Want to buy a cheap reflective bed canopy to block wifi, cell tower, and router radiation?  See bottom of article

I Give you a Secret and the benefit of my Research

Don’t be fooled by silver fabric pricing that sells by the foot.  Silver fabric goes for approximately $60 a yard (3 feet $20 a foot).  The fabric I use to reflect emf is sold by the yard which means you get three times more for the price.  Plus Joann fabric always has 40%-60% off coupons available.  Be sure to use a coupon.

I don’t have fancy numbers to tell you except this.  I have no cell signal in my house since I made simple metallic confetti dot curtains.   ZERO.   The fabric also totally blocked my router radiation (wifi) with two layers of confetti dot.

Firstly since I have metal roof and siding it was my windows that had to be blocked.  I didn’t want to do aluminum foil and block out all sun.  I am a seamstress. I simply used a meter, a router, and tested all my metallic fabrics that I use to make stripper outfits here. I made curtains out of the reflective metallic/nylon confetti dot from Joann fabric and it finished off blocking my home.  I didn’t have to use any tape or velcro but you may need to.

Slits allow signals through.  Whereas little holes do not.  That is why metal screen works great for building faraday cages.  However it’s expensive and requires a carpenter.   I bought a, well two different meters and one app to measure both microwaves, cell signal, and lower frequency emf from phone and router.  I discovered that my 3g lte signal from Samsung Gal. Six is putting out high quantities of radiation millimeter radiation (microwaves) way past the 5.00 safe microwave exposure.  As I have said, the cell tower is the gun and your phone are the bullets.  Keep the phone away from your body and eyes as much as possible.  You uptake vitamin D through your eyes.  Don’t allow blue beams to be shot into your brain through your eyes as well.  Buy some yellow lense glasses to change the beam and protect yourself.  Wear them at night when driving to protect against LED headlights.

SAFE LEVELS OF microwaves in MILLIWATTS 5.00 (Some professional EMF techs say 1.00 mW2 is safe limit)
A Federal standard (21 CFR 1030.10) limits the amount of microwaves that can leak from an oven throughout its lifetime to 5 milliwatts (mW) of microwave radiation per square centimeter at approximately 2 inches from the oven surface. This limit is far below the level known to harm people.

I recommend a canopy over your bed made with two layers of confetti dot metallic/nylon with reflective facing OUT not in. Do NOT take your cell inside your safe zone or your will have a faraday cage with a signal and radiation that possibly cannot escape, bouncing around. Do not use your phone in your car, it is metal ad signal very likely will bounce back and forth through your brain. Two layers is what I used to totally block my wifi router signal testing it with my emf protection meter.

What you need to be safe

Smart phone app to test cell signal in depth that you want OUT of your healing place of dreams and meditation safe sleep zone.

Microwave leakage tester to test cell phone and microwave.

And a lower frequency emf meter to test routers, computers, phones, cordless phones, electric, magnetic, fields from circuit breakers and other high watt appliances and household electrical system mis-wirings that can cause very strong fields you want to avoid like the plague.  And certainly you do not want to have beds by these fields.

There are four types of radiation emf. Magnetic, electric, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity.  You can buy one meter with multiple settings to test the different field types but I found it cheaper to do it with various meters.

Reflective Confetti Dot Fabric for your canopy/curtains/wallpaper/and anything else you want to reflect away emf radiation signals.

Remember use the reflective side toward whatever you want to reflect.  One side of confetti dot fabric by the yard.

If you want someone to sew curtains or canopy for you….I can do so.

Below are the prices of emf shielding from other company.

Also a photo of a canopy so you get the idea of how it would look (I don’t have photos yet of actual C.D. fabric canopy but will soon.

Click photo to enlarge in new window
How to purchase your own CONFETTI DOT (C.D.) fabric canopy (available here in 3 weeks)

As soon as I create my own canopy in the next month or so I can get photos and create a Paypal checkout for clients also to purchase.  If you are in a hurry for a canopy, prices will range from $200 to $450 not in the $1,000’s like silver fabric canopies cost as seen above.   $200 or more for emf safe reflective bed canopies made with the costume fabric confetti dot.  If this secret gets out, that this fabric reflects emf you can expect prices to rise horribly.  Get the canopy while the fabric manufacturers are still clueless to the emf insight.  The C.D. canopy’s I make will reflect router, wifi signals, and even cell tower radiation guaranteed.

However, I will need to get the actual numbers for dBm and asu rssi these are signal strength codes to confirm that the signal drops under the canopy so you can see that from the phone app and I will also use the meter to prove radiation reflection and deflection with the canopy.

I apologize for not having checkouts ready yet but I have more work to do, give it about 3 weeks and check back here.

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