Most Humans Have not Reached “The Singularity”

The Majority of Humans who I know are far from being “Self-Aware”.   We simply MUST CRASH the Beast Programming that is in us.  The process of reprogramming takes YEARS.


“The truth shall set you free”  What Truth?  Self knowledge, knowledge of Jesus, and recognition of the Beast System at large.  Furthermore the belt of Truth that you wear as your armor and that fall off every time deception is engaged in.  The more lies we tell the further into self delusion we fall.

It is not what goes into the body that pollutes it, but rather what comes out of the mouth, that rolls off the tongue which pollutes the body and corrupts the soul.”  REPENT of all lies lest you never wake up.

How does one recognize those who are not self aware from those who are?  Primarily the unaware, sleeping humans are defensive 24/7 and will rarely if ever admit they are/were wrong.  They will become angry and defensive if you present facts contrary to their programming.  They have no concept of the patterns of defense and dysfunction that guide them through their daily interactions with other humans.

We as adults MUST see our shortcomings as patterns of behavior instead of a one time trespass.  If we can identify the patterns we can go further to see the intense fear behind the trespass.

Humans hail that computers may reach “the singularity” based on their own perceptions that they themselves ARE self aware and know what and who they are.

I Jazweeh attest to you the majority of humans in the United States live under self delusion along with the The Strong Delusion sent by God HImself and initially in the formative years are programmed against self awareness by the Beast System at large.  We are taught to demoralize one another in defense of our identity. Why & How?  Because those who believe in their heart of hearts that they are bad and wrong will defend all the day against anyone seeing that truth.  The “I am bad and wrong” (I.A.B.&.W) program IS initially LIE.  And we are inherently GOOD.   However like myself most go through the process of becoming the evil person they have been told OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER by passive aggressive media/status quos/TV and other abusive means (spankings) that they in face ARE.

Most humans defend themselves against their own singularity.  They defend against enlightenment, spirituality, Truth, and what is happening in the world around them.  By means of Predictive Programming and Trauma Mind Control that starts in the womb the masses are steered far away from the human singularity.

I have found that Christians are VERY MUCH similar emotionally to addicts in recovery.  I recommend that every Christian who wants to DeProgram from the beast system join a Christian 12 step group and work the steps.  Also beware of page 417 in the BB. And beware of the beast system programs of “I am bad and wrong” within 12 step programs.  There is a huge difference between a wrong action and being inherently wrong by labeling the human conditions like fear, hurt, and anger as being character defects.  We must process the wrongs we have done to others while realizing we were created good, blessed, and sovereign.  I apologize this difference is a very fine line and hard to identify in the beginning of reprogramming.  More will be revealed.  Pray at every turn that ye be not deceived.

In 12 step programs we have the rare opportunity to do deep self examination at the guidance of someone who should already be aware of who they are by working those same 12 steps guided by God, in Step three and men in meetings and working one on one.    Furthermore step eleven WILL  improve your God relationship.  Step 12 is you do it with sincerity WILL give you new and desperately needed confidence and self worth/esteem.

DISCLAIMER:  Most people who do work the 12 steps fall into the many falsities and deceptions that AA and NA wield.  Many of them never get Truthful enough to really see and emotionally process their hurts, pains, fears, and inner self loathing. However IF one is able to work the 12 steps without taking in all the lies of The underling subliminal Beast Program which that hides in the rooms of AA and other 12 step programs.   If you are guided by God you can very likely WAKE UP from the 12 step process.

Alternatively instead of actually becoming who we really are…a person will become JUST ANOTHER MASK PROGRAM such as, Mr. or Mrs. AA.  Being programmed into JUST ANOTHER STATUS QUO MASK that happens to be a healthier program than the self destruct program of addiction.

Those who have applied the MASK of AA are easily spotted.  They don’t speak in their own words.  They follow the text wording to a tee and quote the Big Book often, when communicating with other people instead of speaking from their heart.  They have become the MASK of AA instead of becoming themselves.  They have not gotten real and they may not be capable of addressing their inner fear, hurt, shame, etc and bemoaning their past to process it.  They just can’t go there.  They could NEVER admit being afraid of anything.  Why? The “chicken-shit, yellow belly” programming is just too thick in them.  It has blinded them to their own fear.  They do not know that fear is part of the human condition and that its okay to be afraid.  A fear list should be done often. (step four)

Why is it some NEED meetings the rest of their lives and others leave AA yet stay sober?  Some people get very honest and go very deep/get therapy along with their AA and realize WHY and HOW they became self destructive by self hate.  Others can NEVER ADMIT FEAR and therefore will never see their patterns of dysfunction much less the reasons of insecurity and the “I am bad and wrong” Beast system programming that has induced their self loathing.  MOst who are self aware never get past the programming their parents wielded in them.   Most in AA do not consider the programming of TV, School indoctrinations, and other brainwashing techniques they have endured all their lives from birth.  It took me over a year to get past the part my own father played in my self loathing.   If people get that far they are doing GREAT.  But their is another step in the wake up call that shows us EXACTLY WHY WE BECAME ADDICTS.

Jazweeh how is it you did not fall into the 12 step beast system program that says you are powerless over everything and if something is disturbing you its ALWAYS YOUR FAULT. If Hitler disturbs you SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU says AA programing Pg. 417 Big Book.

Page 417 is just one of the BIG LIES told in all 12 step programs.  It gives evil a free pass and puts every evil we see on our own head.  As if we ourselves are responsible for only seeing good things before us.  That concept in itself is BLINDING.  AA teaches that being “negative” is bad and if your unhappy something is WRONG with you.  AA teaches that our very emotions are BAD.  Meaning if I am ANGRY that means I am not working a “good program”.  Wile the Bible says


Anger and fear ARE PART OF THE HUMAN CONDITION yet in AA we are taught that these human traits are ….WAIT FOR IT…..BAD AND WRONG!  So AA just taught me that being human is inherently BAD AND WRONG…oh shit.   SO now what….I walk off seeing that I will NEVER BE A BELOVED CHILD OF GOD good and righteous and so I pick up a MASK program.  I walk around quoting the Big Book all day, never finding my own words and speaking from my heart.  I hide away ALL FEAR AND ANGER because I don’t  want others to see that I am bad and not really “recovered”.  The more fear and anger I hide the sicker I get.


So if we do work the program of AA to get REPROGRAMMED out of the Beast system, well they are sure to pull us into yet another self loathing self depravity type awareness that will make us MANAGEABLE to them.  IF WE ARE NOT WILL TO WEAR A MASK (usually unawares) they can’t control us.  if WE IDENTIFY THE MASK WE ARE WEARING WE CAN TAKE IT OFF.  We see the MASK by seeing our patterns of dysfunction and the fear behind them.


LOOK AT THE WAYS YOU HAVE BEEN PROGRAMMED TO BELIEVE THAT ANGER AND FEAR, HURT, ARE A SHAME AND BAD.  Think of the words for FEAR that you learned at a very early age.  This is by design.

BOTTOM LINE: IF THEY CAN KEEP YOU PROGRAMMED WITH THE “I.A.B.&.W” THEY CAN KEEP YOU CONTROLLED by your inclination to become someone else who is GOOD.

What does that mean?  People who believe in their heart that they ARE BAD & WRONG will always look for a way to become good and fix themselves.  The very Beast who programmed you with the “I.A.B.&.W”

Furthermore:  CHILDREN WHO ARE PROGRAMMED WITH THE I.A.B.&.W are broken hearted and traumatized.  These children will usually fall into deep self delusion of self due to the trauma.  These children will become one of the MASK programs spewed out by the Beast system, ripe for the taking.  The processes I am showing you are mostly subliminal and few will ever realize them.  However once we SEE that we believed we were bad and wrong from the beginning we can see other programming they are hitting us with by great repetition in pictures and words EVERYWHERE.


Do the 12 steps in writing in depth with great truth and courage.  Admit fear and express it in a healthy way like writing. Ask God to remove the dysfunctional fear.  Pray that ye be not deceived DAILY.

Begin an autobiography.  Just start writing and express emotions for the things that hurt.  Write “F. You letters” to those who have abused you.  The F. YOU letter is for your benefit.  You never send the F. You letter.  It is for you to express to that person that which you were afraid to say.  At some point well after you have learned to process out your deepest pains THEN you can confront with truth any abuser whom you need to confront to tell them “you hurt me deeply”.  This is part of the healing process.  It took me seven years of emotional pre-processing  to do this with my dad.  You MUST develop fear awareness and fear expression outlets like writing, prayer, sharing in an empathic group.  You must develop outlets for anger and processing it instead of passive aggressive sarcasm and attacks of defense mode.

I am talking about changing everything they have subliminally programmed you with the tendency to REPRESS your humanity.

Get a partner who is an empathic listener who will hear all your fifth step offences. (best you don’t use a husband or wife type) Use someone who will RELATE to you NOT SHUT YOU DOWN.  Someone who can hear your fifth step as outlined in the AA Big Book who will care and say “yes I have felt and done that too, you are like me, you are a human being and that is not just okay but it is GOOD.”

Get therapy with an empathic therapist who will listen while you go ALL THE WAY BACK THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE CHILDHOOD touching on the memories that stick out and have emotions attached to them.  You must CRY, SCREAM, MOAN, and make guttural sounds that come from DEEP within you of the hurts, shame’s, angers, guilt, and so on that you NEVER ADDRESSED OR LOOKED AT.

Why guttural sounds?  That is INSANE?  NO Guttural sounds is one I learned in therapy.  SOME PAIN IS TO INTENSE TO PROCESS BY TEARS ALONE.  You must MOAN and make whatever sound is needed to express the life-time of abuse YOU HAVE ENDURED by the beast system.

By these actions you CAN become who you really are.  You can become the person who they told you “is bad and wrong” BUT WAS GOOD.  If you learn to be who you are and follow your own heart’s leading you can move mountains.  Anxiety will cease.  Stress will lessen by far.  Panic attacks will be a thing of the past and you will have reached THE SINGULARITY.


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