ALUMINUM to Poison the Slaves

Straight up Poisoning of Americans by Corporate America


Now I loath you as you loath humans.  Know this, one day I will meet you.  How do I know it?  Your fallen angels have deserted your leader.  He is alone. The fallen angels have returned to their mighty and Loving Creator God.  The saints will judge those who served the fallen.   The fallen had their purpose to separate the sheep from the goats.   The goats are now known to Father therefore the angels have done their job, their calling was hard and dark but someone had to do it.  Your number is up controller.  You cannot stop Jesus from His return.  You cannot kill Jesus or the Creator of Heavens and Earth.

Your pride is your fall controller.  And those you murdered and poisoned will be your judge.

Nevertheless I must repent and pray for you the very beast system that is killing millions of men women and children in a day.  Now I pray for you all the blessings of Heaven and Earth.  I pray God deliver you all from sin and murder.  I pray you be blessed with repentance and delivered from Hell and the Grave.

Do the controllers poison the masses by design or is it a bi-product of Greed?

Its not up to me to show you that every product in you home is poison.  Research it.  The information is on the internet but you may need to switch off of google to another search engine.


Those at the TOP know damn well whats going on.  If I was able to uncover the mass killings of the innocent you can bet that not only do they know it by its by design.  And they the controllers teach their children at an early age that we must die or we, we will be the ones who destroy the earth.

They will NOT quit their push of consumerism that destroys.

They will not stop producing worthless plastic products that are cluttering the earth with toxic pollution.

They will NOT stop putting poisons in drugs.

They will not stop putting poisons in food.

They will not stop putting poisons in packaging, on carpet, on furniture, on clothing, in every single product you EVER BUY FROM THE STORE they will not stop poisoning.


From birth your dumbed down with an aluminum shot they say is “vital K” BULLSHIT!

Next they poison you with vaccines full of every sick chemical toxin called “dangerous substance” that they can get away with telling you “this is good for you, you must have it”.

Next they urge you to use formula instead of breast milk.

Commercial and movies, and tv programs program your mind to be stupid their tactics and to be lulled to sleep by entertainment.

In school they do not educate what they do is DUMB YOU DOWN, they plant deep seeded fears in you as a child that prompts you by problem reaction solution to do what it is they want you to do.  Each generation has its own criteria depending on how they want you to think, feel, behave, react.

Fucking wake up !  They not only hate us they fear us greatly.  We are their slaves but now they want the great holocaust because they think they can control Artificial Intelligence much better so humans are being replaced by AI.

If they can make you depressed enough to just kill yourself at this point then GREAT, all the better for them.

All drugs are full of poisons.  Its hard to find food that’s clean.  They have educated the most important skill in life right out of us and stolen it from us.


They have slaughtered our farmers.

They have slaughtered our holistic doctors and pushed alopathic meds on humanity.

Once they invented the TV with its entertainment….that was it.

First they demoralize you into believing your “bad and wrong”.

Then they present characters from the TV that you can parrot emulate put on the mask, be fake, self edit, suppress your own heart, till your do not even know who you really are because you have worn a mask all your life.

FEW WILL EVER RECOGNIZE THAT THEY WEAR A MASK why?  Cognitive dissonance is so programmed into us along with the emotional survival skills of DENIAL that keep us sane.  Basically we have been lying to ourselves for so long as an emotional tool that between that and blame we are blind.  The mask is worn for humans just trying to fit in.  Just trying to be who people will like. Just trying to be someone who isn’t “bad and wrong”. All the while the human heart is broken at a very early age, the mask is worn to cover our truth, Not living in truth makes us very very sick emotionally.

We all need to deprogram from the beast part one and part two.

We trade comfort for truth and lies for a semblance of peace.  I must admit to you that what I see, if not for my faith, would keep me up at nights.  The human mind will not believe that which its incapable to process emotionally.  People scream because its a way to process shocking facts.

Because of what has come to pass and upon this country it should be screaming.

One of the most important programs they download you with is the program to hate and deny God.  They mock followers of Jesus so badly on mainstream entertainment that my child avoids faith at all costs.  She doesn’t want to be numbered with the idiots shown on those brainwashing programs on TV.

Take a look with what I just told you on how the portrayal of Christians is.  And for those who are Christian…they get shows like Greenleaf that has subtle status quo uptakes to show you just how a Christian can act in public and what you should believe.  Furthermore what sins you should pat yourself on the back for committing cause…they did it and it was accepted.


Really?  Prayer is the most powerful spiritual weapon we have use it!


Ask God to teach you to pray spiritual warfare prayers.

“My people perish and are destroyed all the day for lack of knowledge”.

Never a truer scripture….lack of knowledge.   You need to know how to protect yourself from the poisons and the wifi.

Grow your own food

Eat organic

Go vegetarian or Vegan or just stop eating red meat and pork by all means.

Learn to eat new grains

Change everything.

Learn how to hard wire your devices and stop bathing in wifi you can turn it OFF at the router’s system control page.  Login to router by default password and username depending on brand of router (NOT WIFI LOGIN) then turn off all the wifi 4 and 5ghz.  Use ethernet cables to attach to router from devices.

buy a emf and microwave leakage meter, make your home emf safe.

Throw the microwave in the garbage.


wear cotton clothing

SLEEP in cotton linens

do not put chemicals on your body like lotions, shampoos etc.

buy Dr. Bonners soap or make your own.  Peppermint is best.

Make your own body butter out of organic oils and essential oils.

Give thanks to God daily for everything.

Pray for the beast system that is trying to kill you.

Do not take alopathic meds.

Be aware of your surroundings do not live near high impact emf areas.

Don’t use chemical candles.

Don’t stand next to pump when fill tank.

Don’t breath fibers of clothing coming out of the dryer.

Don’t breath laundry soap.

Buy organic laundry soap.

Buy organic body soap etc.

DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ON YOUR SKIN THAT YOU COULDN’T EAT it goes straight to your bloodstream through your skin.

Do not use deodorant.

If you don’t know what poisons are in these products research and find out.

My people perish for lack of knowledge.





Aluminum Kills So why are the Controllers Putting it in EVERYTHING we use and Consume?

Why do they wish to hide it by fighting laws that show ingredients?

Why do they brainwash the masses of humans?

What do you do when you see that we are in a SILENT HOLOCAUST that is “unkool” and “negative” to point out because of “negativity brainwashing”.

Tell someone at the grocery store their cart is full of poisons and toxins and they need to rethink their grocery list….they will call you “negative, ungrateful, complainer (like my own physician labelled me) and an ingrate who should be thankful for that toxic food, pray over it and bow down to the controllers who have stolen farming from us seed and all and educated self sufficiency right out of us.

These truths are not popular.  Why GMO’s?   God made seed perfect.  Why poison?  WE DO NOT, WELL DID NOT NEED POISON TO GROW FOOD UNTIL THEY CORRUPTED EVERYTHING AROUND US.

Hmmm lets see Poison =Sick, Sick = $$$ to pay controllers Medicines=More Aluminum, More Aluminum =More $$$$ to big pharma & Medical Industry business for propfit.  Wake up!  They want you sick and dead at an early age.

If you don’t spend some time researching food and other toxic substances so you can avoid getting filled up with toxins then your f**ked. Murdered, Poisoned, Humans are made a commodity for slavery and profit.

Aluminium phosphide poisoning

Aluminum Phosphide tablets.

Acute aluminium phosphide poisoning (AAlPP) is a large, though under-reported, problem throughout the world, particularly in the Indian subcontinent. Aluminium phosphide (AlP), which is readily available as a fumigant for stored cereal grains, sold under various brand names such as QuickPhos and Celphos, is highly toxic, especially when consumed from a freshly opened container.[1][2] Death results from profound shock, myocarditis and multi-organ failure.[3] Aluminium phosphide has a fatal dose of between 0.15 and 0.5 grams (0.0053 and 0.0176 oz).[4] It has been reported to be the most common cause of suicidal death in North India.[5][6] Deaths have also been reported in Iran.[7] In January 2017, four children died at a trailer park in Amarillo, Texas, after the pesticide was used under the home to kill rats.[8] Several incidents of death in travelers in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia may have been caused by aluminum phosphide or chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate insecticide, used in an attempt to kill bedbugs in hotels.[9][10] Wired magazine reported on the problem in March 2014.[11] A short film in Arabic on Youtube that focused on the problem in Saudi Arabia had over 5 million hits as of early 2018.[12] The CDC has classified phosphine as immediately dangerous to life at 50 parts per million.[13] In a study from Saudi Arabia, poisoning was most common during fumigation of households.[14]

1 Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis
2 Mechanism of toxicity
3 Diagnosis
4 Management and outcome
5 Prognosis
6 References

Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis

After ingestion, toxic features usually develop within a few minutes. The major lethal consequence of aluminium phosphide ingestion is profound circulatory collapse, and is reportedly secondary to these toxins generated, which lead due to direct effects on cardiomyocytes,[15] fluid loss, and adrenal gland damage.[16] The signs and symptoms are non-specific, dose dependent and evolve with time passing. The dominant clinical feature is severe hypotension refractory to dopamine therapy.[17] Other features may include dizziness, fatigue, tightness in the chest, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, ataxia, numbness, paraesthesia, tremor, muscle weakness, diplopia and jaundice.[18][19][20][21] If severe inhalation occurs, the patient may develop acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), heart failure, arrhythmias, convulsion and coma. Late manifestation include liver and kidney toxicities.[18][19][20][21]

The diagnosis of AAlP usually depends on the clinical suspicion or history (self-report or by attendants). In some nations, tablets of AlP are also referred to as “rice tablets” and, if there is a history of rice tablet ingestion, then it should be treated differently from other types of rice tablets that are made up of herbal products.[22] For a silver nitrate test on gastric aspirate, diluted gastric content can be positive.[16]
Mechanism of toxicity

The toxicity of aluminium phosphide is attributed to the liberation of phosphine gas, a cytotoxic compound that causes free radical mediated injury, inhibits vital cellular enzymes and is directly corrosive to tissues. The following reaction releases phosphine when AlP reacts with water in the body:

AlP + 3 H2O → Al(OH)3 + PH3, and
AlP + 3 HCl → AlCl3 + PH3 (stomach)


Breath Test- Gastric lavage turns black in presence of silver nitrate in AAIPP. On contact with moisture Aluminum phosphide liberates Phosphine. In Aluminium phosphide poisoning garlic like odour is present at mouth and nostrils.
Management and outcome

The management of AAlPP remains purely supportive because no specific antidote exists.[23] Mortality rates approach 60%. Correction of metabolic acidosis is a cornerstone of treatment.[24] The role of magnesium sulfate as a potential therapy in AlP poisoning may decrease the likelihood of a fatal outcome, and has been described in many studies.[3][21] After ingestion, removal of unabsorbed poison from the gut (“gut decontamination”), especially if administered within 1–2 hours, can be effective. Potassium permanganate (1:10,000) gastric lavage can decompose the toxin. All patients of severe AlP poisoning require continuous invasive hemodynamic monitoring and early resuscitation with fluid and vasoactive agents.

The mortality rates from AAlPP vary from 40 to 80 percent.[25] The actual numbers of cases may be much larger, as less than five percent of those with AAlPP eventually reach a tertiary care center.[3] Since 1992, when aluminium phosphide became freely available in the market, it had, reportedly, overtaken all other forms of deliberate poisoning, such as organophosphorus and barbiturate poisoning, in North India.[26] In a 25-year-long study on 5,933 unnatural deaths in northwest India, aluminium phosphide poisoning was found to be the major cause of death among all cases of poisonings.[27]

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