The Three Baptisms- Fire, Water, Spirit

Why is the Number of Man 666?

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Just because the book of Revelation references the antichrist having the number of 666?  NO!

I am here to inform all who read that we all have the 666 branded on us until the divine presence of God in us is activated by prayer, meditation, seeking God with our whole heart.  To have the divine presence activated is a step toward being born again and taking in the three baptisms.

33% Body(flesh) + Soul (eternal soul) 33% = 66.6% Holy Spirit  99.9999999%  Man after he receives by his choices the three baptisms of spiritual birth.  Spirit, Fire, Water.

The baptism of water is an act of obedience to The Divine Presence of God.  It is symbolic of being cleansed spiritually.  Water is revered in most all religions.  But it is Christianity that notes baptism as a requirement.

By hearing God’s sacred words that Jesus gave us recorded in the books we can begin our born again experience.  The magic words that awaken the hearts of God’s children.

Some words fall on fallow ground, others on dry ground, and some on fertile ground.  The seeds either grow in the heart of men or they don’t.  That is the difference.  Goats do not produce the fruit of The Holy Spirit.

Now that we are in end times, the words from God are quickly fading away from Earth.  Except in the hearts of God’s children.  Why?  Because the end is here and His words have rolled up to Heaven as a scroll.  The time of salvation is nearing an end.  I saw the scroll in a vision.  Now the pure words are in the hearts of God’s children only.  Except a few skewed scriptures that a left to soon be further changed leaving the bibles desolate.  And the goats feed on the words of the Wolf who is rewriting all bibles.

While the bibles lie desecrated soon to be desolate of Spiritual helps.  Not many people see the abomination of desolation called the desecration of the Holy place.  The only “holy place” on Earth besides God in us was the Holy Bible.

For now the Christians who don’t see the desecration just paste holy ideals upon corrupt words by strong delusion.  But God said He would remove His words from Earth in the end of days.  Amos 8:11 &12  He is showing all of the Jesus prophesies to us now.

Take comfort, for God will likely remove His Holy Spirit from Earth soon.  If you do not have it you could run to the nearest God led, Pentecostal church to get prayer at the alter call.  With the laying on of hands.

The Baptism of Water

Many people claim they have The Holy Spirit Baptism.  It is not for me to judge men’s hearts.  I do not know anybody’s heart.  Barely know my own.  The Holy Spirit came upon me much differently.  It was the greatest event I have every experienced.  And rightly so.  But for those Christians on YouTube they share their Holy Spirit Baptism as being a non-event.  A silent occurrence.  Something of happenstance, an automatic infilling that they never felt.  An event that was a non-event.

After I spent about a year seeking God in the Bible I began to change spiritually.  This was back in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s.  How did it change me?  First I changed morally.  I was no longer sexually spreading myself thin persay.  Then I quit dancing at the strip club.  I got married twice…both mistakes.  But my third marriage was the sickest relationship yet.

I was urged by the Spirit in me to be baptized in water not long after I was changed morally.  My husband was perplexed at my suggestion of quitting dancing.  The work by which I supported us both.  That marriage lasted 3 years.  My first marriage lasted about 3 months.  Make no mistake the whole person change is a process that takes years.

I became the clay in God’s hands but not without a prodigal walk of relapse into drug addiction and lies.  What a mess.  The prodigal son never stops believing in His Father .  It himself whom the prodigal son doesn’t believe in.  Self loathing is one of the maladies of the prodigal son of God.

The Baptism of Fire

Life itself would pull us away from belief in God if are not holding onto Him diligently.  We must hold God in our heart first and powerfully.  Our heart knows God is real and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Sin & guilt, shame & remorse, must not pull us away from God.  Truth is needed to face God with every trial of fire that we face.  If we hide our heart from God our heart will suffer for it.  But when we tell God the Truth He cleanses us from all and any unrighteousness.

So it’s not about not sinning near as much as its about being transparent toward God Almighty.  And so we walk through the trials of fire relying on God.  Never ever being reluctant to pray to Him.  In all things give thanks.  Repent if you need to.  If you feel guilt repent.  If you are ashamed before God tell Him.  Show God your whole heart in spite of fear.  God is merciful.  Even when our own heart condemns us He is all Loving and shows Grace and mercy to His children.

The Baptism Fire

After enough bondage to sin the misery becomes too much.  There is only one answer to the chains of sin.  Not everyone is bound by sin.  Some people can put it down for a time and use their sin moderately.  Those who are born again are Satan’s victims.  They go full bore into the world of debauchery and only God Himself can bring them out.  These born again prodigal sons have a boatload of guilt, shame, remorse, & conscience.  While those who are goats…have no remorse.  Nor are they in bondage.  For them sin is a way of life which they enjoy.  The idea of repentance is ridiculous to them.  They will rationalize every harm done to others, every lie, every murder every ill motive.  That is the difference and that is why the sheep appear as goats and the goats appear as sheep.

And so the prodigal son begins to seek His Father diligently.  He needs and wants deliverance from the bondage of sin.

“Why oh why” says apostle Paul, “do I do that which I do not want?  Every time I desire to do good sin (evil) is right there with me.  And I end up inevitably doing the things I wish I didn’t”

Paul was torn in two.  Just as the born again Prodigal is torn in two.  If you have not experienced this bondage to sin perhaps you were not targeted by Satan.  It doesn’t necessarily mean salvation is not yours.

He who sinneth much loveth much. (By gratitude for God’s great forgiveness we learn Grace & Love.)

So the Prodigal son runs from Pentecostal Church to Church in hope that God will deliver him from the bondage of sin.  And God does.  Just like the story in the bible the welcoming Father prepares a feast of goodness for his son.  The second son resents it.  We must not covet even Our Father though it is tempting for some.  Why?  Why did God allow the bondage?  Why did He allow Satan in our lives?

When the Prodigal son is delivered from bondage he then realized first hand The Love of God and God’s great mercy and Grace toward him.  It’s a lesson that only comes by pain and heartache.  It’s a spiritual lesson.

I walked into a church seeking God.  I sat in the bleachers of the make shift church that was also a barn for animal.  I said hello to a woman and she said “Hi, my name if Grace”.  On that day God showed me what Grace is and my deliverance from bondage was on the way.

The Holy Spirit Baptism

I was married.  I went to a church alone however because my husband was nothing like me.  I married a mask who was on his best behavior.  Just as most people do.  We don’t know anybody until we are around them for years on end.  And even then with the programming of the mask its very hard to know anyone’s heart.  All people are hiding from us and from themselves.   Most people do not know their own heart.  Only those who become the clay in God’s hands become Truth & transparent.

I went to a little Baptist Church that I was drawn to spiritually for years before I finally took the initiative to attend the church on Sunday morning.  The preacher was sweet.  A woman at the door, a greeter touched my chest on the way out after the service.  And she said to me “come to the evening service tonight at 7pm, God has something for you”.

She knew, she knew.  I spend a full year with that woman Sister Dorothy Petty was her name.  Widow of a preacher.  She had The Holy Spirit and believed in all the gifts of The Spirit.

At the evening service I have my testimony of being born again and changing morally for the better.  But still that was not enough.  I needed more from God.

In The Mighty Name of Jesus The Holy Spirit Came

They asked if they could pray for me and I said “yes”.

They told me to raise my hands and praise Jesus by name and I did.

They gathered around me.  Some praying in strange dialects.  Not baby languages like you may hear some dee dee dee da da da ga ga ga.  No!  This was a dialect of real languages being spoken over me with the laying on of hands.  I feared because I began to heat up, and sweet.  I felt something strong coming onto me.  Then in my fear…I felt my the spirit of my favorite Grandmother whoosh through me magically.  It was if she was right there in front of me.  I knew her spirit very well and had felt it all my young life.

Key-In Jesus Name

God brought in my Great Grandmother to let me know what was happening to me was a good and wholesome event.  I felt rivers of living water flow through me as Love.  Oceans of Love.  If you could make the purest Love an Ocean and then pour that through a human body THAT is what I felt.  I felt God Himself.  I felt The Holy Spirit and I was forever CHANGED from that moment on.

On the way home I sang a new song in a language I didn’t have to learn.  It was just in me.  From then on my life was better.  I had some set backs.  I was still human.  God makes no one perfect nor does He EVER take from us free will.  I sinned again.  I made mistakes.  But that year God gave me a rash of out of body dreams of the end times.

I had no idea that I would be alive to see The return of Jesus.

The End of The Age

Four End Times Out of Body Dreams



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