An Interview with God

The Lord and His Righteousness endure forever.

A vision of Jazweeh.

Disclaimer:  If you are not familiar with CERN, Fallen Angels, The devices of the elite, the dividing of time by dark magic and the Hadron Collider, Mandela Effect, and end times this may be hard for you to digest without first learning some things.

How then will it be in the last days?

The last days will be as a shadow.  And to the shadow of a shadow.  The first shall be last and the last shall be first.

How so Father?


Picture CERN & The 50-100 Most Wealthy and Most “Need to Know” qualified of all Nations Gathered There awaiting their next big Mandela Memory shift.

The dividing of times some call these events “shifts”, shall be halted for a short season.  HEAR THIS:  The elite are now stripped of their secret knowledge that was given to them by my dark angels to change times, that divided the time.

The age of the forgetting  is here for the elite and they are clueless of it.  They attempted another shift that backfired.  I oppose them vehemently because they would have put another shift on My people.

As they sat in their room of protection at CERN where they sit during the shifts,safe from RF fields,their shift has been deflected, even ricocheted back at them straight into their room of protection.

All of those who the wealthy and knowledgeable, considered to be in the “need to know” realm of the elite were in that room together and their memories HAVE BEEN zapped.  Now the room, is called by Me “The room of Forgetting”.

I observed while the Fallen angels I formed, laughed at the affected elite and their worthless new decrees and vices.   The angels knowing what I have put upon them that fateful day of forgetting.  My fallen were released from those mens chains that bound them by manipulation.  By this forgetting, my words are fulfilled, “they have reaped what they have sewn” in the most extreme way ever seen by man.

The room of protection at CERN was easily breached.  How is it that ALL those who had keys to the secret hidden technologies given by the angel Ruferian have now lost their access to it and lost their knowledge and memory of it  They were hit with their own mindless sword and have lost the secret knowledge hither-to.  What’s more they do not want to seek again such great secrets and retain it because they do not believe they ever had it.  Those who are left and know they did have the magic do not hold keys to repossess it.  It will stay lost to them.  They cannot hurt you anymore by their shifts.  However there is more danger.

Just as those who do not see the Bible changes and refuse to look, the elite refuse also to look for their great loss.

The angels dark that gave the magic sorceries into their hands now laugh at them and WILL NOT make that mistake a second time by bargaining with these same elite again, oh no.

God Himself has allowed the antichrist his reign

By crushing the power of the elite, I have paved the way for the Anti-Christ to do my bidding.  Just as Judas and the shekels of silver were the action of Satan it was for my Son to give you Life.  Now children, all, and one, this great antichrist will mow down the elite as soon as he finds that they lost their edge of supernatural strength.   He will or has even already begun their demise and the take-over of the nations.  Make no mistake, he is doing My bidding just as Judas Iscariot did.

Why would God allow such antichrist evil?

Why?  There must be a grand separation of the goats and sheep, wolves and lions, and serpents and lambs, dark and light, lost and found. The separation can only come in such a way as this.  Irony and paradox is my favor.  The dividing of time is halted BUT there will be a continuation of the great deception even more shifts ahead, which again, the blind will not notice and the chosen will shake their heads.  Shifts no longer done by the elite but rather shifts done by Me and by that wicked one, the son of perdition, He who glories in self worship and has no love for woman.

What will be the main changes that we will see in the coming new shifts?

The Lord gives His army new gifts in the end

The antichrist himself who wants to be worshipped as God will cast deals with the dark force angelic realms who the former elite no longer know.  He will offer them much more for their service than the elites ever did.  The former elites and all their grand wisdom has become My threshing floor.  There will be a great feast in the nations as the food is restored to its nutritious value of old before the tampering of mankind occurred.  But not all food will hold my power of rejuvenation.

My chosen the Lions and the Lambs will eat of this miraculous manna and it will engage their new supernatural gifts to overcome some not all of demonic forces as the veil thins and thins again.  Jesus will have only one task to defeat when He arrives.  My army will take out the rest.

My people will Rise up in battle with a rage heard around the world.

They will Roar as Lions of Judah they are the tribe of Judah my chosen warriors.  They hear my voice.  They feel my indignation toward the atrocities and the sheer idiotic arrogance of those who would war against Me, eve Me.  To this they fume as I fume first.

There are no “Lo’s” in my vocabulary but there are many “woe’s”.  Hide and watch says Our Great Leader of fiery armies.  Watch while your oppressive adn former “elite” and their puppets are burned and crushed under My threshing floor.

Same day same dance will come upon them as they threw onto my children how is it, I say, that it will be one hundred times worse than what they put my children through.

Fear not children of mine for the “two times” or “the dividing of time” WILL protect you from this horror in the works.

Are you gaining understanding?

Then let Me tell you this, My servants have already prepared their journey.  The two witnesses is a two fold meaning.  The Jews and the Gentiles is one.  They witness even now.  Second the two witnesses will glow with my light of Love.  You will know them when you see them and you will know the time is very near to see Me.

When I speak to my Lions they will rise up together and crush those who would sift them like wheat.

My people perish for lack of knowledge.  The sheep will be slaughtered as prophesied.

My sheep are saved to eternal life because of their slaughter of the flesh.  The sheep are those who perish for lack of knowledge.  Don’t pity them.

Children my Lions and Lambs see the changes and are in the “second times” the sheep have to be martyrs while staying in the first times, it is their calling.  Sheep do not see but they see Me and that is what is meaningful, they see Me..  Sheep are blessed because they will not deny Me even in the face of death, this is their gift.

The Lions and Lambs are aware and they have armed themselves, you are one if and as you know.  Lions and Lambs DO NOT PERISH for they have  knowledge.  Now how would it look if my army walked on to be slaughtered?  Come now.  You wear the armor for a reason and you do not drop that belt by telling a lie.  Or by losing the Hope Helmet, or by turning from a fight toward flights of demons.  Lions are chosen and angry., Lambs are full of Powerful Love, These will be translated.  You will be translated.  You know who you are by now.

The reason for the stripping of supernatural powers from the former elite is so there can be a great shift in power on the Earth.  Things will change.

Don’t be too hard on the innocent sheep.  They will see another time than you.  But they are great martyrs and deserve your respect.  Goats on the other hand will attack you rather than accept you with your alternate views.  It’s goat’s and wolves that come against you in angst.

Know this.  Not all my saved are schooled in doctrines.  But they DO KNOW ME and My Holy Spirit.  Salvation is not about the magic label.  Its about RELATIONSHIP WITH ME.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  Love is the greatest Gift and I am Love and I AM SPIRIT.  Remember this, Love trumps Doctrine every day of the week.

KNOW THIS: Thing is, if they don’t know me by My Spirit they have NOT Love and are lost.  False love does not save.  Relationship not labels is what matters.  Mind you this in no way negates the powerful name of Jesus and The gifts of The Spirit.

I am Love.  I impart the gift of Love unto whom I choose.  These are my Lambs.  They walk in Love.  This is their gift.  Prepare for a greater deception it is at hand.

May we have a hint as to what that deception might be?

The tell is this:  If you were hungry to be worshipped as God and you had access to change the past in some ways, what would you devise people to recall?   Even what would you invent?  Keep in mind counterfeits for all my precepts toward the people I cherish.

Remember this, there are derisions put in place by evil with wolves playing both sides of the coin promoting more wolves and ruled by serpents in all media.  The time of truth on TV is fading and will become less.

What Will the Next Great Deception Be?

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