Two Creation Stories. What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden?

Goats, Wolves, and Serpents.  Vs. Sheep, Lambs, and Lions

Two Fathers.

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”
The chosen few vs. the masses who are already “caught up” in the “cloud” by the prince of the power of the airways.  A demonic prince whose children are dark and vile.  The towers of babel are all around them & us & are changing language and dialect while separating the sheep from the goats.

The dividing of reality is upon us.  Hence mandela effects and those who see and remember what was but is no more and never was.  And that what is and always was, was NOT!

The bibles one and ALL are now being rewritten by the Author of Con-fusion.  Goats love this new bible.  Lions despise it’s very dialect and it’s precepts of vulgarity.  Sheep and lambs have not reached the spiritual growth of Lions.  And so they may not see what the Lion sees.  it doesn’t mean they are not children of God.

The dividing of time has occured.  The separation is more thorough than most know.  Lions are not subject to abiding with serpents & wolves much longer.  The battle is won.

We started out as lambs for the slaughter and nearly were.  We grew into sheep.  And then we were activated by The Holy Spirit of God into becoming Lions for the end of days warfare.

Goats have another path and not all humans have grown spiritually while on Earth.

The second creation story has emerged from the now dark and fluid bibles.  It’s the Dark Lord’s story of his creation.  The making of the goats, serpents, and wolves. They are the lower class of mankind, hateful and without a good conscience.

I have been fighting the lies of the new bibles as they change before the eyes of those who remember and who see.  Those who know the voice of the Good Shepherd despise the new words in the books.

Goats have not a heart for Jesus nor a heart for God.  They do not hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Their hearts don’t agree with the sacred words of God’s Holy Bible.  But they embrace the new Dark Lord’s Bible.  And more people want to read it now than ever before.

The words of the Dark Lord call to the hearts of the goats, wolves, & serpents.

Clay of the Earth
Dust of the Air.

Because they were not created by The Creator of the Heaven’s and the Earth.  They did not come from “clay of the Earth”.  The goats, wolves, serpents, came from vile dust of who knows what.  Accumulations of blow off and waste.  Dust is not clay of the Earth.

I was mistaken.  I knew I was missing something with the Dark Lord’s bible.  I knew some of his now fluid bible words were truth.  I knew I despised the vocabulary.  I know it’s not the voice or words of The Good Shepherd.

But today I realized not all of mankind were created equally by the same God or the same means of creation.

There were two creators and two stories of creation.  And so God gave the Dark Lord a chance to share his story of creating serpents from “dust”.  And the serpent is cursed to crawl on it’s belly and eat dust all the days of it’s life.

Yet the beginning started at the end for humans.  You could have been either by the choices you make in life and by your decision of how to seek God.  (this is theory).  But “the beginning from the end” sounds true.  And by it the option to be a Son of God is given to all of mankind.

But then again the old holy bible stated “Is it not the perogative of the Creator to create a group of goats headed for destruction?”  For the benefit of the chosen to learn and grow.

It’s okay if you don’t see the bible changes or remember.   We believe Jesus is True and so by a mustard seed of Faith those who seek God can be saved.

Sheep infected with blood of Wolves and Wolves Infected with blood of Sheep

The goats love to tell the propaganda story of “fallen angels”.  And ALOT of money went into that picture show by the presenters on the image of the beast.  The story desecrates and character assonates the reputations of God’s holy angels.  It’s mostly B.S.

By blaming Godly Angels Divine goats/wolves/serpents deny that they willingly drank Esau’s soup.  And turned themselves into GMO hue mens.  Simply repent if you took the bait.

There was a story in the sheeps bible that said The Son’s of God saw the daughters of men and they were alluring.  Sheep made the mistake of mating with goats.  And so all the bloodlines were mixed and the spiritual choices then had to be made.  Salvation became available for all humans. And it depends upon the heart condition.  The heart doesn’t lie.  However the intellect will hijack the voice of the heart if one allows it.

So an Earth filled with a mix of good and evil not created equal but ending up that way by our desecrated blood.

The Spirit of God cleanses the bloodlines of those who seek Him in Truth.

And NOW that we have all made our choices the dividing of time and bloodlines is true.  The serpents made their final attempt to desecrate the Lion’s/Sheep/Lambs bloodline.  But God made clear to us that we mustn’t take their poison.

We read the in greed I ants.  Can sir sales lines.  Chimpanzee Dee Anne a.  Gross chemical inflammatories for the rending of the heart.  They got the keys to the sales nuke Lee us.  And once they did it was on.

And also God will either remove us or them from Earth very soon.   We must depart from the serpents before they make their Gates of Hell microneedle array weapon.  Father will harvest His purified Sons of God before that happens.

Granted I believe the mark had to be a choice by free will.  But the serpents despise The Sons of God.  And they are trying everything they can to make Lions dark & evil like them.  Plus they have been slaughtering humanity for years.  By wars, by food additives, by stealing knowledge and hiding it.  By so many lies on the image of the beast.

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