What’s Coming in the End of Days?

We Know Something is Coming…but what?

I could be wrong but this is what I am getting about the future.______The Sympathetic Dreamer.  It’s all prophesied in the sacred books way before I saw it in visions.

Not all shall sleep but we shall ALL BE CHANGED.”

Death & the Apocalypse by fire

The Lake of Fire (eternal death)

The Rapture of the chosen few (new bodies to seed Earth)

The imprisonment of the evil who survive underground (by Holy Angels)

The 1,000 years of sleep & or the seeding of the New Earth

The meek & the Saved shall sleep for 1,000 years

The few chosen shall seed the New Earth

Judgement after 1,000 years of sleep.


Jesus Arrives in 2024 but not in the way that people think.  All will go to their appointed places.  This will be the rescue of mankind and the destruction of the enemies of God.  Those who don’t respect God and The Earth shall be dealt with at judgement.  Grace will be applied to those who cried by repentance.

After the 1,000 years & after judgement the meek shall settle into their new homes on the Earth a living paradise–no death, no tears, no sickness.  The knowledge of evil will be GONE.  

Only the Guardians of Earth will retain their memories and the sacred tree of the knowledge of good and evil remain in their hearts.  They protect the New Earth so never again will it be abused by greedy men.

Today, Scribes and Seers do not always have 100% confidence in that which they hear or see from God.  But generally they are pretty sure. Plus God gives very clear confirmations automatically.  We who see the future don’t have to ask God The Father for confirmations.

All men have both angels and spirit guides.  However if one does not open the third eye into the realm of the spirit how then will he hear his God given guides.

And of course Christian preachers teach that it’s evil to hear from a guide. And that God Himself speaks directly or none at all.   Church teachers their are only 5 type spiritual beings.  Angels, demons, God Himself, Jesus, Holy Spirit.   I say pish posh to the theory that there are only 5 spirit beings.  Already they have omitted the Mother God whom I have seen myself at the Great and coming Spiritual Regalia a coronation of sorts for the 144/133. 133 = Those who go before the throne of God.

The New Earth is Coming

What Will Happen First?  Why Are We Here?

We are all alive to choose our eternal homes.  What are the options?

Hell for those who enjoy wickedness.  Hell is for idolaters who worship other gods such as bible worship for instance.  Especially now is it an idol because of the supernatural changes to all books.  The bible is now vile, vulgar, hateful, sinister, being re written by the author of confusion, father of lies.  What?  Most cannot remember what the Holy Bible said.  Unless God’s words were written upon one’s heart in Truth & in Love it doesn’t matter HOW RELIGIOUS YOU ARE you will not remember what the Bible used to say.

Satan the angel said this to Eve in the garden.

“Eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and ye shall be as gods knowing both good and evil.”

Why would The Creator keep the knowledge of evil from mankind?  You guessed it!  So they will not devise and carry out evil plots.

The perplexing truth of what is happening to surrounding mankind is this–THEY ARE LOSING THE KNOWLEDGE OF EVIL.  The sacred tree is absolutely being withdrawn from most of those who proclaim themselves as Christians.

Not all shall sleep but we shall ALL BE CHANGED.”  Only those who seed the New Earth will be aware of what evil is.  The supernatural bible changes & the Mandela effects are two different animals.  Why?  Because above all God is protecting the chosen few.  Evil men have tried to identify the 144 for years on end.  By true prophesies powerful & evil men know the 144 will be supernatural guardians of the New Earth and that those guardians will play a part in the demise of a remnant of evil & powerful dark men who ruled over the masses for far too long.  The 144 have retained memory while the rest of mankind is slipping into a false reality.  How?  The locust from the pit has their ass.  Really the locust has their mind to be exact.  The memories of the Christians match & follow the supernatural changes to the bibles.  They see vile and vulgar scripture with evil implications as if it were holy.

IT’S VERY HARD FOR THE FEW TO WATCH PEOPLE fall so deeply into deceptions about their own history and lies about what was and what is.   However EACH MAN MAKES HIS OWN CHOICES.   These changes to reality are a process.  Its not happening all at once.

So to see the Mandela effects doesn’t mean one is chosen or few.  Some Christians see a number of bible changes (such as the Lion lies with the wolf) yet in the next breath they quote openly a vile and dark scripture that has no place in God’s precepts of Love.  They do not recognize evil if it’s written in the bible.  Is it because they worship the book?  Maybe. maybe.


But I thinks they cannot be trusted any longer with the knowledge of evil.  They were given the knowledge of evil so they could choose their eternal home of either dark or light.  It’s that simple.  We all must choose our eternal Home.

Protected by Jesus proclaiming Christians will go into stasis paradise.  An illusion of paradise while their body and spirit sleep on for 1,000 years.  Their paradise includes whatever their own personal life experience dictates as very very good times.  These Christians are burdened down by the disgusting locust who steers their perceptions of past, present, and possible future.  They don’t know what is vile because the creature has corrupted them.  They have the mark of the beast and await judgement.  They prefer the lie over Truth.  Still they are under protection of Jesus so God will judge them after the thousand years.

Once the 1,000 years of Earth’s renewal is finished these Christians will come out of stasis to be judged.


God Himself chooses who shall populate the New Earth.  God Loves His meek children.  The 144 are warriors they are not meek.  Except they despise bullies and one of their traits is that they stand for the meek even risking their own lives.  The 144 have proven their heart to God.  They are natural protectors in a time when no power was given to protect the meek.  Who are the meek?  They are a mix of people who are not labelled.  Only God knows who they are.  “Help others, do not harm” is the creed of the meek.

Balance Here is Where the Christians Miss the Boat by misunderstanding.

BALANCE is needed.   Balance of good and of evil has been out of wack for a long time.

Many Will Die and God to their Eternal Homes being either Heaven or Hell.  Or Annihilation of the soul in the Lake of Fire.

Many also will go to the lake of fire that destroys souls.  God made a template call “goats”.  These goats have been fitted for destruction from the very beginning.  They were given and soul and had the same opportunities as the sheep, lambs, lions, wolves, serpents did.  But goats follow whatever trend is popular.  Goats have no will to seek God and they do not seek Satan.  They have no god.  They have no heart to help others.  They will go to the lake of fire where their soul is annihilated eternally.  It shall be as if they never were born.   Again we have sheep, Lions, Lambs, goats, wolves, serpents.

“I wish that ye were either hot or cold but since ye are luke warm I spew you out of my mouth.”

They would have been better off standing for evil with heart, at least then they could rule in Hell.  Goat’s are the chaff of the wheat and chaff. (changed from chaff to tares whatever the hell a “tare” is).  Wolves & serpents shall rule in Hell.

What happens to sheep?

I had a vision of church service in Hell.  Those who worship their bibles and those who worship religion will likely serve religion in Hell.  Only God knows for sure.  Clearly serpents shall rein in Hell.  However their is a ruler of Hell who all must answer to.  And he is one scary mo fo– no doubt.  God rule all of Earth.

“Jesus took the keys to death and Hell”

I surmise many sheep will worship religion in Hell if they are wickedly harmful to the innocent.  God judges hearts.  We need Jesus to change and to become the clay in God’s hands.

All the Earth is God’s.  The ruler of Hell is appointed by God.  The depiction of Hell in the series “Lucifer” is more accurate than people’s church Sunday school perceptions of Hell being all eternal punishment and violent suffering.  I have seen hell.  The lower down the worse it gets.  I did not have to look at the lower levels.  Purgatory is at the top level.  There is a strong black door that spirit beings can walk through to come and to go.

If we are in Jesus we also have the keys.  Jesus provides all things to His children that He experienced.  We too have a change to ride the donkey into the places of supernatural realms.  The donkey is a parallel, it is the key to other realms.  You cannot see the first & second Heavens without riding the donkey one time.  Once you ride the Donkey you have the open door.

What Does Seeding the New Earth Actually Mean?  And who are the Chosen Few?

Fire will purify the earth.  Then it will be ripe for planting a new type of seed.  A new type of nature shall grown for new type beings no longer human.  No they will not be GMO humans manufactured by evil men who took the gene therapy.  All GMO humans must be thrown to the lake of fire for soul destruction.   They cannot be saved because they do not fall under the plan of salvation due to the alteration they are no longer human.  Their God awareness is erased.  Those made their choice.  They trusted their life with the beast even though warnings were poured out upon mankind.  They were all warned.

As in the days of Noah God will not tolerate GMO humans.  He did not tolerate it then nor will He allow it to continue now.  They will not be tortured in Hell they won’t know they ever had life.  They will be nothingness.

Once the death and fires are over and the earth cools then the chosen will return to Earth.  They would have to be raptured to escape the worst parts of the tribulation.

God will give each of these children a bag of golden seeds.  Unlike any seed known to man.  Food will grow on trees.  We will be directly dependent upon God ONLY  for all our sustenance including shelter.  Natural shelter will be our homes.  Beds in the flowers.  Dinner on the plants.  Living waters flowing across the land.  No cold no hot, no tears, no sickness, no disease, no aging, no death.  All the chosen are immortal.

All the chosen are beautiful & young.  For 1,000 years the Earth will grow and be transfigured into a Edutopia of comfort and joy.  Only friendly animals and no pain ever.  No poison.  No labor.  Life will be splendor, fulfilling, enjoyable, Truth, peace, flavor, Love.  Hope & Faith will no longer be needed because God will be with us.  “God with Us” shall rise and shine in our hearts.  Our eyes will open and we shall be as Jesus.

Once the elect are finished after 1,000 years of growth the Earth will be ready to sustain all of God’s children.  The meek will awaken to inherit the earth.  After judgement they will go to their homes of splendor.  Some will go to Hell if they so chose that kind of existence.  For those who love & want to see others punished and who portray & worship a God of violence they will be accommodated succinctly.  God gives men what they want.  Some would not be happy in a place of righteousness and Love.

Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also.



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