Dream of the Two Golden Keys

The Keys to human DNA editing are here.

There were two keys they struggled to decode.  My dream along with prophecy and science has shown me by CRISPR Tech that they have what they have searched so endlessly for.

The Keys to Our DNA have been acquired.  The control freaks are in their hay-day of congratulatory formalities.  They puff each other up with pats on the back because now, the slaves are mere robots in their hands.   There is no stopping the elite…at least before the harvest is finished.

They will mix humans DNA with whatever animals they choose.  Know this…they poison every product including food that you walk out of the store with.  They lie on the TV relentlessly.  “Know them by who they have shown you they are.

They stop at NOTHING to control the masses. Power is their drug.  It is done.


Written February 27, 2020 before I decoded it.

Giant gold key DREAM MAY BE ABOUT by Russ
First I was in a house, mom made peanut cookies I wouldn’t eat them I knew they were not organic and were GMO make their own pesticide.
I was in a empty bedroom with no curtains but I remember thinking “I can create a bed and curtains here”. And I was going to. There was a closet it was like an apartment but larger. I remember thinking someone is watching me from that window with no curtain.
I was thinking I must put up a blind. I was thinking even I knew who was watching me in my remote thinking the theys spies..
After mom cut me some of here cookie cake peanut that I think I spit out there was a familiar
friend there who had his own room.
He had been with my mother I thought they may have had sex, I thought.
Weird. Then the man came out and said something derrogatoryly sexual and mom said “Laura is a Christian she doesn’t talk like that”. I said “he knows very well I am a Christian”.
I think the man was a demonic presence in my room because of the way he moved in the dream. He was floating I remember now, he was disappearing from room to room and I woke up with aggravating arousal. Yes I think what this dream partially it was of the incubus dreams.

The Dream Went On.

Scene turns to a Hospital Hallway.  I am a nurse there.  I am standing over a stove counter top.  I look at a piece of paper and write a note on stove “blood here”.

I was like lining the stove with tin foil and tearing it off like a stove from a cookie cutter manufacturer. Yes as if I tore the stove out of a foil punch-out cookie cutter manufactured stove.

(I think that represents that now that the elite have the keys to our DNA by insosine entry that tricks & deceives the lock into the nucleus and Messenger DNA they will make all of our DNA by cookie cutters directives/instructions. The armor of God is our protection from this.)

It was if the stove was disposable I was peeling off the burners
There was a note on the stove that I had written. I worked there at the facility.
The note said “blood here” and something else.

I heard others talking about me and they said,
“she is a note writer” or I thought that’s how they would talk about me in the dream.

There were two men in matching pin stripe suites standing near the cookie cutter stove. They were celebrating the one guys success/accomplishments or marriage or promotions or something like that.  (now I see they were celebrating the DNA key breakthrough.

The one guy walked into the room
he handed the other man very smartly dressed like presentable, he handed him a giant gold key.
They both carried giant gold keys and they were going to celebrate and the keys were like a sign of their importance.
When these two guys smartly dressed and so manicured walked by me I was working on the disposable stove with the note about blood. “blood here” and I was apparently self conscious about being inferior to these two guys men old men actually not guys.

I think there is more dream coming up. going back to sleep.
two men were like congratulatory to each other.
Gold keys were huge a foot and a half large.
Why would they want me to take poison peanut cake in the dream? (UPDATE The peanut butter cake represents the back-scene mark of the beast.)

Joe Biden just called the cv back scene “a golden key” literally he said that.
So if the back scene is the golden key and the dream showed poison peanut cake I am guessing the back scene will contain some toxic relationship to peanuts somehow.

They say peanuts are so corrupt by gmo and monsanto that is why so many kids have the peanut allergy but there is more to it.

UPDATE:  I know now what the dream means.

The back-scene is the mark of the beast.

It will edit your DNA and replicate every cell in your body.

They can put any directive they want with messenger DNA especially if you already have nano particle circuitry just waiting for instruction.

These bastards with the gold keys will pay.  They will be judged by my God.  This destruction of God’s creation by technology is blasphemy.  This is how the human body the temple is desecrated.

You see the nucleus was locked to these mad scientists for years and years they tried and could not give it directions to the nucleus for replication throughout the body of cells.  Now the beast has found the adenosine & inosine golden key and much more to fool our cells into thinking that the chemical back scenes impostors to the cells in the body are from our own RNA…they are not.  And they are not friendlies.  

I have a very long DNA/RNA/mRNA article in the works to explain the science behind the back scene.  Also see mark of the beast article here.