Spiritual Meaning Behind the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction

Topic #1 Satan Inhabits the body of his host anti-Christ.

#2 People have no clue what’s on that fabric they are taking into their lungs 8 hours a day.  Why in the name of God do they not THINK?  I got kicked out of Traitor Joes Grocery Store for not wearing a mask.

People in there buying organic food while they systematically inhaling enough toxins from their detergent soaked face masks to ensure Cancer risks statistically leaving in the dust statistics of any harms by flu.   They are clueless.  My people perish for lack of knowledge.  Perish.

Now I Laura E. have a pretty good idea of what the Jupiter, Saturn coming together in December 2020 to form one bright light meant spiritually.

By much prayer and seeking God do I come to this conclusion.  It portrayed the coming together of the anti Christ and Satan.  Satan now inhabits billy goat gruff. Also known as gates of hell.  Also known as the third gate.

“Rabbi” Kaduri Prophecy

Saturn represents Satan and Jupiter represents the Antichrist called now the third gate by Jewish teacher Kaduri prophecy.  I have a different interpretation of what/who that 3rd gate that Kaduri allegedly prophesied about which must be destroyed at the coming of Jesus actually is.

We believe [[bill gates or William Henry Gates III]] is the antichrist to be inhabited by Satan due to his horrible evil acts toward children (back scenes) and the gates of hell’s inclination of hate toward humanity unto his rampant eugenics missions especially in Africa toward children.

Not to mention he is likely the richest man on earth and that would help Satan accomplish his task of earthly deceptions toward the masses to reel in his final remnant of Satanic worshippers/servants for Hell.

The separation of goats and sheep is obviously happening now.  The goats are plentiful but Satan wants wolves and serpents as hierarchy for his plans to slaughter all of humanity by their own naive choices.  Like their choice of food and especially the new fabric masks being worn.

Men in face Masks Can’t Get the Oxygen Needed to See The Truth.

What Truth Laura?  They are self destructing by their own hand.

Obstruction of the airways by toxic fibrous filamented, fire retardants, synthetic microfibers, polymers, polyesters, nylon, and other toxic man made inventions are bad enough on skin.  Even cotton when dyed & dowsed with sizing chemicals not to mention detergents & fabric softeners (all known Carcinogens)  will cause even higher Cancer rates in 2 years +and more recently will promote staff/bacterial infections. These mask wearers are putting us who won’t wear the mask at risk by their rebreathing of bacterium waste in and around their own rebreathing of carbon dioxide.

The pulmonary disruptions of airways due to carcinogenic fibrous materials constantly inhaled into the lungs put mankind at an astronomically higher risk of Cancer than previous years.  Moreover the Cancer risks for wearing a face mask 8 hours a day for work & more for shopping makes the flu statistic dangers look like 1 drop of flu aches & pains oceaned by a bucket of Cancer cell forced into the body by toxins.  The psyllium can only filter so much. The masks will bring disease and in the long term much Cancer.

The powers who are at the top know this.  They are not stupid.  The people behind CNN’s push for masks have a sinister method behind their madness.

But this wasn’t supposed to be a mask article.  Now that Satan is in billy goat the genocide will increase 100 fold no doubt.

Article Link Below.  Vison of Satan falling from Heaven


Has Satan Himself Come Home to Roost? Is he now nesting on Earth?

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