How I Know the Majority of Humans are Being Downloaded with Fake Historys

The Strong Delusion.  The Great Deception.

The Dividing of Time & the Mandela Effect 3 realities in one.

#1  I see three realities at play.  One is the strong delusion reality for people who do not see the mandela effects or the supernatural bible changes.  To them all is the same as it ever was.

#2  Next-Those who see signs and wonders they may call bible changes or mandela effects.  The have memories that do not line up with historical records.  For example they may remember “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”.  Now it says “debts” and always did according to history of KJVB.  Another example is they may remember “mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all?”  Yes history shows the words of the cartoon and movie and book were always “magic mirror on the wall…..”

#3  Next-Are those who not only see the bible changes & mandela effects, but we see thousands of changes to the kjvb in every book (that we have referenced) and all bible apps online. We see signs in the skies. Some are being prompted by The Holy Spirit that Jesus is soon on the way.  We now view the sufferings of Jesus as being the stress and strain of watching blind guides preach from a book that is desecrated and nearly desolate of all God’s wisdom and Life Giving Truth.  Yes Jesus suffered on the cross but watching the blind for so many years and speaking onto deaf ears, not being able to open the blind eyes because of their right to free will is frustrating at best.  Its heart breaking and this we must bear.

We see the wolf speaking great blasphemies and lies while standing in what was the holy book.  Also referred to in prophecy as “the holy place” & the abomination of desolation that used to say desecration.   However any and all scripture are subject to change at any time in any genre according to our experience.  WHY, WHY do so few see the debauchery and double meaning in the KJVB?  We can only guess that it seems to us most Christians either never knew the book or just don’t know the voice of the Good Shepherd.  “His sheep know His voice”.  Seems the Good Shepherd prophecy is being fulfilled now.  Furthermore the story of the wolf and the Good Shepherd are skewed at best, now having a porter like a hotel porter who holds the door open.  Ridiculous.  Nevertheless Christians read on as if the book were God Himself treating it as above reproach as every idol should be treated.

The strong delusion are the Christians who are targeted who knew the bible very well.  They scholars and novice bible study students, preachers, and anyone else who knew the bible and says its the same as it ever was.  They are clearly being infused with false memories on new scriptures…  If I upload to your mind a new scripture at the same time that I change all copies everywhere of the books and online then I control history.  I make that which was not as if it was.  The brains match the new scriptures.  Its not just cognitive dissonance.  Preacher remember scriptures that are all new and words that we who see have never heard of appear within the pages of the books no matter how old the book is.  It gets the new script.  See for more on bible changes.

There are those too who don’t look for anything supernatural and just have no interest in it.  They are in a category of their own.  None of these categories are about salvation but I do believe they show changes needs in those who are blind.

The “dividing of time” is an end times scripture that is now in the bible.  It used to say “two times”  instead of “the dividing of time” it said “for a time & two times”.   Now “two times” is non existent in the KJV and the “dividing of time” only is shown once in Daniel 7:25.

Granted, we the readers of the KJVB in times past never suspected that reality would be split into when reading “two times” meaning two separate realities.

We had no idea just how awesome Father really is and how much change to our reality could be done on a level that we humans define as “supernatural”.

Side Note-I now believe that magic is returning to the earth and that at one time it was rampant before mass programming took it down.

There Are Three Realities for Humans At Play on Earth that I Know of

What is affecting perceptions in our present realitys?

Signs & wonders (a prophecy) These are miracles before our eyes.  They are not evil changes but rather they are just changes that are neither lies or deceptions.  Could be the body changes & the signs and in skies, the first time ever colors/shapes of amazing sunsets we are seeing.  The sun is now white.  The two new stars one as bright as a moon.  Blue Kachina and Red Kachina sparkle even to the naked eye with red, white and blue.  The blue Kachina seems to be a wheel within a wheel.  There are new metallic rainbows, metallic bugs, new creatures of every group.  New colors of creatures.  Amazing horizontal moon as a smiley face. And on and on the signs and wonders go even unto the maps all changing.  South America has (allegedly according to maps) moved by 300 miles to the east.  For more signs and wonders See

The great Deception (or strong delusion) a prophecy

The strong delusion is & does blind men to the signs and wonders.  And also to blind men to the new KJVB supernatural changes so they scream “same as it ever was, same as it ever was!!!!!” They deny all supernatural events by thick supernatural blindness including memory downloads of a fake history and cognitive dissonance.

Example of a man under the strong delusion-This includes preachers and scholars who knew the KJVB by heart and even though its 75% different by magic changes to all books and online they remember it as it was always that way.  “same as it ever was”.  Same goes for mandela effects they will always say “same as it every was”.

The Mandela Effects(Are signs and wonders)

The KJVB Supernatural Changes

I know that there are three realities because I see all three.

Categories of People & Realities 

Non Christians who see the Mandela Effects (effects including geographical, body, corporate, online, English language, literary, periotic table/elements/space/sky/science & grammar changes.

Christians who see the Mandela Effects-common mandela effects all around

Christians who don’t see the bible changes in MASS.  Meaning thousands of changes to the KJVB that they knew well.  Now for them the book holds changes up to 75% meaning, new words they have never heard of, blasphemous scripture, evil terminology, evil script, they see the wolf speaking through the book great lies and insults to God and man.

Christians who see the mandela effects and the KJVB supernatural changes and changes to all holy books.

Christians who see bible changes and some mandela effects but only about ten main changes of each category.   Because the changes they see are of the signs and wonders category.  Signs and wonders are so people will wake up before the great tribulation and seek God to escape those days of kaos.

These 3 realities at play are contingent on certain protections from downloads to the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) .   (I do not know if they are accessing by frequency any other parts of the brain.)

Protection against brain downloads of lies

#1    The armor of God.  The belt of Truth is vital and it doesn’t just mean telling the truth.  It means to Love Jesus who is Truth.  It means to know ones self, to know one’s own heart.  A man must know himself to be in Truth.

The rest of the armor is the helmet of salvation (belief in your salvation by Faith/& Hope because we have not seen it yet so therefore we hope.

The Sword of The Spirit is The Word of God.  Again this is Jesus and God’s Words that are written on your heart. The bible is corrupt and can no longer be trusted as truth .  However words of hope, love, truth, faith, and courage are God’s words.  Jesus is The Word of God.

Shield of Faith     Never lose faith.  Faith has hope in it.

Breastplate of Righteousness

Good news of the gospel of peace (your testimony of what God has done for you.  Deliverance, bodily healing, salvation, more deliverance, enlightenment, epiphany, opening of the eyes, emotional healing.)


Love  Love is an action..  God is Love but Love is much more powerful than human Love.

You reap what you sow.  Keep this in mind during any of your actions they will ricochet.



The rest of the protections below are for your mind and body physically.  Without spiritual protection you are vulnerable to fake history downloads.

DO NOT RUN WIFI IN YOUR HOME.  Turn it off at the router system control page.  Hard wire all your devices to the router.  Do not live in the vicinity of other people’s wifi.

Avoid cell phones.  Never put it to your head.  Keep cell phone in other room keep cell signal out of your house using emf blockers and reflectors.

Use crystals.  Put large quartz crystals all around body, house, car to deflect and transmute frequencies.  Pray about it.  (heaven is made up of same as shown in bible).

Take Prayer and meditation very seriously.  Learn to meditate.  Get to know God or get left.  Show Him YOUR WHOLE HEART all of it.  The worst of the worst.

Use and Work the 12 steps honestly and thoroughly.  Why?  To protect yourself from self deception and to crack the matrix of programming.  Don’t get brainwashed into the AA program.  You MUST see how you have been demoralized and then put on the mask (so as to be liked and loved) & controlled by status quo’s.  Low self worth is at the base of mind control.

Change your diet.  Get all the metals out of your body by eating vegetarian organic, gardening, eat the weeds, stay the hell away from gmo’s and processed foods and sugar/table salt.  You must learn how to eat all over.  Or your a walking antenna of metal.

Wear cotton.

Avoid cell towers.

Cover your smart meter with silver fabric or confetti dot metallic fabric.

Buy an emf meter to know what to protect your body from as far as electromagnetic frequencies go and throw out the microwave oven, they all leak (buy a  microwave leakage meter)







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