Prediction #1 End of Days

Lo the words from this book shall ALL come to pass and that my friends is a very very scary thing.  It is no wonder that people do not want to take the Bible prophecies literally.  It is no wonder…I think we have 5-6 years of comfort left.  And then, put on your seat belt and buckle up for the ride of a lifetime.

This I assure you, the people who are alive for the prophecies and see the trumpets and bowls of wrath with their own eyes are either favored by God in the extreme OR they are objects of God’s wrath in the extreme.  They are blind guides who do not see or they are blessed believers who trust in God and proclaim His words to the people.  It is a blessed time to be alive.

HOWEVER until we see a one world government and an antichrist who sets himself up to be worshiped, until that is shown we are not literally in the last days at all.  But we are close.  Close by saying within ten years of seeing a one world government.  Things seem to be getting sped up by this CERN agenda.  It seems like we had a time shift and suddenly 10 years had passed by in the name of technology but not in other areas of progress.  Like someone went back in time and handed out a bunch of techno info and overnight technology swept us away in it’s progress supernaturally.

“And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for TO SLAY THE THIRD PART OF MEN.” (Revelation 9:15)

Vision of Jazweeh.  Those in the U.S. must flee to the wetlands.  If your home does not reside in a place of much rain and much water many days such as the top 10 wet states in the United States then you must flee as your home may burn as the fires in California grow to cross the nation.

This information is contrary to what we hear about fleeing to the mountains and the safety of the wetlands may only be for a time while fires rage.  Jazweeh believes the first two bowls have been poured out.

Here are the actual predictions for precipitation.

Year                                                                       Winter                                         Last column is                                                                                                                                            Summer

1 Hawaii Hawaii Florida
2 Louisiana Mississippi South Carolina
3 Mississippi Alabama Louisiana
4 Alabama Louisiana North Carolina
5 Florida Washington Georgia
6 Tennessee Tennessee Alabama
7 Georgia Georgia West Virginia
8 Arkansas Rhode Island Iowa
9 Connecticut & North Carolina (tie) South Carolina Mississippi
10 South Carolina Arkansas & Kentucky (tie) New Jersey

Average total yearly precipitation for each state.
State Inches Milli­metres Rank
Alabama 58.3 1480 4
Alaska 22.5 572 39
Arizona 13.6 345 47
Arkansas 50.6 1284 8
California 22.2 563 40
Colorado 15.9 405 44
Connecticut 50.3 1279 9
Delaware 45.7 1160 16
Florida 54.5 1385 5
Georgia 50.7 1287 7
Hawaii 63.7 1618 1
Idaho 18.9 481 42
Illinois 39.2 996 27
Indiana 41.7 1060 26
Iowa 34.0 864 31
Kansas 28.9 733 35

Turn to your families, Lo, turn to your Loved ones, lo, turn to your trusted people who live in the wetlands for a place of safe harbor for your family. Jazweeh believes this to be a decree of wrath and grace of the Lord Most High God concerning the second bowel of wrath that will cause 1/3 of the Earth’s grass to burn.  This is the problem….if we had not followed our hearts and followed the leading of the Holy Spirit where our home is concerned and prayed about our location we may be in the wrong place and have to flee to wetlands of safety.

Who will bring down the microwaves of fire?  Is it God or is it evil man?  Are evil men carrying out the will of God to torch the lost?  This seems like a dangerous concept disturbing in it’s nature.  However God does use the evil.  And He does use the chosen.


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