Dream Walkers Succubus, Incubus, Invade Our Dreams

Lucid Dreaming To Stop Dream Invaders


I doubt if the example of sigil has any spells over it.

Magic on Earth is Reigniting.  We have moved into the age of Aquarius where anything is possible.  Yes we had magic before but now it’s more accessible and more powerful than before.  Hence there are alot of Succubus and Incubus travelling the sleep realm.  (solutions below)

You are the one in powered to control your dreams.  Nightmares are often due to dream walkers who pay sorcerers for certain medallions or Sigil, magic symbol with elite spiritual Siphon symbols.  With the right enchantment they quote the spell and have power to delve & control the narrative of random sleeping dreamers.

Why Do Dream Walkers Invade Dreams?

Now is the Time to learn and practice Lucid Dreaming to Expel dream siphons.  THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS causing nightmares, seducing women, and controlling dreams of the innocent.  And for those who sleep and have both spiritual and emotional power, if they can get you to cross moral boundaries in your dreams they can capture the karma power attached to acts of sin.  Or steal emotional power.  (terror/fear/lust)  They accomplish this by help of two Dream Demons.

The karma of guilt/shame in dreams is somehow transfigured into power.  These dream walkers are human but they use two demons to do their bidding in the dreams.   Dark magic.  The sorcerers who supply the sigils and spells to allow them to invade sell their power at a very high price.  Very high.  Easily hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Magic Power/Energy From Emotion & Sin

For the run of the mill dream attacks these two particular demons aid the process of ‘power scoring’ in dreams.   Power scoring is stealing the innocent’s power (emotional or spiritual) to transmute into their own magic power.  Which they use for spells.  They siphon fear, terror, & lust, rage, wrath, & sin for more power stealing.

Magic is run by emotion.  They deplete their own magic by using it so they need your emotional power for dark magic.  Nature magic requires no such dark power.  They are ignorant of or choose to ignore the “reap/sow” negative karma they are drawing to their waking reality.  By thievery they steal power.  And so they will answer to God Almighty for that eventually.

The Simple Solutions To Dream Invaders

One solutions is the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Invoke His Name and cast out all the invaders by Faith in Jesus.  Do this casting out while in Lucid state if you can.

Second way is to go lucid.  And simply slaughter the invaders and demons with weapons of your choice while in the dream.  Meaning if your strong in Jesus you don’t need to quote His name (we surmise).  Since Jesus bestows to us His power.  Our own name is powerful.

“The things I do ye shall do and greater shall you do in my name.”  If Jesus and His Spirit are part of you, your always in His name.  By being in Jesus.

My Experience with Lucid Dreaming

I personally have to wake up first.  God Almighty will help us to wake up when needed.   Ask Him to teach you to overcome these dream invading people and spirits (while awake).   Go back into the dream & stay lucid.

It’s hard not to fall back asleep.  Go back in and slaughter the two demons who will likely appear as scenery people, rather than main characters.  Hollywood movie makers would call the demon characters “extras”.  They usually appear in dreams as innocent children.  Then slaughter the attacker or monsters or which ever characters are causing the fear or sin.  And slaughter also their friends/accomplices.

If for instance you have one bad guy attacking and he has a brother watching in the dream then there may be two dream invaders.  They piggy back for dream tokens.  Dream scoring is less expensive if two go together.

Few people just go lucid inside a dream.  That takes a real spiritual gift I think.

STOP HERE for those who are able to meditate with a peaceful quiet mind.

AA Sigil.

For Those Who Cannot Sit Still & Quiet Their Mind for Meditation the Following Deprogramming is Needed.


Meditation ongoing teaches mind control. And enables one to clear the emotional wreckage of the past.  How?  Start meditation practice with a mantra of The Lord’s Prayer in original form (trespasses not debts).  Once you learn to real your thoughts into one mantra after practice…childhood memories of trauma will surface eventually.  First you will process current emotional issues & fears, shame, guilt.  Process means writing, crying, screaming out all strong unresolved issues of the past present and future.


These emotional issues have stacked up in most people causing emotional and spiritual constipation.  Spiritual & emotional constipation is due to the inability to admit fear.  The repression of pain & hurt.  And the guilt and shame attached to wronging others.

Make a fear list.  Find your heart.  Write all fear/shame/guilt down on paper.  Do you want to be free?  THIS is the TRUTH that sets men free.  To know one’s own heart is rare because of programming.  Fear/shame programming is RAMPANT on TV image of the beast.

Because of the “I am bad and wrong” programming that we all are programmed with, we are brainwashed at the formation of our behaviors.   Few can ever admit fear.  Few can admit being hurt by others.  Few will own up to their own wronging of others.  Blame is the common threat to our own self awareness.  To really clear the wreckage of the past there is a helpful list of guidelines.  The 12 steps.  God must be included in the process that brings awareness.  Why?  Because, make no mistake we are all trained in denial. Few can see their own heart because of beast system programming.

MOST people who work the 12 steps in AA never really do the work thoroughly.  They do a shallow version of step work.  It will take more than one time for most people to get to their parental trauma.   “I had a great childhood with good parents”.  That statement is what most believe.  However our parents are programmed to abuse their children.   Mainly by physical punishment.  “I deserved to be hit as an innocent child by those I trust most”.  And emotional abuse ‘invalidation’   “you shouldn’t be afraid, you shouldn’t FEEL like that”.   These two common abuses strike at a child’s self worth.

Most of us bury the realization that our hearts were broken at youth.  And that what we feel and think is always bad and wrong.

Hence…..we then go to the image of the beast and pick out our mask.  Who shall we be so people will love us and call us right and good?  We lose authenticity and truth.  We no longer share our true heart.  We hide our identity to the point of forgetting who we really are.

FEAR IS NOT BAD.  Rather fear is part of the human condition and needs processed.


Once a person clears the wreckage of the past by working the12 steps (find anything your powerless over for Step One.)  He can then begin to train his mind to be respectful and quiet/calm.   Quiet calm mind helps for lucid dreaming.  Why?  Your mind will be grounded.  With thought controlled by you.  No longer will you criticize your self.

Guard over the way you speak to yourself.  By working the 12 steps you have identified the patterns of dysfunctional behavior and denial.  By working step four and five you have admitted the Truth out loud of when and where you harmed yourself and others to God and another human.   This human used in the fifth step should be empathic.  YOU DON’T WANT to do a 5th step with some judgmental prick who won’t admit their own patterns of dysfunction & harms done to others.

Yes it’s alot of work but well worth it.  We practice meditation to become who we really are.  And then we are set free.  However it helps to join the fellowship of AA if we can keep from being programmed into their brainwashing and parroting their agenda.  Ya.  That’s just another MASK.

Most who go to AA just trade their addict mask in for a recovery mask.  And it works for them.  But if they quit going to meeting they do relapse.  Why?  Cause they never worked the steps in TRUTH truly letting God guide their every step and memory.  It helps to have an empathic therapist to aid in reprogramming into yourself.  Saying things out loud like “I fear this. or “when he said that it hurt me” and so on.


You won’t change without becoming vulnerable.  But only to the empathic.  Ass holes and accusers will just drive you further into hiding. Not everyone is cut out for Truth that sets men free.

I could be wrong.  As with any spiritual insight things vary person to person and not all will always apply to the reader of course.  Thank you!



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