More Obvious Mandela Effect Bible Changes.

The term “cut off” is new in the KJVB.  Especially when referring to Jesus as HE WAS NEVER “CUT OFF”.  This is a blasphemous incursion of lies. Jesus went into the bowels of the Earth and took the keys to death and hell that we may have dominion over it.

Death is our servant when we are in Christ Jesus.  Furthermore terms like “Lo” are new, what is this the Vikings Bible?  No…seems all the “Ye’s” are turned to Lo’s.

John 3:16

“For God so Loved the world that He gave HIs Only Begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him SHALL, SHALL, SHALL NOT perish but has everlasting life. ”

Now what is the change to 3:16?  “SHOULD”.  Think about what that says with a change from SHALL to should.

That would say…ah dah, ya “they SHOULD not perish” but hey they just might.   WTF?  It takes our salvation from an absolute, to a “well maybe.”  The change to John 3:16 happened about the same time The Lord’s Prayer went from “tresspasses” to “debts”.  These changes happened sometime prior to 2006.  How do I know?  Because that’s when I wrote Paradise for the Hellbound a bible based book on change.  I started seeing many changes then but thought it was just my memory.  Furthermore the “Lion Lamb” scripture, Uhg!  I searched and searched for so many scriptures that were on my heart during the writing of my book.  I have always been a KJV only reader.  I had to switch to using other versions in Paradise for the Hellbound because otherwise the meaning on my heart would be lost with the changes.

Change from tresspasses to depts made a change from repentance toward God to dept toward the bankers.  So now we owe we owe so off to hell we go….NO.  We are not beholden to the bankers.  SCREW THAT.


“Wroth” is not even a word,  There is wrath, and there is rage, wroth seems to be a mix of them both.  So many words have changed spelling I can barely write a paragraph without mispelling 1/3 of it.  I constantly “add to dictionary” because of my aggravation toward the new spelling of words.  Sure spelling never was my high point but this is ridiculous.

Know this when your referring to a human proper English uses the “who” not “that, it”.  Meaning “The Lord who is our strength and our buckler will deliver us from all our enemies.  His Word will NOT return unto Him void”  So every time a KJV sentence says “They that were bla bla bla” It’s a change and should read “who”.

Furthermore God doesn’t send out EVIL or HATE every time you read God hating on something or creating evil IT’S A CHANGE.

All the “whore” words all over the Bible now;; CHANGE.  All the emoticons; CHANGE.  All the things that make you say WTF?  And sound more like Satanic precepts rather than those of Love CHANGES.

GOD IS LOVE.  He is pure, He does not HATE ANYTHING.  Nor does He wear a girdle and a bloody vesture.  The word “vesture” is new.  The name as being on His thigh, come on, NEW.    Yes He is The Word.  But the “thigh” thing is sexual innuendo.  You may as well throw the Bible in the trash in another year or two.  It will be unrecognizable in two years, I promise.

“God is creating a famine.  Not of food or drink but of His Words.  People will seek but will not find His words” Amos 8.   VERY SOON.

Jazweeh predicts about two years and the Bible will be a guide to Satanic fornication and a guide for the turning away from God’s Love PERIOD.  It will be used to destroy people not save them.

Again, the gladiator mentality is at hand.  People will scream for blood and punishment according to their new bibles.

The people who side with the Bible at that point will do so because their father is the father of lies.

The KJVB has SO MANY changes now it’s at about 50% B.S.

Also people it’s not going to get any better but rather in a couple years there will be SO MANY changes to this reality we will have to quit sharing the changes with others lest they seriously cart us off to the insane asylum.

Practice keeping changes to yourself for stealth reasons.  We are NOT sheep for the slaughter.  We do not go quietly into the gas chamber.  SCREW THAT.  Be a Lion of Judah and blast Satan and his demons into outer darkness and oblivion every day.

Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

Put on the whole armor of God.  See my articles on how to.

How to apply The Armor of God in our lives  

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