End Times Signs and Wonders Are Coming to Pass Now

Below is a List of Why Jazweeh & I Believe We in Fact Are In End Times and Jesus is Coming Soon.

I watch my solar panels and the sun all year.  Before Thanksgiving 2019 the sun was setting around 7pm…Today 11-30-2019 its 4:30 and the sun is already in its position to set.  NO sun is on my panels like just 2 days ago would have been till 5:30 exposure with a 7pm sunset.  IF IT KEEPS GOING LIKE THIS WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE SUN SET AT NOON JUST LIKE THE PROPHECY SAYS.  NEVER have I seen a near 4:30 SUNSET.

Furthermore…since when can we see the ENTIRE MOON AS FULL WHILE ALSO SEEING THE CRESCENT MOON?  Now for the first several hours of the crescent moon you can visibly see with the naked eye the entire full moon behind the lighted crescent.

    1. The Security Seal on the Bible is Broken written of in The Book of Daniel.
    2. The Security Seal spoken of in Daniel is off the book.
    3. The precepts of the Bible now show God sending out deception all through it.
    4. The moon now appears as a smiley face every month for a couple days.  It has gone from a “C” to a smile.
    5. The Sun appears white
    6. The sun appears orange huge like a big planet as I have never seen it before.
    7. The Sun when it sets and rises has sped up.
    8. Geographical changes, South America has moved 300 miles to the East.
    9. There is a new star in the sky that is red white and blue and dances around.  Its the brightest star I have ever seen.  Binoculars help to see it dance.
    10. Mandela Effects are stacking up by the thousands.  And those are the ones we see, there are easily hundreds of thousands of supernatural changes to all sacred books and texts.

  1. There are supernatural changes in the corporate realms of companies across the board that don’t line up with our memories yet are shown in history.
  2. Spelling of words is corrupted.  MANY words have changed.
  3. The strong delusion is here and the dividing of time has occurred.  There are clearly two realities going on earth now.  This is associated with the separation of the goat’s and the sheep.
  4. The strong delusion has been dispatched because most Christians are blind to the changes in history and even the changes before them.
  5. Bible Changes (Jesus is The Word of God, He spoke it to us.  John 1 The Word became flesh, The Word was with God and The Word was God.  Not “The Bible was God.”)  
  6. The Word “HATE” occurs 87 times in the KJVB.  Yet “God is Love”  He send out The “Spirit of Truth” God The Father is not a hypocrite who teaches Truth and even the armor of God with the belt fo Truth and then turns and sends out massive deception shown all over the KJVB.
  7. Bible-There are hundreds of thousands of changes to the KJV and all bibles, just to mention a few-Jeremiah is now Jeremiah the Impaler.  Joshua has his own book. Harlot has turned to Whore, Love to Charity, The Lion to a wolf, and on and on.
  8. All the usual wars and rumors of wars have amped up. 
  9. Men are turning against one another and so in are happening like never before.
  10. The GMO army was revealed to the sheep and the world, by the Prime Minister of Syria.
  11. Cloning and DNA Tampering are Mainstream now.  Science has become a religion that people worship.
  12. It is now “As in the days of Noah” all these signs are being revealed to those who seek God while the majority of people see nothing and are not even looking.
  13. People prefer the lie. Christians do not want to see, they want their comfort and rebuke change preferring the lies in the bible over Truth and end times events.
  14. The Church “The Great Harlot” is revealed. 
  15. THE NEW JESUS HAS ARRIVED. Yeshua HaMashiach is the new name for God.
  16. The New Gospel is being preached.  They call it “Our gospel, the gospel of the apostles, the gospel of God” and other unfamiliar names.  It was the Gospel of Jesus The Christ, Savior of those who diligently seek Him with their heart.  The new gospel teaches anything goes, God deceives, lies, and Jesus is a Bishop and a Rabbi who says things like “if they do not agree with us slay them before me”. The new gospel in the book has trashed the basic Love/Truth/Repentance/Faith/Hope/Jesus is Lord- precepts of God.  The book and the Great Harlot have turned the simple life giving gospel into confusion.
  17. The True Gospel is Preached and has been preached in all the land. It is done.
  18. The prophecies about “the whole world looked on” are now possible due to internet.
  19. The prophecy about a one world government/money system is coming to pass.
  20. Mark of the beast is now possible due to RFID Chips can hold your information in them now.  You can now buy and sell with an implanted rfid chip in your right hand.
  21. By the same token a permanent tattoo that holds data which also could easily be the mark of the beast now exists.
  22. The prophecy about Jeruselem being surrounded by armies is passed.
  23. The prophecy Amos 8:11-13 is passed “there will be a famine of hearing and seeing and finding the words of God
  24. The Dead Sea has NEW Life now another prophecy fulfilled.
  25. The dividing of time also called “two times” has occurred, dividing meaning two realities existing at once has happened. How?  Those who see the changes to history and reality and those who do not see.
  26. The Spirit of God has been poured out upon ALL flesh as it is written.
  27. The Sheep are having prophetic dreams and posting them to YTube.  The sheep are giving prophecies.
  28. The Sheep are having prophetic visions.
  29. Israel has no government as of yet.  Some say that is an end times prophecy  (its unconfirmed and may be a bible change idk)
  30. Some who used to be deep intercessors laboring at prayer with burdens for souls of strangers, have now been activated to spiritual warfare LIKE NEVER BEFORE.  The broken lambs are now Lions.
  31. “Men shall fear that which is on high” Prophecy has come to pass that was in Ecclesiastes but now has changed.  It can be found in some translation(s). Men are made to fear the sun and slather poison sun block on their skin.  The sun block causes Cancer the very thing they want to avoid.
  32. The Entire World is in the UPSIDEDOWN.  The Beast System reins on the earth.  The TV pours out lies.  Mind control is in place.  5Ghz technology that is dangerously high non ionizing radiation and horrible mind control frequencies is blanketing our NATURAL Shuman’s Resonance of 8.3 hertz (keep in mind GHZ is 1,000 times stronger than hertz) earth.  2.4ghz is in the water molecule range of the human body and the 5ghz is in the range of the oxygen molecules of our bodies.  Clearly Satan is setting up his mass holocaust devices and surveillance tech is everywhere just about.
  33. All things are being revealed as prophesied.
  34. Flat Earth is revealed for those who look.
  35. The Beast System is revealed.

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