The Dividing of Time into Two Times (Realities)

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Please readers forgive my redundancy of articles.  I am having trouble letting go of trying to wake up Gentiles to what’s happening on Earth.

We are in two separate realities.  The dividing of time into two times as was once prophesied in all bibles occured back in 2017.

Daniel 7:25
“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

We Israel have watched as nearly every prophecy in the bibles and those we thought were history came to pass one after another in real time. Not on the Image of the Beast TV picture show fables.  Israel the people the people (not some geolocation or religion) We do not get our prophecy from Tv.

Granted the Watchmen was the TV and quote it’s fake politics because they are unable to see the miracles in plain sight.  Just as the unbelievers cannot see them.  However they have an anointing that makes them KNOW that Jesus IS RETURNING.  The many Watchmen are the sign of Jonah.

MIRACLES in real time not TV.


The prophecy means two realities on one Earth.  Of course most people would say “that’s impossible”.  And they would say “I am a believer & I don’t see two realities”.  Of course they don’t they are not Israel.


Dividing time is all about perceptions, thought, the towers of Babel, and the prophesied strong delusion with the Mandela effect being the beast’s icing on the cake.    Its not a simple matter and it proves that as God’s words once said signs and wonders will occur which no man could of imagined (paraphrased).

1Co 2:9
“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

Yes 1 Corinthians 2:9 did refer to the good parts of prophecy we thought.  However I have found that to interpret prophecy we need The Holy Spirit and we must see it fulfill first hand to know what it means.

I never understood the dividing of time until I watched it happen.


#1 Mandela effects-Unbelievers are seeing miracles in real time.  Not all of them but many are.  There are several youtuber who cover mandela effects.  Why “mandela”?  The beast’s attempt at stealing the narrative & hiding what is really happening.  Miraculous end of days signs and wonders.  You can go on line and research many examples of “mandela effects”.  However be sure they will say it’s not real and people have just “misremembered”.  Titles and names and songs and TV shows, movies street names, towns, company names, corporate names, colors of cars, colors of many things in our reality have changed and are still changing daily.  We are watching our own history being edited and deleted in real time.  What once was now never was.  And what never was now always was.

To the Christians who know nothing about Mandela effects apparently all things are the same. WHAT!  Why can’t they see that “magic mirror on the wall” was ALWAYS “mirror mirror on the wall?”  What can’t my daughter remember that her last car was BLUE NOT RED?   Or that Hass Avocados were always Haas?  There are literally thousands upon thousands of these magic signs and wonders so people will see them and seek God Almighty.  It’s that simple.  That’s why Christians cannot see it, well most Christians apparently can’t see it or remember.  While unbelievers can.


Almost everyone is under the strong delusion.  Why?  Towers of Babel are not what we assumed they would be.  After all its ridiculous to try to build a tower to Heaven.  The Babel story was always a prophecy not history.  Father has confounded the Gentiles because they did not hold His sacred words in their heart, safe and secure.  They see no Mandela effects.  But neither do they recognize lies and blasphemy in the daily changing bibles.  All bibles are under the desecration of the holy place scripture.  And all the Gentiles I see are received new history of lies from the towers of babel.

For instance—they would say KJVB always said “hate your family or you have no part in me”._________Jesus allegedly.  They will say it always read “two men in one bed” or  “two women grinding together”.  Or “Jesus wearing a golden girdle” or spelling errors and nonsense verses grammar desecrations and blatant insults to God and man.  KJVB no longer is it Old English.  Now its middle english a trash language that sounds more like viking slang. It’s disgusting to us who see.

And yes there are still some deep Truths in the books for posterity sake.  But they are being rewritten by the Dark Lord.  And He is cunning.  The Lion no longer lies with the lambs.  Now its the wolf with the lamb in Isaiah 11:6.

It doesn’t matter if they remember “And the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb”. They still deny the changes.

Romans 1:28

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”

2Th 2:10
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

2Th 2:11
“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

So according to the bibles words the Gentiles have fallen under the towers of Babel and are infested by the Locust because they never really Loved God’s words.  They apparently did not hold His words in their hearts.

The word “damned” wasn’t in any Bible or in 2nd Thess. 2:12.  I do not remember what the consequences for their plight of delusion were.  Except that their minds shall become desolate.  Pack the Locust onto this and the mark of the beast if they took it and you have a real spiritual Esau’s Soup event.

The Gentiles will be saved of course.  But their walk is not our walk.  And they are not being taught at the feet of Jesus as the chosen few are.  As I have written before.  They will have their paradise nevertheless.  Why?  Because they have a mustard seed of Faith in God.

The Locust from the Pit

The Locust from the pit is a living vail so the Gentiles and unbelievers cannot see what Israel the people see.  God’s warriors are the 144.  We see into the dark realm.  We slaughtered the Locust limb from limb by the Grace of God.  In the night a winged abomination came with its flapping wings.  It carried the Locust on its back.  We destroyed the Locust and we think the winged abomination fled for its life.  It kept coming back to nest but we kept slaughtering it in the Spirit.

The Mark of the Beast

The back scene was the M.O.T.B.  Esau’s Soup.  It you took it you lost your heritage in God and in your ancestry.  Sorry.  Changing base line mRNA and replicating new DNA in the body without end is blasphemy I assume.  All can be forgiven if the gift of repentance is present and remorse is real.  I studied these back scene ingredients for years.  Humans never came from Chimps.  But now with the animal mRNA in Esau’s soup that’s likely replicating in their cell lines at Cancer growth break neck speeds they are becoming as Chimps.  Though it was only the A.Z. brand which claimed to have chimpanzee cell lines.  And to be transparent the liars said the beast mRNA (proteins) were just a “carrier” or a “delivery system” and not the payload.  And there is a nature vs. nurture.   Adults have already gone through developmental stages of growth.  So clearly I don’t know exactly how the new DNA and mRNA commands to the bodies structural base cell lines will pan out.  It will be far worse for the children who took them.

Hence this is why the mark of the beast was written in bibles to be the absolute worst thing a man could choose to do.  All they had to do is ask God “What is the mark of the beast”.  He made it very clear to me what it is and was back in 2019 when I asked Him.

The Image of the Beast

Christians cannot face the Truth of what the Image of the Beast really is because they do not know their own heart, yet.  TV/Phone.  Can it be more obvious?  Not to me.  These truths are quickly leaving all bibles.  And soon very soon will be gone.

God’s words rolled up as a scroll to the Heavens. I saw this in a real time vision.

Doesn’t that make more sense to you than the firmament rolling up as a scroll?  It’s almost as if the bible changes are being done so carelessly that regarding the bibles the Christian are already reprobate of mind.

If your Israel and you see what I am talking about then God already showed you who you are.  And how you got to where you are not spiritually.  Congratulations!

The hardest thing for me is that I can’t open their eyes to Truth.  They made their choices.   How do we show them? How can we tell them?  We cannot.

Its impossible.  So why write about it?  For Israel the people I write.  And in Hope that some Gentiles ask for confirmations on what I write and that they will see.




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  1. Admin,

    This is a great write up! I haven’t been on in a while now. I can relate so much to all of this. Brian Staveley calls folks under the strong delusion as “taking the update”.

    I asked my dad the other day the question “who was the writer of The Twilight Zone” He said “Rod Serling”. Of course I am in the Sterling Camp, as is my Husband and son. Each of us have anchor memories for this as well.

    Something did happen in 2012. It was in the fall so far as my husband and my son and I can ascertain.

    It was post 2012 that my father was seemingly a totally different person although at the time I just chalked it up to old age in his late 60’s.

    The sun is not the sun from my childhood. It is not warm in color, it is too white, and it is too intense. I can say I noticed this in 2015.

    I noticed TZ Rod Sterling when I ordered the box set and thought I got a fake set in 2017.

    I had an Nde last June. It was July I found stolen history. It was October when I found The Mandella Effect.

    Here is what I dont see when people are speaking of these things.

    People in my life , that have been in my life all these years, friends. They seriously are not the same people at all.

    So, my best friend, of 31 years, in 2019 when I sent his a bday text, wrote me back and said “thanks but you are two days early.” My buddy, is a libra scorp cusp baby born on Oct 21st. Its an anchor. Also, I talk to him every year on his bday. But now since 2019, its the 23rd of Oct.

    In 2012 he had come over for dinner wth us one night and then we didnt see him until the following year.

    In 2013 when he came over. It was a completely different guy that showed up to hang out. I didnt recognize him at first, he had to tell me “Hey its me”. My son was like “who is that mommy?”

    The person who came to the door that day, wasn’t my buddy of 20 years, it was a different person, with different dress, wore glasses all of a sudden, huge nose, huge forhead, different language, different gaite, 120lbs heavier, like I said the kid, who he is named after, didnt recognize him either.

    My other friend of 30years (same circle) and my best friend we were all over at a buddies house helping move in 2021 and I was telling a story about a concert me and the one friend went to back in 95. and the one friend got super super mad flew off the handle and said “stop making things up we never went to a show”. The rage was crazy k.

    Yep, but my anchor memories are strong on this. I know it happened just not in this timeline. I was the only soberone in the car that night. Sorry.

    This same friend came to my Bday party in 2019, and 2020, and when he came in 2020, he showed up and said “Hey its cool your having a bbq for the bday, you haven’t done this in 4 years” I said ‘dude I had you over last year, last year was the first one I had” . He went off the rails he swore it was 4 years back in 2016. and he was pissed.

    There were a slew of other folks I got back in touch with in 2019 right before I got real sick. Before the Nde

    None of them, were representative of the people from my past, my timeline. We are talking 180 degree personality shift in all of them.

    Not even close to the people I knew in my late 20’s and early 30’s not even close.

    I wonder how many might relate to these changes as well.

    The bible at this point (my own thoughts not projecting) is nothing but porn and murder and sacrifice with a little edging of fun poking as in santa clause ect…

    I have only what I can remember at this point and nothing more. I mostly just read here on the changes now, I have no interest in putting anymore of the blasphemous text in my head.

    For two weeks after my Nde last June, I was in what I would call is akin to somekind of in between. I was present, but apart if that makes sense somehow. Then I was back. Sick as f. and had to figure this out. On my own.

    It was diabolical yes. I also had help from the light.

    They came one night the end of August, when I was on the verge of giving up. I really was ready to go it was so bad. Were they angles? I dont know. Were they past relatives? I dont know. But they were in my yard one night Aug of 2022 when I was little more than a month post Nde, and filled my entire being with the most magnificent love I have ever felt. ever.

    Here is what I got as sense of. I agreed to do this before I was born. I was born as part of Genx for this time. I was born to the parents I had for this reason. And I needed to gather and record as much as I could as an archive. Of what I would not find out for a few more months.

    I was full to the brim with parasites and plastic. Full. I had not eaten fast food since 2004 Feb. I made and processed all. my own food since 2008. I bought in bulk from farmers market by the 50lb box and froze each thing accordingly. I took care of myself. but, between 2011 and 2022 dday (what I call it) I went from 180lbs in 2011 to 310lbs in 2022. I am 5’8. I also exercised 3. hours. a day. k. No smoking, no drinking. ect.

    I started menopause Aug of 2022. Its Nov 2023 I came in at 157 lbs yesterday. Most of the loss over the past year has been plastic and parasites. Milk is 87% water.

    Menopause? Maybe. But menopause didnt manifest 160lbs of parasites in one year.

    From 2020 I went up from 265 to 310 in 2022. Who knows, nothing outwardly could be attributed to diet and exercising was not working as it did pre 2012.

    The things I had in place pre 2012, stopped working sometime between 2013 and 2014. Things I was trained for, and lived by for years and years.

    The other thing I got that night in August was I needed to clean TF out. All the way. As you describe Purify. I would say yes.

    So I did just that. I stopped eating food 16 months ago now. I went on to use a diet practioners had Rxd for patients for 500 years prior to the rockefeller foundation takeover. Milk. I also stopped filtering water and went distilled. and I add in a pinch of pink himalayan salt to each cup. I also started CBD. Non THC CBD 3000mg as needed. This eventually corrected my panic attacks that had me glued to the couch days before dday. Hindsight being 20/20. I dont think panic attacks are mental. I think its our brains screaming there’s an invader. There are many publications also referencing PA to Parasite infestation.

    And I added in Bulk Whole Leaf Tobacco and shred myself. High Alkaline variety. Usa Grown. The parasites had a literal fit with this one. for 30 days they were dead. No activity at all. Then they came back with a death wish at the wheel. I would say 3 fold.

    They did not like real tobacco. Tobacco from commerical is less than 3% actual tobacco (its not tobacco at 3% IMHO). The rest of a ciggarette is industrial waste. So 3% tobacco, 97% industrial waste for an average ratio. Poison.

    It has been nothing short of shocking. It has not been easy. and many days I had wondered if I was ever going to get rid of them all. June of this year I crossed over. I still have a ways to go, but the bulk of parasites are gone now.

    I read of folks doing these 7 day parasite cleanses. Its not true. There is no way in 7 days this is a real thing. There are parents, eggs and lifecycles to bode with. And it takes a long long time. They are embedded in the organs, the tissues, the blood, the brain, all of it. 7 days, is its not going to happen.

    I suspect it’s why when convid hit, people taking Ivermectin were seeing results. Because (In MHO) there was never a virus it was activation of parasites we all already had in us by some means or another. I suspect its the same reason dog dewormer has proven successfull at treating cases Dx as Cancer. Because they weren’t Cancer. They were parasites.

    Its the same reason real Tobacco is used to treat cancer, mental health, bless houses, and chase out demons (parasites) in certain parts of the world. All having the same root. cause.

    It was documented in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that parasites were the cause of not just Epilepsy but also Schitzophrenia. See

    I suspect its also why mental health services sprang up, about the same time Rockefeller Health Foundation launched. Their first ad was for how first world nations were faced with such and such parasite in the late 1920s (for tv that didnt exist in my timeline at those dates) but its there in archive.

    The video showed the parasite as to be invading Florida in the video. It was also about the same time 25,000 doctors were obsoleted, in their “old ways” of treating people of “uncurable ” things like TB, Cancer, ect with milk diet. See The Flexner Report.

    So I have spent the bulk of my time doing one of two things in the last 16 months. Gathering things to archive or researching the connection of parasites to literally everything else in this world. And on the side, ME.

    There’s a guy that did a write up Called Parasite Pill and Parasite Pill 2.0. You should find it.

    And I personally think the seeds are delivered via our well baby checkups (of which my parents never skipped a beat).
    I suspect we are seeded at birth or shortly after. And our parents consent to this. The sins of the father visited on the son. I think the schedule we have now, is the same one we have been under since the Rockefeller Health Foundation take over occured. Which is also concurrent with the New and Improved Childhood V Schedules.

    So that’s 5 generations now of gene therapy the population has been induced to suffer. Since the introduction of such things, what do we have? Well we dont have a few things to worry about anymore, we have a few thousand things. I suspect, when I get done reaserching near 100% will be traceable back to a parasite breed. And what we all scurry around from now is 100% Profit driven. And the end affect is lives shortened and or spent 50% under medical need to just get through the day for some folks.

    In 1910 Menopause was a well well documented thing. The age of onset stated by most Practitioners was 45 Years old. The stated years one was in Perimenpause was 2.5 years, so 43.5 years old was the expected age of peri, 45 being the onset of menopause, and if you were 46 or over and had not hit menopause it was considered what was called “Delayed Menopause”. After which time with each passing year the health consequnces were going to pile on year over year, as there was a concurrence between the lack of menopause and the late age.

    The general treatment, was to stop working until one was through the process. Ladies were often sent to older lady relatives homes to help care for them through the process if they could, they were often times Rxd Milk diet, or meat diet depending on the doctor and circumstances, and more often than not, if they had a functioning immune system, they came through it fine. It was well understood that during this time, the entire electrical network system of the female body moves up and out “relocates” out of the ovaries. Just above. It was well documented through autopsies and general study not just on humans but animals as well by these pre rockefeller physicians.

    We have the same menopause issues today we had then. the same. exactly. But none of the knowledge. One is told it is too yound at 43, or 45 ect.. In fact. What is well documented as being menopause symptoms from 500 years ago to early 1900’s is now told to the general population when inquiries are made is “see a phyc doctor”.

    My opinion is this, it is stated in the early texts our immune systems drop to nothing during the change of the electrical wiring if you will, it has to in order to move, and then re arms if we make it over the bridge so to speak. I think the parasites lye in wait for the disarming if you will and that is why so many women suddenly cant work, cant function feel like they have alzheimers ect.., because the parasites take their cake.

    Our biology has not changed. Our life expectancy is around the same as it was 100 years ago, maybe even less. Average age of life expectancy at the turn of the century was about 74 years.

    I found references to testing being verified in the early 2000’s (this was a college lecture in parasitology for use in war at Stanford) that in the early 2000’s they had successfully been able to implant into a parasite a jpg, and gif images, and then infect a host with said parasite carrying the image, which would flash things at the host and the host would think its coming from itself and react accordingly. Interesting work, might be very useful if you wanted to create an amnesiatic public. It was being lectured for use in wartime however.

    There Is a text I gathered last Year, that was written up by a professor in Cornwall in the early 1800’s studying magentics. In it he details how he got side tracked by these parasites that were manifesting in his lab when he was using electricity for his experiments, and when he did not use electricity at all these things would not manifest.

    He Presented his treatise wth plates at The Royal College of London, after which a man in London decided to replicate the lab after attending the Royal College Lecture and then see if he was able to replicate the parasites. Ths man was able to replicate everything this professor had described. Magnetics and electricity. Electromagnetics.

    Parasite in physical manifestion having come from parasite in spritual.

    One has to ask the question, did we we get hijacked in the recent past? And are the hijackers the seeds of the diabolical? Are they dimentional?

    I really dont know why the lay folks suffer from amnesia, I am just looking at possibilities, my son says he thinks we all have some kind of “write protection” on our minds that they dont have.

    I have found numerous references for parasite problems dating to about the 1850’s. In the early 1900s Japan was treating its entire population for parasite control in the water supply, they used the predecessor to Fenbendazole that we have now for this very thing. It was not the only country doing this. These texts can be found in archive.

    So did something happen in the 1800s?

    There are alot of pieces. I am just efforting to make a distinctive tie to each one.

    Great write up Admin, I have read 5 tonight.

    Take care


    1. Wow you have been through it. The spiritual experience of Love sound like the Holy Spirit baptism. Hang in there I think we are close to receiving God’s promise land. I would grow turmeric and bombard myself with tea and food with the fresh roots included. Cinnamon & Turmeric root tea is very tasty. An acquired taste that will perhaps rid you all together of the pests. But Turmeric plants like southern dirt sand dirt & shady areas. They die out in cold weather and come back in spring. Store bought won’t work. If you have questions just msg me here. Its just a feeling. Bless you in all that you do. Your fortunate to have family who see the changes.

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