Saved by Faith in Grace Lest any Man Boast

We will never get to heaven by human perfection or stealthy carnal knowledge and performance.   Do not be an actor in God’s sight.  We shall never get into God’s best friend club by sanctimonious actions.   We must not act our way into the best roll of Christian behavior.  God sees our heart, we must not play a roll to Him.  God is not simple to be manipulated and fooled.  Even Dracula repented at the end in my two favorite Dracula 2000 & Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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God is not naive to be duped by a deceitful show of fake Love.  Absolute respect is truly called for in a relationship with God and His Son Jesus.  But

the best way to Love someone is with your heart and mind.  The best way to show respect, Love and admiration is with a child like desire to be with them, to have a desire to know, and feel the presence of God Himself.  Be hungry for God and His Righteousness so you will be filled.

My best advice after years of seeking God by prayer and meditation.  After years of having different miracles and spiritual experiences…GET REAL WITH GOD OR GET LEFT.  Seek with your whole heart now while there is some time of day.

Ask for the things that you know by true scripture God esteems to be the person for real who God can use for His purpose.  Treat others well & do no harm.  Clean house, do no harm.  Clean house means confess to God & man your shortcomings and then ask to be changed into a righteous vessel.

Your a clay vessel holding a precious pearl, a sacred jewel the divine presence of God which ALL PEOPLE HAVE.  Now, seek a deeper level of God by asking for HIs Holy Spirit, when He gives you this YOU WILL KNOW IT.  The Holy Spirit comes from asking and desiring with your heart.  The Holy Spirit is no small thing and God will not take it back because you sinned, and sinned, and sinned.  God only takes back His Spirit if you reject Him and refute it, like in Bram Stoker’s Dracula….and at the end God gave it back to Dracula when he repented.

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LIFE IS not a movie, I know but also I know what it is to backslide for years after receiving the Holy Spirit.  Grieve not the Holy Spirit but also do not fear because God does not expect perfection from humans, He reacts to child like sincerity and Truth.   God has far MORE GRACE THAN PEOPLE GIVE HIM CREDIT.   But do not use Grace as an occasion to sin.

Can demons dwell in a man who has the Holy Spirit?  At times, yes, but not full on possession.  Don’t let them condemn you to shame so you hide from God.   Hiding from God is futile.

Draw nigh unto Father and HE will draw nigh unto you.

Ask for faith, Hope, Love, ask to trust in Him, honesty and purity with Him no matter what your heart and mind says.     Ask for the ability to be who He desires you to be in TRUTH. Ask for communication with God and a heart to Love.  Confess to God you don’t Love your brother and that you just don’t have it in you to Love your brother or Him if it be true.

Manipulation does not work with Father, who sees all things.   Tell God you do not know how to Trust Him.  And if you cannot look at yourself, ask Him for self awareness.  Ask for your eyes to be opened.  Ask to be delivered from the beast system and its web of lies.

Again “Get real with God or get Left”.

This is my best advice.  It’s a process of becoming to be the clay which can be molded into the godly human who is capable of Truth in Jesus.

Don’t believe a book that says to hate your family on one hand and Love your neighbor on the other.  God is not mocked, He will not respect Idolatry called BOOK WORSHIP.  Worship not a book of contradictions and lies.

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