The Watchmen’s Blood Gospel

The New Gospel Is Here!

The serpent is cunning and includes alot of truth with benevolence in the new gospels.  First what is the True gospel of Jesus?

The true gospel comes from the heart of those who know Jesus and were saved by Him from themselves & the enemy.  And they were saved from the beast.  They testify that Jesus is real and pulled them from the clutches of Hell on Earth.

Jesus is Savior, Healer, and Deliverer He answered my call and saved me from my self destruction.  See my testimony.

How does the true gospel work?  Seek God by prayer and don’t stop.  Hope, Faith, and Love the three greatest eternal spiritual gifts from God.  Faith is to put in God.   Then God will point you to Jesus.   Seek Jesus for The Way, The Truth, and The Life.  He is Savior sent to help us He is the Son of God.  In Heaven there is a family of God.  There is Mother God, Father God, Son of God/Savior, and likely daughters of God Almighty who are not revealed to us as of yet.

“Hope” is the Helmet of the Hope of Salvation to be blessed unto eternal life in this we Hope.  By that Hope & the rest of the Spiritual weaponry comes our armor of God.  Truth the belt.  Hope the Helmet. Faith put in God is our shield.  The sword of the Spirit of God are His words for us.  The breastplate of righteousness in Jesus name.  And the testimony of Jesus by those who know Him the good news covers our feet makes straight our walk.  Also prayers in the Holy Spirit within us is armor –pray without ceasing.

What is the Desecration of the Holy place Causing the Great falling Away?

Prophecy proclaimed there would be a great falling away from Truth in the last days of Earth.  That is happening now.  The great falling away was in the bible but now it reads …”a falling away first”.  And the script will likely change again.  WHAT!  Books on the shelf can’t change! Says the level headed believer.

But bibles have all changed ALL CHANGED.  Bibles were holy by anointing but now they are desecrated just as prophecy foretold.  “Desolation of the holy place”.

“And the wicked one will sit in the holy place proclaiming to be God”.  2nd Thess 2:9.

Now the book itself calls itself “The Word of God” and so too all Christians call the book by Jesus’ title.  He brought God’s words to us and He is the only true “The Word of God”.

All all all bibles are now full of lies and debauchery.  The new Centurian blood gospel is in all bibles.  It proclaims “put your Faith in his Blood” The lies in the bibles are causing a great falling away from Truth.

Roman’s 3 is a total mess as is the rest of the book.  Instead of Faith fulfilling the law.  Now it reads that Faith establishes the law.


And the beast (antichrist) was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought performed miracles before him, with which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast, and they worship the image of the beast. These both shall be cast into the lake of fire.


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