How to Deprogram A Song from your Head. & Evil IS as Evil DOES.

For quick instructions on stop the song, skip to “cut to the chase” paragraph below.

The Prince of the Power of the Air sends out an Unholy Cargo straight to your Brain by Tech and Sorcery both.

“And ALL THE WORLD wondered after the beast.” (Revelation 13:3)  Look at this bizarre video

from the “Muslim Enlightened Ones” channel.  About halfway through the video the men’s heads are all bobbing in the heavy metal Satan worship fashion.  Now granted I cannot say for sure what is going on there however I can rightly divide.  The Holy Spirit does not generally take a room full of church members and control their bodies in this way.  The Holy Spirit deals individually case by case with what each man needs weather it be healing, deliverance, wisdom, faith, miracles, and so on.  Some people sings while others may be crying.  This is my experience with The Holy Spirit in churches during worship.

Have you seen the phone w/ants video? 

Watch video below if you want proof of brain control technology patents.

Same basic phenomena.  THAT united simultaneous body movement  is what these Muslims seem to be doing probably due to the toxic, strong WIFI signal from a room that probably holds in its small space over 200-300 smart phones all emitting the same signal into the brains of these human beings.  We are electric and respond to frequencies.  Its time we all became aware of damaging radiation and mind control that various frequencies emit.  Just because we ignore something doesn’t make it go away.  There is so much we can do to protect ourselves from 4g.

Since when does The Holy Spirit MAKE heads bob like heavy metal Satanic music does?

Song Stuck in my Head for Three Days and Nights

Since I sew for a living I do admit I watch TV but usually homemade videos because I do not want to be programmed by hi-tech TV quantum effects induced by “The Prince of the Power of the Air”.  I used to think songs repeating three days straight in my head were a message perhaps from God or my higher self, or my spirit guides and such.  (“Just men made perfect”).

That the repeating over and over song could be a positive message but nine times out of ten if I watch hi tech TV, the song is sending me a negative connotation like “I can’t fight” from the show Stranger Things sent by strobe technology (they even put a strobe warning before watching “Stranger Things.”, playing over and over and over in waking hours and in my sleep for three days, well WORDS HAVE POWER and spiritual warfare is battle and a fight that we are, will, have, and do WIN.

Given we are warriors of Jesus driven by The Holy Spirit if anything is repeating in our heads it had better be positive for us.  I knew the line “I can’t fight” from REO Speedwagon (AKA red wagon which an unholy cargo or shipment straight to our brains) over and over in my head was sent out by sorcerers and witches to invade the heads of those who wield The Sword of The Spirit and the words had to be snuffed out says Jazweeh.  BUT HOW?

How to Cast a Song Out of Your Head

For quick instructions on stop the song, skip to “cut to the chase” paragraph below.

I became disturbed by the presence of the words in my head “I can’t fight….this feeling bla bla bla” So I went outside to bath in the frequencies of the earth’s resonance field the Schumann Resonance.    I lay on the grass and feel the electronic artificial frequencies fade away.

Also I pictured the rainbow.  If the Beast can use strobe visuals and other color & light optics w/sound then so can I bath my brain in sound and light/color that will retard the artificial download and rebuke and annihilate it from my mind.

I give thanks over and over to Jesus.

STILL THE SONG REPEATED like a dirty restart button that just kept getting pushed.

I Resort Spiritual to Warfare

What is spiritual warfare Ms. Jazweeh?  I am not going to teach you what you already know.  You know to put on the whole armor of God.

I won’t teach you to quote scripture you already know or can look up easily.

What I will teach you are mysteries of God that I have worked very hard to attain.



“If you can BELIEVE”.   “FAITH MOVES MOUNTAINS”  You simply MUST learn to meditate to be more aware of what is happening in your brain.  You MUST learn to visualize if you want to crush random demonic prey.  Yes THEY are the prey and WE ARE THE PREDICTORS.  I didn’t want to fight!  I didn’t want to have an enemy at the gates of my mind.   Furthermore ITS TOO MUCH FRICKING WORK TO BE A TRUE WARRIOR OF GOD.  What else?….oh that stuff isn’t real.  Or how about “The Battle is The Lords”  REALLY?  But it US who are under attack will YOU DEFEND YOURSELF FINALLY OR NOT?

You might as well start seeing the demons materialize now because if you wait until the veil rips to LOOK and they come dashing through the tear materializing in physical form in our reality men’s hearts will fail for fear.  They are, ugly, scary, putrid, venomous, some giant, lighted, serpents, and all kinds of orbs, blobs, figures, plasma-looking, human like, figures of stick men and Gumby, cloaked beings in black, cloaked beings in beige, men in black w/ top hat and even whole walls of Satanic entities banded together to cause extreme havoc upon the innocent and the evil of the sons and daughters of men.

Did I just cross the line?  Sure we believe the new fake Bible but we don’t really act upon it in such ways.

Did NOT JESUS CAST OUT DEMONS?  Ya but…..welll, have you not been delivered a time or two like the rest of us Christian-ishes have?  Were you not oppressed by cigarette addiction?  Were you not brainwashed by the Beast system to believe NOT in God and that your inferior to all other humans.  Did you not suffer from extreme low self worth thanks to the beast system programming?

Dang right I did sister!   Then let me teach you sister, to FIGHT BACK!


YOU DO NOT NEED TO SAY “IN JESUS NAME” after every command you put forth.  WHAT?  WHY?  Because YOU ARE IN JESUS.  HE IS IN YOU….IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING.  You shall also do these things and GREATER than these miracles SHALL YOU DO.   You are as Jesus now… you can say it if you wish it surely can’t hurt demons hate the name Jesus but…I say move to the next level girl.

Its your faith that works miracles not the magic words so much.  Do you have faith in Jesus or do you have faith in grammar?   Letters?  Sentences?  I say when you battle your should be using the language of God and angels PERIOD.  So if you do not have the gift of tongues yet you simply MUST acquire it NOW.  Go to your nearest Holy Roller church where they have alter calls and the laying on of hands and they themselves pray in tongues and get your butt up to the alter for prayer at the end of the service.

This is how its done.  This is how you war against evil, by God’s Holy Words.  You need to war in tongues.

NOW Start a meditation regiment learn to meditate so you can CONTROL YOUR OWN MIND INSTEAD OF THE BEAST CONTROLLING IT FOR YOU!


This is going to sound weird and ridiculous but it works for me.

Picture Colors of the Rainbow

[Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Orange , Yellow]

Visualize these colors one by one.  Go to nature and find these colors in nature and look at them while singing a worship song.  Begin to praise Jesus meaningfully over and over keeping in mind things He has done for you.

Sometimes going in nature and finding each color in a flower or plant, or fruit while singing a praise song will stop the other demonic song from repeating.

Some people say they have and know their “Stop” term that stops all programs from running in their head.   It would be a word that is not in the dictionary.    But the “stop” word term often doesn’t work right away because of the wifi that starts your repeat song program  right back up and you then lose faith.  Nature and faith are not always instant be patient.  TURN OFF YOUR WIFI NOW BY UNPLUGING THE ROUTER or just hard wire all devices.


Forget the Pink you don’t need it.

Picture each one of the bars individually.  Visualize the red bar.  Now visualize a silver cord wrapping around the bar from end to end in a spiral fashion.  The cord has two ends, in your mind at each end of the color bar. Visualize taking each end of the silver cord and pulling, ripping them one to the right and one to the left to essentially straighten the cord like a clothes line over the color bar.  Your are destroying the song color bar.

By tightening the silver cord around the color bar you watch as the red color bar that holds in it the program of the Satanic song playing over and over in your mind is ripped, shredded, and crushed.  You have just pulled each end of the silver cord and put that program to death in RED.

Now take the (in visualization) round blob ball of broken red color program that you just crushed w/silver cord that rips and throw it into a strong box.  Shut the lid, clap your hands three times loudly and with authority.   Demons hate claps.  This casts the box into Hell WHERE IT CAME FROM.  Visualize the box with the red refuse in it being sucked down instantly to hell.  Now cover yourself with some kind of prayer/action that no demon below knows who sent the cast out box.  Make up your own protection prayer/mantra.

The repeating song in your head is both technology and witchcraft, sorcery.  This is why you must use the spirit to stop it.

NOW take the blue color bar (again visualization)  You MUST be able to picture this act in full in your mind, it takes practice.  This is why meditation is so important in spiritual warfare, visualization is KEY to your faith and your believing.

Faith or Mantra which is good?…..Both but Faith is the Root Power

The Lord’s Prayer….sacred and holy but if we say it over and over its a “mantra” isn’t it?  And everyone knows “mantra’s” are EVIL right?  WRONG The Lords Prayers Is not evil nor are Mantra’s evil.  Evil is as evil does.  RULE #1 EVIL IS AS EVIL DOES.  Not “evil is as the church label describes”.


If you have a jar of fresh crushed peanut butter and the church labels it “poison” does that mean the fresh crushed nuts grown organically in the wild are poison?   Well this is what the church has done to the POWER OF GOD IN US.  THE Church has put a label on it called “WITCHCRAFT, EVIL” and the whole country has swallowed it hook line and sinker.  Jazweeh has been called Satanic over and over by Christians.

King James himself feared the people why else put to death those with supernatural power like Jesus?  Call them sorcerers one and all and put them to DEATH.  Better yet lets add scripture saying “put the sorcerers and anyone with the gift of sight (don’t label it prophecy) label it “sight” and put them TO DEATH.  So the same act that is sight and prophecy is found evil by its label not by actually commiting true evil.

What is prophecy?  The gift of SIGHT.  What is turning water to wine? MAGIC.  What is taking a staff and turning it into a serpent?  MAGIC……WHAT IS an answered prayer?  Faith and Magic.  They have found a way to make that which is good and powerful EVIL.  Does not the witch who works spells of disdain and strife, murder and jealousy also speak in tongues?

Answer:  YES she does.

TONGUES:  Use it for evil or for good but its the SAME GIFT EITHER WAY.


Think of the sugar pill that a man takes and is cured of Cancer because the doctor tells him it will cure him.   Think of Jesus who said if we just believe we CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS.

Do not be scared to make the process your own by individuality.  Your mind may see things Jazweeh does not about how the repeated song can be extinguished.

Take every color bar purple, blue, red, orange, yellow and picture one prompt of the repeating song being in each bar.  As you rip the bars apart with the silver cord you extinguish one by one the prompts and programs of that demonic song.  You MUST do all five color bars.  And you MUST put the remains into a lock box and send it to hell.  The color of the lock box should be either white or brown, or the color of the color bar in some cases.  Please follow the leading of the Spirit.

The Church Has Stolen Christian Knowledge & Power

Jazweeh THIS SOUNDS LIKE MAGIC, white magic, or even black magic!  That’s the programming for you…..what do you think faith is if its not magic?  What is moving a mountain?  Did you not see Jesus put mud on the eyes of the blind man……Physical acts must be done in the mortal realm to help us create and believe for events to take place in the spiritual realm.  Had Jesus NOT put the mud on the man’s eyes the man would not have been able to visualize his healing.  Apostle Paul used prayer clothes to make the prayer tangible in the physical realm therefore easier to believe for the spiritual realm.

These tokens of faith in the physical are simply to strengthen our belief in the spiritual ream.  Therefore if you need to make a color bar representation of this process by having say shoe strings of each color tied together this will help your visualization process.  And the prop will help your faith process.

So it’s okay for Apostle Paul to hand out pieces of his shirt as props to faith but if we pass our pieces of rainbow colored shoe strings that’s witchcraft says the programmed mind of the faithless generation.

Is Magic Evil

WAKE UP!  Magic and Faith are the same thing.  Prayer is magic.  Faith is magic.  Magic is all around us if we can just believe.  Faith is all around us if we can just believe. ….semantics.  The evil sorcerer draws on the same unseen magic as the Christian prayer draws on….How can you say that?  Because Jesus drew on the same Magic when He turned the water to wine.

THE DIFFERENCE IS HOW YOU USE IT.  Just like the gun, the firearm can be used for evil or good so our faith can be used for evil or good.

“All things are of God”.   God has set down for us access to His world of magic.  It is up to us how we use it.  Isn’t speaking in tongues a form of magic?  Did you get the download?  How does a man suddenly speak and understand the language of angels?  Better yet WHY would God have us endowed with the angelic language if we were not meant to interact with them on some level?

You have an enemy

I have said too much.  I have said too much.  Get THIS IN YOU SPIRIT:  There is a beast that wants you dead.  That beast controls what the church teaches.  The church teaches that magic is evil unless its done under certain semantics that ties your hands and your faith.  Those semantics cripple the magic itself.   By God there IS power in the Name of Jesus.  I have been delivered and healed time and time again by the preacher or myself using The Name of Jesus.  But there is even more power when we are IN JESUS and take that authority as Jesus, when we are one with Jesus we don’t have to quote the mantra.  Authority replaces the mantra.

Bloody Vesture is the Anti Christ’s Favor not that of Jesus who is pure in Blue and white.

The Holy Place is Desecrated already.

Jesus is NO LONGER ON THE CROSS, NOR IS HE BLEEDING.  FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT INHERIT THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  THE VESTURE OF BLOOD IS A WORD SWITCH AND BIBLE CHANGE.  Its disgusting to think our Savior would be wearing some disgusting blood drenched coagulated stinking bloody “vesture” much less.  COME ON!  That picturesk is nothing short of Satanic.  If you don’t see the bible changes you need to ask God what it is you need to repent of.  Put your belt of Truth back on along with the rest of your armor and “be ye not deceived”.

Do the task of the silver cord and the lock box visualization for every one of the five color bars.  Then a new song will pop in your head giving you the verification that you just deprogrammed from the beast system of that repeated song.

This is the ONLY thing I have found that works to stop the demonic repeated & programmed song from ringing in my head day in day out.


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