Grace Vs Faith or Once Saved Always Saved Debate & Conclusion

This is a thread in a YT post sorry for the hint of aggravation.  I had to address the war of O.S.A.S against Saved by Grace Alone Doctrine.

First its FAITH in God that Saves NOT GRACE. though Grace is an ingredient of forgiveness of sins.

If I accept grace for myself by which by the way without faith no one can please God…..we are saved by FAITH. Faith in God/Jesus. What is Grace? Unmerited favor.

God Loves us so by His Grace & Love we are forgiven and saved through our FAITH in Him. Each man is given a measure of FAITH. But what about works? By my FAITH I am inspired to works, WORKS are good and done from a giving heart. Mankind is not the judge of my works. Without Grace which is part of forgiveness no man would be saved. So, what then is the purpose to drill into everyone around me that God’s Grace is somehow limited? Or that Faith isn’t enough? Faith is Next to Love and Hope the greatest of gifts of all spiritual gifts.

Why bash Grace? Why limit Faith? To bash Grace is to tie a noose around my own salvation. That’s right, if I mock Grace by which forgiveness of sins and salvation through faith comes I mock God’s plan of salvation. In a cup of Love and Faith I hope in Jesus. My faith is peppered with God’s grace because without the forgiveness of sin no one is saved. So again I ask Why mock Grace when I myself need it so badly? Answer: For condemnation sake of course so I can point my finger at you.

Why finger point? Because (as I was before allowing myself God’s Grace) my own heart condemned me henceforth so as an emotional survival skill and knee jerk reaction, I condemned others (in error). The popular reason to tell people they are not saved is an emotional offensive of the dysfunctional variety.  Because fear tells me hypothetically that I myself am not saved.  So I armor up with defense, do a few works, and point the finger at everyone else.  I lie to myself instead of asking God to take the fear and confessing my great fear of not being worthy to Him.

People at peace in faith living by faith don’t rail on others to judge their salvation as if they were God almighty. We MUST learn our own heart, this is the quest of every man to learn our dysfunction patterns and why we wield them. Until we know our own heart we cannot come to God in Truth. Men also condemn others out of pure meanness and hate to hurt them because they hurt.

Love is an act of kindness toward people not a feeling. If you believe you are saved by faith as it is written who am I to judge your heart of faith? I am not equipped to judge your heart because my own heart is not pure or all knowing. Under the law I can criticize and condemn your behavior as a sinner and tell you “your going to hell” “your not saved” . Let me get out my measuring stick a show you exactly what I think YOU should be doing so I can decide that your are saved or not.

Law law law works works works you better do this and that as a matter of fact you better do what I say then you will be saved. Faith oh that….not enough (sarcasm) (dare I mock God’s Faith plan of salvation,and limit His Grace dare I?). This works doctrine that mocks God’s Grace and His Faith is a platform by which I can now control you with FEAR. Who needs the beast system when we have so many advocates of the beast screaming “do this do that” works works works, your going to hell I say!. Again….if I condemn you for not doing the works that I require of you, and I mock and belittle God’s Grace forgiveness and plan of salvation through FAITH, then it is to my own detriment. Know it.

When I point the finger at you there are four fingers pointing back at me. No one is perfect in their heart of action so by works gospel we are all screwed or controlled. THIS IS RUDIMENTARY PEOPLE.

Yes Works but not by your order my works come from my heart not yours. Do not be thrown back into bondage by a works doctrine of controlism that lacks LOVE GRACE AND FAITH. YES WORKS BUT I DECIDE WHAT WORKS I DO NOT YOU. And finally breathren, have ye come so far in and by The Holy Spirit of God to believe you will be perfected by flesh of works? Have ye come so far and been led by The Spirit that now ye believe you shall be perfected by flesh? For works are of the flesh and carnal. True children of God worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Time to grow up kids time to grow up the time is short.


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