Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens!

To the Gentiles and Israel the Children of God

The New Earth is coming.  God’s promises are not empty promises.  We have suffered the agonizing prophecies.  Now we hold on to Faith & to Hope for the good parts to manifest.

What is done in the Spirit WILL manifest in the carnal world.  The task of the Spirit has announced Jesus’ return for nearly seven years.  There are around seven months left in the timeline.  We Hope that now we can enter into Jesus’ rest for a while.  Before the good parts of prophecy are fulfilled.


“The mortal must put on immortality, the corrupt incorruption”!  The kingdom of God is coming.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.  We will be changed.  Both Gentiles and Israel alike.  (Israel the people not Israel a jew religion/legion.  Not bearded men who worship a wall and don’t allow their women to take part in their ceremonies of traditions of men.

“God looks upon the heart”.  Not geolocation.  He doesn’t choose His chosen by google maps.   Nor does He choose men because of the religion they profess and practice.  And especially Jesus does not make His army of faithful warriors up of unbelievers who deny Him by legion.

IF NOT YOU THEN WHO?  Not all Christians actually know Jesus.  And even fewer believe in miracles.  Jesus is about miracles. He has been on this Earth for years healing and delivering His children.  Working with us and teaching us His Way.  He will bring us to our home.  The meek shall inherit the Earth.


The meditation of the morning has shown Jazweeh that the betrayal of the one 144 has taken place.

All of the law had to be fulfilled by the 144.  That means most of the stories Jesus told have already come to pass in the lives of the 144.  One trouble at a time.  One blessing at a time.  We don’t know off the top of our heads which stories Jesus is playing out in real time in us.  Israel the people.  But we do know most of them are fulfilled.  Except the best parts that is.

This morning we saw one of the 144 set to betray Jesus by a sword in the Spirit.  How?  The Judas was schooled by Satan when being tested by the worst cleansing spiritual event we have experienced to date.  (besides the prodigal walk of course which was horrifying and treacherous.)

So during our pain, illness, and anger at God the temptation came to “curse God and die.”  As the wife of Job allegedly said.  But we think perhaps she just said “curse God” without the die part.

Nevertheless being angry at God is not a betrayal especially when we are transparent with Him.  He must know our limitations as humans.  This is a walk of Faith.  What the 144 are doing can only be accomplished by FAITH.  That means we must be in human form for great works of Faith to occur in The Spirit realm.

Judas was supposed to betray Jesus by finally accepting his prize of power from Jesus along with all the 144 this morning.  But Jesus never gave him the prize of power.  He knew Judas’ plan.  But it still has to play out.  It is written.

Then when empowered with the prize of power Judas was to take his sword of the Spirit.  A sword issued by Jesus our Savior.   And use it on Jesus The Immortal Deity of God.  We thought the sword only worked on dark entities. But perhaps the prize of power would change that.

We don’t have all the answers.  This vision is very disturbing for all the 144 as we can see our fallen brother’s hateful visions.  The pain was too much for Judas.  He didn’t just get angry at God.  He chose Satan who promised Him no more pain and suffering immediately.  No more travail, no more waiting at the door, no more burdens of the Spirit, no more painful lessons of purification.  if Judas knew that it was the last test he may have chose God ultimately.  All the tests are for our own good.  We grow in Spirit by them but some of the troubles have been gut wrenching and heart wrenching leaving us “worn out” for a time.  As prophesied.

We were one with Judas.  But not anymore.

These are mysteries which few will be able to process as truth.  Why?  Because working in the Spirit is done by Faith and with Faith there is doubt in the flesh.   Where there is flesh there is always doubt.  We build on Hope and Faith by insisting to ourselves the Truth of our visions in the Spirit.

Our prayers of the Spirit are confirmation to us.  As is God’s words.  We have mockers just as the Gentiles have mockers.


The 144 are the ones who see the signs which are miracles.  The angels, the spinning moon, the changing sun the signs and wonder (mandela effects), the deceptive signs and wonders (the bible changes supernatural) The sign of Jonah is for the Gentiles but we see it as well of course.

Does the “not pass away” scripture refer also to the Gentiles who see His coming?  Even though they can’t see the miraculous signs?  We don’t know.  My first interpretation is that Jesus was talking to those who see all the signs and wonders.  And are not under the power of the towers of babble which have encompassed men’s minds.  But we could be wrong.

We shall not pass away or ascend, and we shall not suffer the second death until the good parts of prophecy come to pass before us.  This means the 144 will see the good parts of the prophecy come to pass while still here on the fallen Earth.  And while still human.

And the Gentiles shall have their paradise as well.  This is sure.

We pray God that Jacob’s troubles are finally done!  They have been gut wrenching with travail and burdens.  Burdens in Spirit which we thought were far passed and finished.  Birthing the end of days child is our pain to bare.  But we do have Jesus and the Gentiles every prayer helps us achieve our victory.

Pray for the 144 we are in this together.  Pray for the people called Israel in Spirit for we are in this together.

And we have the Gentile Watchmen.  Thank God for them.  The sign of Jonah are the Watchmen the many Watchmen on the wall!  Our most blessed sign of all is from those whom we judged harshly.  And they us.


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