AI Used on Manchurian Candidate

Fade In Artificial Intelligence Back in 2004

These photos below are all from the same scene in Manchurian Candidate when Liev Shriever is trying to get back his X girlfriend played by Vera Farmiga and Vera Farmiga A.I..  I notice the the show was using two actresses for one seen.

Ear is different, eyes brown, too brilliant blue eyes, hair brown, hair extremely red.  Its as if the producers are not even trying to hide it.  I believe they are making AI robot duplicates of many real human actors and working them in even from back in 2004 when this movie was produced.  They are fading AI in.  I have also a magazine cover from Fade In Magazine with Vera Farmiga showing unnatural eyes-non human.

I also took a short video clip that shows the whole little scene.  It seems when they show the whole body AI couldn’t make the grade.  Its only the face close ups that work for AI.  See my more recent articles on other actor robots like the kid from Bates Motel and Mark Zuckerberg obviously AI.

And the Good doctor Freddie Highmore obviously AI but also there is a real human actor who AI copies.  That way they work the AI in gradually.  “Fade In”.


AI Manchurian Candidate 2004 I don’t think I need to tell you guys which photos are the AI and which are human. The Crooked Ear Brilliant Eye and Hair Way Red

Clipper of V.I.D.

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