Princess Diana the goddess to the Slaves

The Goddess of The Slaves

and deprogramming from the beast system.


I can hear the elite at their long table in the dim light talking now among themselves as they plan the fate of the nations and its people.

The controllers, the Beast System, those who run things, the head of all heads, king makers if you will sit in decision.  The controllers are taught from birth that if they don’t run the world and do certain inhumane things to depopulate the world will fall and all will be lost.   Poisoning EVERYTHING is their favorite depop. agenda it seems.  Along with the occasional disaster downplayed in the media of course.   (DECODE-MEDIA= AM DIE)

At least that’s the theory and consensus among those who are awake. Apparently these controllers are more brainwashed than the slaves just, in a different way.  Basically the way I get to know the controllers is by watching and knowing well the system they have put in place and by following the guidance of The Holy Spirit of God. The controllers are brutal, diabolical and merciful.

Think movie “Gladiator” “Maximus the merciful” MAXIMUS THE MERCIFUL the hoards of slaves cry aloud!  Acts of mercy are toyed with among the elites no doubt.


My guess is there are woman in very high places who protect us as much as they can.  II have a vision….of a woman who prays in secret.  She knows the power of the controllers she is one of them. Yet she is not..unfortunately they will have her head in time.   That is when the Antichrist of prophecy finally takes control he will know, he will smell the prayer on her.

You could call her “The Restrainer” (used to be in KJVB changed to “he who lets” 2 Thess. 2 ridiculous change!) as she argues with the other elites about the inhumane treatment of the slaves.  Yes I am certain there are those….however the restrainer will be removed.


The slaves are taught that they are garbage.  They must be demoralized to upload the new mask programs.

Us slaves must deprogram from the beast system but that won’t happen until we recognize the beast as it is.

I wonder, are there any humans out there who are not programmed by first demoralization, and by TV, education, generational status quos passed down, need to be Kool, and the most effective, fear of what people think of us?

You may say “what do those things have to do with mind control?”  My answer: Everything.


But that’s another article.  The controllers define you in many ways and if your in denial of that you must locate your blinding emotional survival skills, write them down and ask God to remove them.  All the blinding knee jerk survival skills are embedded in you from an early age.  This is why it usually takes a spiritual experience to wake up to reality and also it takes emotional tools to continue in self truth.  My and .net sites deal much with recovery from addiction but that also supplies recovery from the beast system IF you do not become a 12 step zombie drone.


Anyway, for some reason the elite want us worshiping their gods rather than the One True God.  I have recently realized my emotional dependency on the image of the beast that is the TV.  Well it sucks but rather than quitting it all together I have switched to seek out real people on you tube to watch. Unfortunately that genre is fading fast. Soon there will be NO TRUTH from REAL PEOPLE available except the TRUTH to draw you into the big lie.  When you watch the beast image at night on SIN-dicated TV your subject to spells, MKultra, brainwashing, and demoralization tactics.

Seems the agendas of the elite are to keep us in the dark on spiritual matter because that is where the true power is and they, some of them, know it.  As a matter of fact they got to where they are today by supernatural means, I believe.

So why Princess Di? Is the really dead?  She may be dead.  She may be on a beach somewhere drinking the proverbial Pinia’ Colada.  Nevertheless the stars that rise to fame are for our viewing please to worship them.  Don’t do it!  NEVER look at these people as real, they are not!  They are just actors, one and all actors.

NO, NO say it isn’t so!  Screams the slave.  My husband hates it when I point out the fakeness of his idles.  He is completely unaware of his idle worship.  Yet he watches stuff like the family of stars long black hair I forget their names….famous bla bla bla sexy and so on.

Decode "hard ass kids"-Kardashians and

Shikhara, a Sanskrit word translating literally to "mountain peak", refers to the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture of North India, and also often used in Jain temples. A shikhara over the garbhagriha chamber where the presiding deity is enshrined is the most prominent and visible part of a Hindu temple of North India. In South India, the equivalent term is vimana; unlike the shikhara, this refers to the whole building, including the sanctum beneath. In the south, shikhara is a term for the top stage of the vimana only, which is usually a dome capped with a finial; this article is concerned with the northern form. The southern vimana is not to be confused with the elaborate gateway-towers of south Indian temples, called gopuram, which are often taller and more prominent features in large temples

Those who are not self aware cannot worship God in Truth.  Its impossible for them…..because they are wearing a mask and do no know that they are a program not themselves.

People if you are going to watch the beast guard your heart from both the lies, the fake prayers, and the IDOLS that they present to you as gods.  Worship NOT any of their gods like Princess Dianna the goddess of the slaves.

Sidenote:  She may be a man.  Or a eunuch as they used to create in the ancient slave days of Old Testament Bible.  But that is a whole other topic eh?

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