Rude Cursed Trains Cause Undo Noise Pollution

Article Written by Venomous gain inoculators. 


I submit to you by leading of The Holy Spirit and common god-sense that sounds in nature are both healing and relaxing.  And below is a link about studies that prove the theory.  I especially like the many loud beetle type creatures that send out frequencies in the morning at sunrise in Florida woods.

Ever notice the odd feeling of loneliness and even hopelessness when a LOUD-ASS train goes down the tracks 20 to even 50 miles away and you can hear their lonely tone.


The controllers will say its for safety but COME ON controllers, its over-kill and they have a reason for everything they do.  Announcing their benevolent motives in all debauchery is their M.O.   What they are doing is creating rancid noise pollution frequencies that affect humans unawares.  Their megahorn trains screams are just another techno-supernatural aspect of the beast system that brings hopelessness and waisted resources that could be used for good, as usual.

Pray against the demonic trains coming through your town. Just take a look at them when they pass by and you will see they are covered by demonic Satanic Gang Time Art Spell by Words.  The gangland artists often exault their ruling demon’s names and use words we do not recognize that are spell words to curse men and extol their power demons.  You can bet there is a dark witch or sorcerer behind every piece of art on these trains.  Please do not underestimate the supernatural power of The Holy Spirit…take back your city for righteousness one Holy command at a time.

People in cities need to connect with nature if they hope to have healthy balance.  Take off the shoes and walk in the dirt.  Lay in the dirt or grass of earth if your heart is palpitating to ground yourself to the natural frequency of nature.  Do it daily.  Don’t swim in chlorine poison.  Swim in natural sources.

Eat live food plants.  Make smoothies from live food.

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