coached about the M.E. and do not see at all.  It’s a blatant contradiction.  Watch for this my friend who can see.

Who CAN see the Mandela Effects?  ALL Lions and Lambs of God (as long as they look) they will see the changes, Some Sheep of God see but most will perish for lack of knowledge even though they are still saved. Some wolves can see the changes and all or most Serpents can see the changes.  But NEVER will a goat see the M.E. changes of any sort, they are blind.  It's by design that Lions and Serpents are of the spiritual elite on opposing teams who see.  Serpents are the hierarchy of the evil, they are like Lambs of God who have the gift of Love they have the gift of hate, rage, and wrath.  Lambs are the hierarchy of Jesus' people, then Lions, then sheep.  Lambs are so so beautiful, yes Jesus is The Lamb of God but he has warriors (Lions), sheep, and Little Lambs who have also the gift of Love.

#10  CONTINUOUS over whelming HAND SIGNALS over and over and over so every word is emphasized with a hand signal in tandem to the sentence so as to push the message of the giver down deeper into the heart of the listener. NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT USE HAND SIGNALS constantly as you see being used with “Jacob Israel”  you tube channel or again this JayDreamerZ who has several of the RED FLAGS of predictive Programming.

#11 Did I say they sound like famous people who are loved, one or another.  I just listened to a channel of a voice that sounds just like Mike Adams who we used to esteem as authentic but since he was on info wars shilling flat earth, who knows.  Candidly speaking I think they took him out and a new impostor is in.  Its very easy to program in voices and the lot.

#12 They speak with post Mandella effect incorrect word terms like “AUTHORITATIVE” which is a NEW and INCORRECT TERM for what was AUTHORATIVE.  Which comes from the word author.  Why the extra “ta”?  So those who are getting the new downloads of deception will use the word authoritative.  Those in the former reality who see both realms will say authorative.  Unless its a person copy catting the new term.  There are always exceptions to the rule.  Youtube Wakeuporelse is who I refer to he sports the voice of mike adams and he claims the sight to see the bible changes while quoting changed scripture and using words that are not words in my reality.  Typical for YT.

These people must be trained extensively to use hand signal with every sentence or point that they are making.  Huge RED FLAG.

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