Doctrines of Demons

How to tell a blind Guide Christian

They preach law not Love yet God is Love.  They will accept God sending illusions and deception with lies (as in Jerimiah when he congratulates God for deception of How own children.)  It IS impossible for God to lie.

They preach God repenting instead of seeing the blasphemy in such a concept.   They change the English language to justify their idol….the book KJVB.

Yes we had a holy place that is holy no more.  So if you cannot fathom or fear vetting the bible you won’t like this article based on Truth contrary to Mandela Effect KJVB supernatural changes.

They preach blood sacrifice only instead of of saved by Faith.   Jesus overcame death so we to can overcome it.  He took the keys to death and hell thereby taking dominion over death for us.  This is why He had to die and go to the underworld.  The blood is symbolic and blood I might remind you is of the flesh.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor corruption inherit incorruption.  This means only Spirit is eternal and inherits eternal life.

Satan is big on blood sacrifice.  It is old law.  No longer are such sacrifices needed.  We are saved by Faith in Jesus.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  Grace is compiled of partly forgiveness and partly divine gifts given to us humans.

The blind guides preach salvation by Grace alone instead of confession to and intimacy with God as a Father.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.

Hope, Faith, and Love are eternal.  Love is an action of care, courage, giving, encouragement and compassion.  Love never fails it is mighty and powerful.  God is Love.  So human Love and God are two separate types of Love.

The blind guides label things evil that hurt no one like the crystals that pave the streets of Heaven itself.  They label things good and wonderful when only Jesus is Wonderful, Counselor, Savior, Prince of Peace, King of kings, and Lord of lords.

As Jesus said blind guides love to be seen of men praying and taking the most important roles and seats of status quo.

They love the most corrupt of the new scriptures like “God hates” scriptures.  They love scriptures that condemn and punish those who they feel deserve it.

They see God as a punisher in end times instead of the Truth that God is causing the great tribulation so men will repent and their souls will be saved.  They side easily with scripture that calls God evil and shows Him doing much evil to all of mankind.  Jerimiah 44,45,42 is full of “evil” done by God allegedly.

God calling men “stupid”.  There is no benevolence in the blind guides god of hate.  God the hater is the one they follow because it/he agrees with their own heart and the hate therein.

I hope to God you see the wolf speaking forth blasphemy in what was a holy bible.

The blind guides put vanity before purity and pride before humility.  The blind guides claim they are awake while they follow the traditions of men.

Blind guide WILL if you allow them to, put you back into bondage to law & sin.  Have ye come so far brother by The Holy Spirit of Love, The Comforter to now think you can be perfected by law siting dates and times of those who are unbelievers?  The Jews on the most part are unbelievers.  They are still waiting for their savior adn they hate Jesus and curse Him.  Will you take your ques from those who hate your Savior?

The blind guides easily change the name of Jesus without blinking an eye.  No man who knows the mighty and powerful baptism of the Holy Spirit who comes by praising and prayer in the name of Jesus would change that name.   No way.  Only those who never knew Him would venture to call Him by some unknown name.

Many are Called Few are Chosen.  How can I be Chosen?

I No Longer Can Call The KJV Book a Holy Bible because it is not.   Not even close.  Idolatry is to put something made by men’s hands above reproach.  To call the books “The Word of God” is idolatry when only Jesus is The Word of God forever fixed in Heaven.

Follow ye not the words of crime, uphold not the very words that would try to make God Himself a hypocrite and liar.  For it is impossible for God to lie.  Furthermore God is Love and Love holds no malice for anyone or anything.  The Creator of life gives us free will to choose evil or good.  The separation of the sheep from the goats must be accomplished by the gift of free will.

Many are called but few are chosen.  To be chosen requires great Truth & Faith, Love and humility.  To be chosen of God is to be different from most people.  God looks upon the heart.  All men sin and none are perfect.  What would cause Jesus to say “I never knew you”.  By that statement we can gauge salvation.  Does He know you?  Do you reveal all to Him?  Do you Love Him more than your lover and children?  To do this you must first realize you are incapable of Loving.  Self awareness is vital to spiritual growth.   Then give Jesus your heart to do with as you need Him to do.  Be the clay.

How can I Love God more than a lover whom I see and rely on and who is beautiful to me?  We must also see and rely on Jesus.  We must SEEK, and KNOCK.  The time is late you cannot Love Him who you do not know.

It takes Faith to attempt to get to know an invisible to the eyes God.  God speaks to the heart.  God works by our greatest needs.  He works in our greatest desires for Love and for Truth.  Find Him there where your heart seeks the Love that it has given up on finding.  Seek Him like no other.

To be chosen of God may require some serious desire.  Rejoice in The Lord of lords and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Then you will seek diligently.

Blind Guides Always Worship the Creation Above The Creator in on way or another.

If you are betrayed by a lover good, it is a great opportunity to take that pain before God and ask Him to replace it with Love for Him.  “Make me what & who you would have me be.”

“Many are Called But Few are Chosen”

All men are born chosen of God and called, but few actually step into the roll of chosen. It is by your choices that you become the chosen few.

If you will, look at being chosen as a kind of blueprint that is just waiting for someone to fulfill its design by his choices, his actions.  Most chosen few until recently had no idea who they were and how important their choices were.  By the beast system they were taught to condemn themselves as undeserving and of little worth.  The teachings of false humility abound as if self degradation represents goodness.  Perhaps if I lash myself with verbal whippings enough then I will become good.  Or If I proclaim what a piece of shit I am over and over then I will become good.

But Father is now revealing the chosen to themselves.  He is taking them back through their lives and showing them their own righteous choices.  Showing them what they learned as the prodigal son and how that was necessary for their spiritual growth into Love and understanding.

If a man doesn’t turn his back from His Father God for a time and seek out evil he likely will not have compassion for those who are in sin.   Hopefully the prodigal son experience happens early on in one’s walk.  Not when grown spiritually.   Its just that simple.  By sin we learn what Grace and Love for us by God is and how deep His Love for us runs.

God must come first before our families and friends.  We must seek Him out with more fervor than we would seek out a bride or a lost child we bore.  We cannot Love God if we do not know Him.

Unfortunately for a human being this doesn’t often happen without great desperation and pain.  Without a broken heart most I say to my own shame will not seek God with fervor.  There are those who do I cannot speak for them.

“Rejoice in The Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart”.  (Double meaning.)  We must invite and allow Jesus to take our heart and cleanse it then fill it with the righteous desires that will bring us peace, and Truth.

Ask and it Shall Be Given, Seek and Ye Shall Find

“Because you say you have no need of Love or understanding I have withheld it from you.”  Because you say you have no need for Faith it was not given in a greater portion.”  Because you proclaim you have no need to Trust in God the trust needed was not given.”  Because you say Hope is already yours in the fullest the gift of eternal Hope was not given in a greater measure.”  “Because you say you have The Holy Spirit baptism and do not seek it by the laying on of hands and prayer you do not know the gifts of The Spirit.”

The Laying on of Hands

Yes!  I believe God gives His Holy Spirit to you when you accept Jesus as your Savior, yes. But by transmission from one believer to the next the gifts of the Spirit do flow.”  Run to the nearest Pentecostal or Full Gospel church to receive prayer at the alter call by the laying on of hands and see what God has for you by transference.

Pray for God to bring you Faith, Hope, and Love, Truth, and Joy in Him.  Let Jesus be the only thing that can be called “Wonderful” in your life and words.

Are there other ways to be of the chosen than such life long process of seeking God?  I think there are but it would require a great selfless act of Love.  It would involve giving your life for another person whom does not Love you or you them.

“It’s easy to love those who love you, but loving the unlovable, this is the Love of Jesus.”

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