What Does “Depart From Me Ye Workers of Iniquity, I Never Knew You” Mean Exactly?

Left Behind

Nobody wants to be left behind and cast away by The Most High God The Savior of Mankind, Redeemer, Author and Finisher of our Faith, and Creator of The Heavens and The Earth, NOBODY wants to be cast out.  Moreover most people don’t want to go to hell, some do.  Some trust in Satan and demons to give them authority in Hell and maybe he will.  Drink the Mirror.

Hell Sucks and is Real

“God Dwells in the praises of His people.”

Give thanks often especially when hard times hit.

Many people deny that the gospel is even true, that way they do not have to face the fear of being rejected by God in a world where rejection and abandonment flow.  They deny Jesus because He is associated with the Hell doctrine.  Unfortunately brothers and sisters, I have been to Hell and I have died.  When I did I was in bondage to drugs.  I overdosed on Heroin, I overdosed and died on Cocaine injections. I also went to Hell to fetch my grandfather from his self condemnation in purgatory by an out of body dream experience that was real.  Take it or leave it.  See the story here of overdose.

And see story here of Purgatory and Hell.

My testimony of death and hell is only one among many.

I Never Knew You

How do we get to “know” Jesus who we cannot see with our eyes?  EMF is invisible yet you have wifi, electricity is invisible yet the light comes on, God is invisible yet He is evident in nature, life, and Love.  God is Love.  Why don’t I preach repentance rather than relationship and the Love of God?  Because when a man seeks God by his heart in prayer diligently he will find God.  God and The Holy Spirit are the ones who will provoke repentance, Love draws men to Jesus,  Lift up the name of Jesus and it will draw men unto Him.


So given, that I say to those who preach repentance…go for it, but don’t tell my heart or spirit who it should be in Jesus or what my calling is.  Preaching repentance just fills people with guilt and denial.  Preaching The Love of Jesus draws men to Him.  Then Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit will convict them of sin they need to repent of.

Love Never Fails

Love is the greatest of Faith, Hope, and Love.  Love never ends.  Love never fails.  Love covers a multitude of sin, and Love is of God and God is Love.  If you leave out The Love of God in your ministry…well God is three things, He is Spirit, He is Love, and He is “I am that I am”.

God is Spirit NOT “a spirit”  “GOD IS SPIRIT” as the book used to say but now says He is “a spirit”.  Used to be there were only 3 scriptures that read or told us what “God Is”.  Now their are many, too many to go through right now.  Now God’s name is shown as “Jealous”, really?  God’s name is that of a character defect?  HELL NO!  That is a bible change, corrupt and an insult to God Himself.   Love IS NOT JEALOUS therefore how in the Holy name of God could Love be named “Jealous”?

I will tell you how, the author of confusion now controls the book and is rewriting it.  See EYA on you-tube while she is still there. Or Harbinger of the harvest, Truth Shock TV, Meegs, or search “supernatural bible changes, Mandela effect” and study the bible changes to the King James Version Bible.

Get to know Jesus by prayer from the Heart

Show God your whole heart, hide nothing.  Confess the truths you want no one to know especially Father because He knows anyway.  Gain self knowledge.  If a man cannot see himself in a True light how can He get real with God?  Work the 12 Steps in depth for self enlightenment.  Then process by writing, journaling and emotional processing in a healthy way all your core issues.  Get therapy from an empathic therapist.  Then when you know who and how you are including your patterns of emotional survival and your character flaw patterns you can approach the Father in Truth.  Pray all the way without ceasing.  Ask for the Holy Spirit.  Ask for gifts of The Spirit.  Ask for Love, Faith, and Hope.  Ask for Truth.


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