Prophetic Dream Jazweeh, October 27, 2019: Wedding Supper

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First I want to say I have been witnessing that many people are having dreams of the wedding supper.  Jazweeh says she is not one of “The Bride” persay because she and the 144 were with Jesus before the Earth was populated by humans.  Moreover, the scripture in KJV where Jesus states, “I call you friends” is absolutely a changed verse because Jesus called us “BREATHREN” (we are of His Breath) and it was spelled with the “A” pretty sure.   The “A” gives the word a deeper meaning and value as the breath of Life.   To be His family is to Live.   And now He calls us “friends” are YOU kidding me?  This “friends” is SHALLOW and corrupt.


Now, last night well, this morning really I was in a great mansion.  It was a house with magic furniture that talked and moved.  Kind of like a movie I recently watched about witches and magic.  Anyway I don’t remember all of the dream except I know I have dreamed of this house before with its large spacious marble floored rooms and red velvet curtains made of the finest fabrics.

Suddenly there were people there and a woman planning what wedding dress to wear, I think….   Also this dream makes me remember the new changed scripture “the camels furniture” .   That’s right folks we have “CAMELS FURNITURE” IN THE KJVB NOW.

Back to the dream.  It was getting close to wedding time and I was looking for a seat at a table.  There were many small tables seating 4 to 5 people.  I remember gold metallic borders on all the white table clothes and gold flowers unlike anything on Earth.  The mother of the bride or maybe the groom said “come here”.  But before that I was showing the people in the house how the furniture could talk and move.  It was very friendly , that furniture.  People would not believe the furniture talked and walked until they saw it for themselves. There was also a switch off of the dream into a panel truck where I was protecting something and hiding.  I wish I could remember more.  I suppose the panel truck scene was before the wedding scene.   I remember finally being able to desert the truck and go to the wedding.  The time for fighting was over the wedding dinner time had come.

Panel Truck Dream Meaning Intercession has quieted

I think what this means is as I said in this article

that those who interceded and have interceded for years for the lost souls of many are now waging war and fighting with fervor.  But this spiritual war will not last long we hope.   I have first hand testimony from a woman who prayed for 30 years intercession in The Spirit for the souls of the saints.  That the saints be delivered from evil  bondage and oppression.    Her prayers have gone from travail, lamenting, laboring in intercession, groveling on the floor for souls in the night with burdens & tears TO strategic and mighty cries of battle with angels and supernatural lighted weapons of war that slaughter demonic strongholds.  Furthermore the Father has equipped these once burdened down souls (who considered the burden a gift) with weapons not of this earth.  But that is another topic.

I believe the panel truck represented warfare and the prayer closet, and being relentlessly under attack on earth by the beast system.  How are we under attack?  Research your food, water, clothing, furniture, geo-engineering, mind control, fake news, controlled opposition, The 144 are empowered and free of burdens.  The 144 have been activated.  While Christians on YouTube speak of the coming battle, the 144 are waring daily and mightily.  However everyone called of God has their calling.  The sheep & the Bride are very good at spreading the words of Jesus, planting seeds, and getting the gospel out while the 144 are being nourished and war in secret.  They are protected and their identity will NOT be breached until the last day.

The Dream

So the mother of the bride said “Come hither child” sit here with me.   I said “okay” and sat.  Then I looked around and realized I was seated in a place of honor in the inner room of the wedding.  I was frankly surprised to be invited to such an honorable status.

My question…who is the Mother of the true church?  The Bride is the true church.  The 144 are the army and were with God before.   The sheep are deceived under the strong delusion and will have to endure the Great Trib. to be saved by being SHOCKED into reality and repentance.  And I am certain there more categories I am missing here.  I did have a vision of a great Mother of God a time or two.  She was very loving and did not want any mention in the books of the Christians.  She is not in need of want of being exalted by humans.  Neither is God for that matter though we benefit from exalting Him greatly.  He created us for fellowship I believe.

WHY WOULD GOD NOT HAVE A SPECIAL FEMALE MOTHER GOD COMPANION?  How is it the idea of God having a helpmate ***word helpmate no longer in KJVB in Genesis (Genessis had three S’s) where it was*** is SO EVIL to us?  He said “I have made man in my image” right?  Oh sure religion has corrupted every female deity calling them ALL Satan.  Along with crystals (that by the way are held in high regard according to scripture) and many other sinless deeds deemed evil by religion.  I even heard one pasture pray against essential oils…are you kidding me?   Oils so highly valued in scripture with anointings (ANNOINTING ALWAYS HAD TWO N’S not anymore) and healings and on and on was oil held in such value that it was Frankincense & Myrrh (really?  since when is “h” at the end of ANY word the “h” was after the M I think!! Yikes the changes are annoying I can’t put the letters together correctly it seems) the wise men took to Jesus at the time of His birth into humanity.  COME ON CHURCH QUIT WITH THE BRAINWASHING.  TIME TO SEE THE BEAST IN ITS TRUE LIGHT.


Christians everywhere are dreaming of the wedding supper, the apocalypse, the end days signs and wonders, they see the star of bethlehem shining red white and blue at least 7 days out of the month, they are being activated and changes spiritually, The Holy Place has been desecrated by the changes in the KJVB, people are amazed at the new clouds, signs in the sky all around, Visions, Dreams, wars, insanity in the political arena and on and on go the end times prophecy fulfillments.  Israel is surrounded by armies and they have no government.  The U.S. dollar is going to crash and is crashing.  Russia’s largest oil company is no longer trading in U.S.  currency. This factoid is HUGE in regard to the dollar.  And they are not the first.  Trump is trying desperately to prop up the dollar by attacking those who are trading in their own currency.  He is desperately taking armies a grabbing other countries oil reserves to force them into the US. dollar petro dollar as they call it.  Venezuela was trading in their own money, Iran was trading in their own money THESE ARE THE COUNTRIES THE U.S. ATTACKS AND WHY.   ALL the wars are about MONEY.  They are rarely truly about crimes against humanity as the U.S. propagandists like to present on CNN.


We are in end times.  My dream of the wedding supper of the lamb is another confirmation of this.

Dreams and visions of the people confirm end days.  Signs in the sky announce it (strange clouds, new star of Bethlehem red, clear, & blue, green dancing to and fro) Politicians and Youtube Christians are feeling it and proclaim it.  While the goats deny it.  Sleeping believers are tired of waiting and no longer look for it, my mother is one of these who used to watch but grew weary of watching.  She doesn’t even want to hear the topic of end times she feel betrayed by the waiting period she has endured.

What else?  Have you seen the KJVB changes?  How about the Mandela (Mandella) effect?  Have you seen the many many changes in our reality or do you just think your memory is corrupt/don’t pay attention to such supernatural notions of signs and wonders?  Do you have the techtronic eye (God forbid) where you are being downloaded with false memories and hence think nothing has changed?  Have you seen the changes in the movies?  Forest Gump now says “my mama used to say, life WAS like a box of chocolates” (apparently not anymore) Forest used to say “my mama used to say life is like a box of chocolates”.

Turn OFF your WIFI ROUTER at night by unplugging router so YOU CAN dispel EMF, and REMEMBER YOUR DREAMS AND NOT allow the emf frequencies that are in the range of the water molecules of your body INTERRUPT YOUR DREAM SLEEP CYCLE.  5g frequencies are in the range of the oxygen molecule.  Wake up to the beast system and protect yourself.

5g Safety for Pregnant Women, Adults, and Children



Understanding EMF


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