The Deterrents (detourants) to Finding Your Holy Grail Scroll

All things work together for the good to those who Love God.

The Holy Grail is one’s spiritual purpose in life.  Not just your calling because God grants several callings during human life.  But rather once the prodigal son comes home he can walk in the will of God continually.  Finding purpose in each day.  And spiritual fulfillment is attained.  When the man gets toward the end of his mortal road God will likely show him his coming immortal pathway.  And even show him his next calling after mortality puts on immortality and the corrupt puts on incorruption.

From those who came to Earth to help the lost and blind humans.  We came to Earth ignorant of the lessons we had to learn.  We came to try to prompt men to save their souls by seeking out The Savior. Being subject, now, to the same rules as Earth dwellers we barely got our own souls saved  in the process.  Even for reincarnated lighted beings being on Earth is risky, due to the treachery and lethal traps of this current Earth & system of deception.  We are the Children of God Almighty.  Here is what we learned by following our own hearts.

The forgetting of self-All are born ignorant but are given a heart and spirit guides by which we can be taught. If we learn to practice the meditation that will quiet our minds.  By meditation if we clear away all emotional wreckage of the past we can then hear our spirit guides and learn.  Prior to this we must follow our heart.  And always.  The heart is the guide to God’s Way.  The beast system loses much of its power over the slaves when they become aware of it’s methods of control.  But the heart that is in dark spiritual bondage needs more than knowledge to be set free.  Deliverance by God who sent Jesus is often needed.

“Those who the Son of God set free, are free indeed.”

The Deadly Plots that can either help or hinder our progress are many.  Emotional condition.   Mankind must learn to know his own emotional processes.  Both functional and dysfunctional.  By this he can know others also.

Plagues-Deadly plagues are set in place to kill the humans before they can learn who and why they are.  All plagues are man made.  Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, auto immune diseases, birth defects etc. are to name a few.

Image of the Beast-TV & Phone.  These tools of demons are both demoralizing & distracting.  Furthermore they play one of the largest parts in programming the human minds of mankind.  Programming is set to “the kool”.  The “kool” propaganda project is one of the most controlling deviant manipulations ever devised by the Dark Lord.  Does not everyone want to be seen as “kool”? Therefore the parrot syndrome is engaged.

The purpose of most image of the beast manipulation is to [follow the pack] and to keep men blind to their Holy Grail spiritual purpose on Earth.

When appearing “kool” is the primary goal of a man vanity is in charge.  Not the heart.

SCHOOL-The mental and emotional indoctrination of lies in humans while young is called “education”.  Using the good (learning to read & write) to instill the bad.  (Parrot behavior) They say “be different, different is good”.  While they program you with their controlling idea that different is BAD.  Weird, strange, crazy, unkool.   And be assured they will supply you with the definition and picture of what “different” looks like on the image of the beast tv/phone.

Ultimately their “different” is quite common.


The mothers send most children to the slave camps so they cannot teach their children to add/subtract/read (the good).  While programming them with primary behaviors.  By raising the price of living.  People must share bills or they won’t have a roof over their heads.

The elite need us to have the ability to read, write & add to ensue more programming.  This system of initially demoralizing and then institutionalizing humans is insidious.  And most often its results to the mind and emotional condition cannot be undone.   Humans are programmed for addiction to whatever vice they choose as a false escape from bondage.

If humans have any loyalty at all it will be to the principles these two entities TV & phone project.  Humans are unaware of their programs.  What’s worse they have buried their own hears under a pile of vanity & false pride.  Vanity dictates their lives.  They would deny this if confronted with it.  This is how the TVs & phones are the image of the beast.

Parents are taught to hit children for demoralization at an early age.  “I deserve to be beaten by those I love most.” says the child’s heart.  I am bad & wrong.  They carry that the rest of their lives.

Then the grown woman wonders why she chose a violent husband.  “I beat you because I love you”. Says the beast and the spanking Dad.  As he violently spanks the small children the little girls.  Some follow their heart and do not beat their children in spite of their programming to do so.  This is a strong sign of independence & overcoming evil with good.

Money-As I mentioned the system of control is based in the need for the beast’s money.  Gaining independence of this is usually futile.  However, if taken piecemeal it can be accomplished with God’s help & a big garden.  However Jesus is returning to end the slavery of this system of control.

VICES-The beast prepares for the adult various “sins” for their consumption.  To allow the man or woman to feel freedom if only for a time.  However as vices go, they turn on the man and cause deadly consequences in the lives of the humans.  Addictions vary from drugs to pornography, to sex, to murder, to violent outrage and so on.  As long as the vice is ultimately deadly it is spread in mass.  And as the humans further their lives of sin the Dark Lord gains direct power from their debauchery.  Hence the state of the world now is growing worse day by day, as birth pains increase with time.  So too the dark demons of mankind multiply & gain strength by the sins they commit.

It is after all, humans who are responsible for multiplying dark spirits on Earth.  As each sin is committed initially a demon is released from it’s chains/pit.  Either internal or external free flying demons.  The internal demons seldom get full control or possession of the human.  Some can be expelled by resisting the sin, like lust, or gluttony, or sloth.  Others need expulsion if they are generational such as addiction.

SIDE NOTE-Being in the will of God is not a burden, or hard, difficult as Youtube Christians make it out to be.  Oh no, those who know the perils of vices and are delivered, also know that living with God is far better than living without God.  Being in God’s will is not something we do for Him.  It is always something HE DOES FOR US if we ask Him to.  If the man is desperate enough to let go of his vice he can pray then pray the courageous prayer for God’s holy Will to be done in his life, and mean it from his heart.

Detours & Distractions from finding God-All the above.

RELIGION IS LEGION-And they are many.  Each religion has a demon rule and teaches many many lies.  However,  each religion, for posterity sake is given ONE BIG SPIRITUALLY VALUABLE TRUTH to draw men in.  A Truth separate from Jesus & God Almighty.  Some valuable Truth you could call a doctrine.  For instance, The Jehovah’s Witnesses have their strong belief in the the coming New Earth.  “The New World” they call it.

Catholics have confession, which is by far one of the most healing things a man can do.  To confess one’s guilt and burdens of regret, shame, self reproach which are some of the seeds of self loathing, confession can set men free.  If combined with other Great Works of Faith.  Such as prayer, prayer for others,

Pentecostals have the prayer with laying on of hands.  Without this Truth nobody that I know of receives The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  Some Baptist churches and non-denominational churches also engage in this spiritual process of Faith.  A work of Faith which is vital to Spiritual growth.  And of course seeking The Holy Spirit in that way is demonized on TV’s Image of the beast.

Any church which engages in praise of God openly and has alter calls is a step ahead of the rest of the religions.  Because…God abides in the praises of His people. And confession happens at alter calls by the move of the heart, and Spirit.

To New Readers only-Churches are now preaching lies from the pulpit.  But not just lies.  Curses upon curses are spewed from The Dark Lord's bible.  As soon as God took the seal off of all bibles they began to magically change. Men's minds changing with them.  That is the Strong Delusion.  And I have never been able to show it to anyone that I know of.  However many other people see it.  Not just me.  However seeing through the strong delusion is confused by the Mandela effects.  Mandela effects and God's signs and wonders.  Strong delusion is deceptive signs and wonders.

Water Baptism is a great Truth that churches partake in.  However now with the supernatural bible desecrations done by magic to all bibles and covered by the strong delusion…churches are becoming worthless.  And worse.

The last three church services I attempted to sit through were dry, hollow,  and worse, some were filled with demonic confusion and lies.

“Come out from her (The Harlot Churches) and be separate.”

The confusion at one church was so strong when the children began to sing that I abruptly departed from the building.  Another one the preacher read script of The Dark Lord having “all power” as is now in the books.  And I stood up and proclaimed that only God Almighty has ALL POWER.  Ya read it, the lie is in 2nd Thessalonians 2:9.   Or is your book God, Perfect, Incapable of lying?  As Christians now proclaim, as the bible itself claims to be “The Word of God.” Jesus’ Title because Jesus brought to us God’s words sacred and pure.

Nature- Nature can be either deadly or life supporting.  Nature can be treacherous or giving.  It must be respected as our life giving source of sustenance.  The “source” of humans is nature & God.  But nature is not our Creator.  Our Creator is God The Father.  And He is the all powerful God of all things. He is the God of gods.  And only He sets gods on high.

Men want to be gods, but only God allows men to become gods.  After all isn’t becoming a god the ambition of every eternal Spirit?  Isn’t that what a superhero is?  A god?

What other ambition is there?  Do not all men want to be gods IF they believe in the supernatural God Almighty?  Are our great works of Faith in this life enough to bring us god-hood?  Perhaps.  We shall find out…or not.

After all “every good boy deserves a favor.”  Moody Blues







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