From Slavery To Freedom & Power by Ending Curses Upon Mankind


Curses Upon Mankind are Rampant but are Ending!

But those days are at an end.  Here is what I see.  First God showed me the Beast in all it’s vile dictatorial control.  It showed me the greed and the methods by which the Beast hoards all that is plentiful upon the Earth.  Land, Knowledge, Magic Knowledge, History in Truth, The power of the human mind over all things, the devices of oppression such as the money system that makes us believe we are not born into Egypt and slavery.

The days of the curse are now ending.  Nature does things slowly but very very thoroughly.  All these changes I write about are gradual.  The curses that have plagued mankind for eons are now coming to AN END.  The Light is here.


You Were Crafted into A Slave by Evil Greedy Men

Yet He who the Son sets free is free indeed.  Now is the time for our freedom to come to fruition.  But first the child must see what it’s being set free from.

People who have to work for other people to receive just enough “money” to eat and survive are owned by those who pay them a wage.  That employer owns the man/woman/child who works for them all the hours of the work day.

How is that not slavery?

Next the corporations charge ridiculous amounts of “money” for what those workers need.  A home, furnishings, clothes, food.  The only difference is that there is no whip being held over the workers.  But rather fear is held over us.  What shall we do if we don’t have any of THEIR “money”?  How pray tell will we survive? You cannot buy a house without going into great debt.

You cannot buy a car without going into great debt.  This too is slavery.  Slave to the banks.  Slave to work more to pay the life long burden of debt.



That when He returns to Earth the children of God Almighty will be set free from Egypt.  First we were saved, born again.  Then we were given the Holy Spirit for gifts of The Spirit.  We were healed and delivered.  But still we were under the bondage a yoke of corporate siege of all that is Earth’s and God’s.

Have you come so far in the Spirit to once again put yourself under the bondage of religion & legalism?  Jesus sets mankind free from the bondage of legalism.  How?  By transformation into goodness and healthy motives of thought mind and actions. Sin is bondage.  First its fun then it takes the mortal into slavery and even death.

How Did The Beast Lay Siege to Earth?

ALL OF EARTH IS FATHER’S.  He Created it and for HIS CHILDREN.  So how did the beast take Earth?  Curses and trickery of dominance over the innocent.

They attacked the babes in arms.  First with their poisons VK at birth to dull the mind and take the connecting of the dots from the children’s minds.  At birth they attack babes in arms.  By  deceiving Mothers and Fathers they take the children’s minds and their bodies.

Who Can War Against Such Power?

It is written that God shall raise up an army.  And that Jesus shall return to Earth with and in this army of humans.  And so the end of the beasts rein is at hand.  “Santa Satan knows his time is short.” That army is now active.

And So The Army of God Drives Out The Curses of Centuries

Crushing strongholds of demons the 144 destroy strongholds.  These humans are not limited by religion’s propaganda of using no magic or spells.  For it is by spells that the curses were laid upon men.  And by rhymes these same curse fall to Hell driven by the breath of mankind.  The 144 cannot be seen or found.  They are protected.  I am a scribe of God who sees a blanket of protection over these the 144 chosen of God.

“Ye must become as little children to see the Kingdom of God.”

Why did God choose these particular people to end the evil curses on Earth?  You would not have wanted to go through what these 144 had to, so as to learn and experience what is needed.  They went through great tribulation to have the open minded long standing armor of God that it takes to crush evil.  They walked in Jesus’ footsteps in ways that the Christians cannot understand.

Most of the time that the 144 share spiritual Truth they are either mocked or called names, or labelled insane.  Often Christians would call them “satanic”.

Not because they do evil.  No.  But rather they call them evil because of the actions that religion has labelled as being “evil”.  The 144 know this great and enduring Truth.


NOT- “evil is what religion says it is”.

There are many things that are good which religion labels evil.  These are the things that are of The Holy Spirit and are POWERFUL.  Do you understand that religion teaches things that oppress spiritual power?  Just look through the list of what is condemned by religion yet does no harm.  Then you will see what is POWERFUL.

Start with the condemnation of the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  And then move forward from there.   “magic” good magic. Prayers are magic.  Healing by Jesus IS magic.  So that label of evil is one of the biggies.  When the 144 bring down a strong hold of demons they see it psychically.  (uh-oh more evil).  The seer sees the stronghold and crushes it.

How about meditation and the “third eye”?  Yes how about it?  God gives the child a third sight and religion labels it evil.  Pish posh.  An eye that should not be used?  Ridiculous.  More evil says religion. The third eye …how do we open it?

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer

Why MEDITATION OF COURSE…UH-OH…More EVIL!!!!!  Don’t sit quietly and meditate on God…oh no!  See what I am showing you?  This is not just harmless but meditation IS POWERFUL.  Powerful enough to take the human through his entire life.  Then allow him to work through all his emotional issues.  Then by clearing his …what they call Chakras.  Now he can connect with His teachers in the Spirit realm.  His Spirit Guides!  UH——-MORE EVIL SAYS RELIGION!  There all demons!  Oh yes demons demons demons.  Don’t connect with your spiritual teachers you might GAIN POWER OVER THE BEAST!

I even heard a preacher pray against essential oils.  Healing oil made from plants.  Leave it to the corporations who push chemicals to label nature as being evil.  Primarily because they cannot patent nature.  And yet Christians believe this stuff naively.  They refuse to wake up.  Why?

The journey to freedom.

Clearing the Wreckage of the Past

It’s an emotional condition friends.  Just as the TV is the image of the beast we take comfort and joy from the TV.  We were born and set before it.   Prior to letting go, we are emotionally hooked on the beast’s condiments.  Its understandable that they cannot look at the TV and say “it is the image of the beast”.  For their hearts fear letting it go.  Again it’s understandable.  But its beast to wake from the subconscious.   Often it takes years of meditation to break through and find one’s own heart.

Jazweeh taught me many Truths.  This is Truth. And it is the road to both wisdom and to power.  But see this… it takes years of meditation to open the third eye.  Why?


Because without self awareness and the deeply emotional clearing away of issues of the past one cannot see clearly.  And without identifying one’s patterns of sin/character flaws the child cannot BE trusted to have such insight as what the third eye can show.   Yet the evil one’s were taught to open their third eye in ways that are quite different than the ways of the light.  I am not privy to how they opened their own dark third eye.

Magic and prayer is not evil.  The hand is not evil.  The leg is not evil.  It’s how we use these things that make the actions evil or good.

The beast got hold of the scrolls, and stoled the great knowledge.  The Beast used great knowledge for evil curses by greed and by power hungry diadems they oppressed the innocent.

And by religion and it’s teachings those who would be powerful for God Almighty, turned from a walk of power to passive prayer.

And Furthermore It was as It should be.  Evil Had it’s Day.   But no more.

For the twinkling of the eye is changing the children of the Sun.  Watch Out!

God allowed evil power for one reason.  So mankind on Earth could make their choices of where to spend their eternity.  In dark or in Light, in Truth, or in lies.  With God or with The Dark Lord of the Pit as their ruler.

Predestination Vs. Free Will

So that is the story of the Children of Earth.  Where those who are God’s army chosen before the beginning of time?  Yes and no.  See my “templates of God” article showing how a person can be both predestined, and have free will at the same time.  The 144 became the 144.  They were not programmed.  But rather they stepped into the template of the warrior for Jesus by their personal choices.  Free will.  So yes now they are predestined and chosen of God and with Him from the beginning.  It’s a retrocausality feature of humanity.  That means that the present action creates a ripple affecting times past, even creating the past. Not a mandela effect, those are signs and wonders from God.  The strong delusion covers the minds of those who would remember and see the supernatural bible changes.  The desecration of the holy place that Jazweeh speaks of.  Most cannot see or remember.


Why do so many people think they are and claim to be the 144,000?

Some things remain mysteries but, God is absolutely BRILLIANT in His plan.  The end of days plan with its prophecies is one of the most wonderful and amazing occurrences on Earth known and seen by mankind.  Such amazing occurrences that most people are vailed from them.

The 144 are awake.  They are stepping into their great powers.  The prophesies of Jesus are fulfilling rapidly.  The ways of warfare are mystery.  But the 144,000 know how to wage war in the Spirit realm.  By 2024-2027those who are meant to seed the New Earth will see their path before them to Shalimar The Abode of Love.  They will then know as well as they are known by God.  Then remain these three, Hope, Faith, & Love.  But the greatest is Love.

The Scribe of God thanks you for reading along.

They will be thrown into the lake of fire which kills the body and soul eternally.


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