Extermination of Humanity Well Under Way, Hidden Under “Save the Planet” Agenda

Please Share this video with all people you can.  Reasons not to believe massive chem-trailing is happening and been happening for over nine years:

How people rationalize away the chem-trails

  1. Don’t look up at the sky.
  2. The biggest reason is this, its just to damn scary to think we are being sprayed like roaches and its just easier all around to poke holes in the truth any way we can.  Especially by using the emotional survival skills  rational we are so good at.
  3. Don’t remember what real clouds look like
  4. Don’t know that contrails from planes are not sustainable and dissipate quickly un-like chem trails, geo-engineering, and the newest term “stratospheric aerosol injection”
  5. Don’t know that S.A.I is public record and hailed by science as “saving the planet against global warming”.
  6. Don’t know global warming is a hoax.
  7. Don’t know that the elite are ruled and obey by fallen angels who in turn for their worship and loyalty grant these elite unbelievable advantages and riches while deceiving them unto loss of their own soul.
  8. Don’t believe in the Book of Enoch and the truth it contains.
  9. Don’t understand why anyone would do such a thing because they live here too some assume.
  10. Do not understand the level of evil that exists our world now, and why God destroyed utterly family lines of Giants and other beings with corrupt DNA by the flood and with armies back in the days of Noah, and Lot.
  11. People have in the past based all their conclusions on the topic of chemtrails from the standpoint and reference foundation that dictates the reasoning that “everyone is like us pretty much, HUMANE”.  Think Again.
  12. Don’t believe in the supernatural.
  13. And finally. You have been asleep but God has woke you up to the red pill awakening.  You have much to learn grasshopper.

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