The Halls of Amenti and the Gold Coin Key

Children there is a place where the dead await judgement.  You will not be sent to that place if Jesus is you Savior.  Why?  Those who stand in the halls of death sometimes called the halls of Amenti have no keys.  The Luciferions believe they are given a gold coin and that by it Thoth himself led the way for them all to overcame the halls of Amenti.  Thoth is their Jesus type.

Some believe they too get the gold coin that they will then give to the man on the barge with the long stick that stirs the water.  The man with the crocodile head.  The barge is not for the halls of Amenti.  The man on the barge is associated with “Oh Father turn me and I shall be turned”.  When on earth we hit a bottom spiritually and have no recourse except to cry to God.  When we are in our sin and can not change we realize we are absolutely powerless over our flesh & sin without some help from our Father/Jesus.

This event of desperation can happen before or after our born again experience.  It can happen before or after being baptized with The Comforter.  I can attest to you that I was in deep sin while The Holy Spirit indwelt me.  The Holy Spirit WILL NOT abandon you because of Sin.  Yes “grieve not The Holy Spirit of God”.  Without the prodigal son experience we do not learn the depth of God’s Grace and His Love for us furthermore we are much more judgmental if we do not walk as a prodigal to learn.

So “Turn me and I shall be turned” occurs in the spiritual realms where the barge huge and heavy is turned by a man with a long stick in the water as he turns the direction of men’s lives.  Its a parallel, as above so below.  What happens on Earth also happens in the spiritual realm in a spiritual way. So the man on the barge has no use for coins.  And there is no captain who takes gold coins in the halls of Amenti.  I pray no one be deceived by the lies the elite tell their children.  Jesus is the only one who can give us the keys to death and hell, period!

Why do the elite want eternal life so bad?  The same reason’s any man wants eternal life.  Satan has deceived powerful men by telling them they can use a gold coin for their own salvation.  I do not know how they think they receive this coin but you can bet its through sins against mankind.  I have seen Thoth blind and standing in the hall of the forgetting.  He will be judged for his rebellion against God.  Poor Thoth, dressed for the barge with pointed hat shaped like a boat in green sacred velvet have I seen him pacing the halls of Amenti which are the halls of the dead.  He cries to escape the halls when his memory returns for just a moment and then as a man shuffling by a shot of Thorazine in a mental hospital he shuffles on with the rest of them.

Bob Dylan “Ring them Bells”

The lines are long (Amenti)….and the fighting is strong(perpetual war), and they’re breaking down the distance between right and wrong(as prophesied)…ring them bells for the blind and the deaf, ring them bells, for all of us who are lead, ring them bells, for the chosen few, who will judge the many when the game is through.(do you not know breathren that God’s chosen shall judge the nations?)  Ring them bells, for the time that flies, for the child that cries when their innocence dies.  Ring them bells ya heather for the city that sleeps(Christians who claim they are awake are on the most part under the strong delusion following a corrupt book instead of Jesus and calling that book “The Word of God” while they deny John 1 The True Word of God is Jesus).  Ring them from the sanctuary for the lilies that weep.  For their deep and there wide and world’s on its side….and time is running sideways but nourishment for the bride.