Prophecy: Macron Setting up a European Army of Ten Countries. A Ten Horned Beast?

Is Bible Prophecy being fulfilled by Turkey & France?

I was updating my political insight about the Turkey end time wrath of God even prediction and found this compelling prophecy video about end times prophecy fulfillment and educational info.

If this is your video and you object to this post please email Jazweeh at  Personally I think Macron is a better candidate for antichrist but I have more to learn on the topic than this highly educated preacher newsman.

My Review of Mr. Ken Raggio is this….he does a GREAT job on politics and interpreting daily news to tie into biblical prophecy.  Though I do not trust many of his sources being they are mainstream.  But as usual he does not have a clue that the Bible KJV is corrupt and changing bi-weekly.  So there is that.

But still it seems that prophecy is not as corrupt in KJV as the precepts of God Himself and Jesus have been skewed, downgraded, and changed.

I watched this man’s Daniel Prophecy part one & two hoping he would teach me something.  Unfortunately he seemed to be trying to convince me of Daniel’s importance while angrily screaming at me most of the time, rather than getting into the actual teaching of prophecy.
I was frustrated and disappointed because he is good with current events I had hoped for a great teaching on Daniel from a seemingly knowledgeable source.  It was as if he spent 75% of the time in opinion and preface as if stuck in the table of contents and preface of a book while exalting Daniel in his own multi-descriptive way rather than getting down to it.  I have my own issue I thought “man I hope I don’t do that in my writing.”  I will look out for it now.
I think the root problem is writers often have unbelievers, mockers, scoffers to deal with and get stuck on addressing that instead of writing and recording for those who are there because they do want to learn.  Its like the Christian Youtube channels who do a standardized get saved message every time they make a video not realizing WE HAVE HEARD IT A MILLION AND ONE TIMES and would not be on their channel to begin with IF WE WERE NOT BELIEVERS INITIALLY.
The Christian Youtube channels do this boxed salvation message because they feel an obligation by beast system status quos rather than giving a heart felt testimony.  Its Love that draws people to Jesus NOT BOXED STATUS QUO 5 FOR $1 SALVATION PACKAGES….a dimadozen.  Those messages have not heart no soul, no truth to them.

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