Announcement Warning Jesus is Coming and The End is Coming Soon

Jazweeh in prayer is getting the same words over and over and over and over and over like never before and she is unable to get past it.

We have been praying in the Spirit for over 30 years and never ever gotten messages like now of Jesus coming soon.  He is at the door.  All that is left is for Him to make the command.  The rapture angels are already loosed.  The street is paved, His way is straight, Jesus is the Way, many are trying to enter by the back door and it will not work.  Jesus is the only Way to God’s Kingdom.

The message is this “prepare, the end is coming soon, prepare lock the door go in your rooms.  We think this instruction is to spare those who will not be raptured that be not blinded by the light.  Also it is a warning of WWIII at hand.

The msg is Prepare the Lord is coming soon, prepare the end is coming soon, prepare light the torch raise the plume, prepare the Savior’s on the way,  prepare The Lord of Hosts is here to stay….prepare the end is coming soon.   Prepare light the torch seal the gloom…prepare the end is on the way..prepare the Lord of all is coming soon.  Once the 144 leave the earth God will take something else from the Earth…either His divine presence (HIndus call it he Bimba) God forbid or His Holy Spirit to be had for men.  I am guessing He will take the later because without His divine presence men will lose all Hope and want to die.

He’s coming He’s coming The Lord is coming soon over and over and over.

One line is they will scream and yell and won’t get far.

Repent now.  Ask Father to take the scales off your eyes so you can see the strong delusion that is a-breast.

Can you learn the new song?  We surmise those would need the gift of tongues to learn the new song do you have that gift??  Maybe not the gift but at least you must have the baptism of The Holy Spirit to learn the new song.  Have you received the baptism of The Holy Spirit?  You would know it if you did its no small thing.  Ask for it now before its too late.

Furthermore have you sought Father and Jesus with your whole heart?  Do you Love Jesus more than any humans?

I am not trying to discourage you but hope you will ask for that which you need for the second rapture.  If your a warrior you know it already.  If your one of God’s elect you have been warring in the Spirit for many years along with intercession most likely.  Or you have been active in some other spiritual gift for years.  You must know Jesus and He must know you.

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