The Age of Grace is OVER

What does this mean that the age of grace is over?

We are in end days.  The strong delusion is upon the many.  If you are one who sees the Bible changes you are a rarity and must protect yourself.  If you see the blasphemous scripture changes that change “bread” to “meat” in most places biblically and has changed Truth to lies as scriptures promoting us to stay in our sin by “let him who is unjust be unjust still” and so on, if you see it means you have Loved Truth and kept your belt of Truth ON most of the time anyway.

Look at youtube you may see many Christians quoting changes scripture.  Their mouths appear black to Jazweeh as a sign that they have both deceived and therefore been deceived.

The end of Grace means these who are following the lie WILL NOT WAKE UP, they will not repent, they will not turn from their ways and be saved.  They will not be raptured or delivered.  All these occurrences come to us by Grace.  Grace is no longer available.

Is repentance available?  YES.    Especially for those who see, we can repent of our trespasses.  The blind and sleeping can still go through the script of repentance but it will not be heart level.    Those who see have already been taken through a deep purification process which included repenting for all their past sins at heart level.  They are under a cloud of protection and many of them are warriors in Christ.  Many are lambs with the gift of a Great Love unlike any that mankind can understand.

Those who are awake are either very Loving or very much warriors.   They wield gifts, they are filled with the Holy Spirit, and they have had several different ministries.  They have come out of great tribulation already not including what is to come upon the earth.  The Great tribulation they have already come out of has prepared them for the great tribulation when God will use them greatly.

The time at hand is to draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you.  He is teaching the chosen, the elect great truths at this time.

The sheep WILL have another chance to be delivered from lies.  See, they never realized that their heart sided with lies.  How does a heart side with a lie?  Satan is the father of lies.  When a man devises a lie to protect himself his heart sides with Satan.

For example if you have not gone through the self realization of knowing that you thought lying in certain cases where you felt threatened could protect you then you have either never sided with lies or never been given the self realization of fear and deception and your own defense patterns that are corrupt and fearful.

People lie because they think it will protect them from some thing that they fear.  Usually it’s fear of others being better than us, fear of losing something we have, or fear of losing a lover/or money.  Even fear of hurting someone or lies to protect someone.  These are still lies that cause our armor to drop.

Insecurity breeds deception.  We simply had to have that revelation to begin to see TRUTH as the great protector over the lie.  We had to have realized that Truth is the True protection in the spiritual realm.  Or as I said, there are some who never did feel that the lie protected them.  And of course there are those who lie to themselves.    I was not so righteous to always side with truth.  I was deceived into thinking the lie protected me.  But I was shown my patterns of lying and the “why” and fear behind that pattern.

All this self deception and lying to defend myself was shown to me by Grace.  You see?  How now can anyone see or wake up to their own deception patterns and the beast systems deception without Grace.  It is impossible.  Therefore the lost sheep will have to wait until the one day that they will have the opportunity of repentance by one day (one hour) of grace that will befall mankind just before the return of Jesus our Lord.

The poor sheep are under the strong delusion because they loved not the Truth literally.  Furthermore Jesus is Truth, Satan is the father of lies.  It is this fact that is the most common reason for the sheep to be blinded.

There is another way that we side with lies without realizing it, its seductive and cunning.  Fear!  We would oftentimes rather have a comfortable lie than a horrendous and scary Truth.  Fear derails our Love for Truth as we side with taking a more comfortable opinion over a scary yet true proposition when presented to us.  And in this example the Truth is always easily proven.  Even proven by our own heart’s voice if we were able to hear it.

So now you see why so many cannot see the Bible changes and other Mandela effects.

I do not have all the answers friend. I don’t know how far Loving Truth will take us.  I don’t know where the line is drawn between the knowledge of Love of Jesus and just plain Love for Truth…if Jesus is Truth then it would seem that Truth alone would be enough for salvation.  But I do not know.

Remember those who have lied have dropped the belt of truth protection armor and the breastplate always follows because it is of righteousness.  Lying is unrighteousness.  The helmet of the Hope of Salvation is a separate armor, that is why those who are blind still seek Jesus.  They still have the Hope of Salvation on their head thank God so they have not lost their knowledge of Jesus.  BUT, big “but”…now their heart is exposed, unprotected spiritually.

This is a very dangerous exposure to the dark side.  Now their heart is siding with false doctrine and false scripture.  Ekkkkk  We see and hear them on Youtube enjoying the read of precepts straight from hell.

The end of the age of Grace has ushered in and separately wholy the goats from the sheep, the wolves from the lions, and the serpents from the lambs.

Those who see now have knowledge of who they really are in Christ.  If you do not see the bible changes pray every day that ye not be deceived and never accuse those who see.

This article is not to judge the sheep.  It is to encourage those who see and it is for educational purposes along with emotional processing purposes.  We who see have alot to process and sometimes writing will be our only safe outlet.  USE IT it will work wonders for your emotional condition I promise.

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