Why Women Get More Lung Cancer

The Bible now is sarcastic which is against the precepts of God Himself.  “A Knight’s Tale” See the video clip at the end of the article.

“You have been weighed, You have been measured, and you have been found wanting”.  =Blasphemous King James Version Bible change.   Daniel 5:27  Remember God is not sarcastic.  I don’t care what context they put this in, its unacceptable.

“YOUR enemy Satan roams to and fro up and down round about the earth seeking whom he may DEVOUR.”

Remember in the 70s when the new phrases were introduced to make jokes about food additives like “yellow dye (DIE) #2 and on and on?

We were programmed back then to laugh about and ignore blatant and transparent poisoning of our food and poisoning of our children.

They lulled us to sleep very effectively…I always read the ingredients but now I shop at the elites store.  You know they must have  away besides growing their own food to keep their superior children safe from poison food.  They have stores in every town my friends.

Do you think this is a joke that Satan roams to and fro on earth seeking whom he may devour?  Research food like I have and you WILL see the Beast at work.  Problem is people can hear and learn a fact yet it doesn’t reach into their heart…they just don’t understand or fully perceive that we are living a holocaust much worse than that of the Jews (so called) under NAZI regime.

You can teach and tell people “that is poison” and they will remark…”everything is poison” minimizing it. They will make NO EFFORT to protect themselves.  I know, I was one of them, blind and asleep, clueless on the most part of the Beast and its trauma inducing programs.

Soaps are Poison and Cause Cancer

Use this soap for EVERYTHING
Use the Peppermint Castile soap and heal your lungs as you wash dishes. Furthermore! Use it as shampoo and buy the bulk Cocoa or Shea butter solid form, rub on hands like soap in shower, then rub onto hair after shampooing.  Use warm water to spread throughout hair. Not too much, not too little This natural healthy organic oil WORKS SO WELL on long hair, AND HEALS YOUR HAIR. It detangles better than ANY toxic lethal hair conditioner.  And its cheaper at Earth Fare.
Bulk Cocoa & Shea Butter sold at Earth Fare
Bulk Cocoa & Shea Butter sold at Earth Fare This is the BEST Long Hair conditioner I have EVER used.  Just rub it on hands like soap incorporate warm water in shower, then rub oil through hair.  My hair does not seem at all oily when it dries.  My hair has come ALIVE with bounce and vibrant body since I quit using poison soaps and conditioners.

See the shocking list of chemicals that Earth Fare will NOT allow in your food.

Solutions: Buy non toxic products.  Shop at Earth Fare.

I am no scientist nor do I worship in the religion of “Scientism” .  However,  I do have a fair dose of The Holy Spirit of Truth that leads men into ALL Truth.  Jesus is the Truth.  I am also privy to know the beast system first hand and how it operates in the diabolical realms w/no absolutely NO Love for mankind.  But rather Hate.

Side note: The word "hate" is multiplied in the KJVB due to corrupt supernatural scripture editing.   A GOD OF LOVE does not Hate and hate and hate and teach his children to hate.  NO the KJVB HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY.

I think I know two HUGE reasons why woman are now getting lung Cancer more than men.

ALTHOUGH lung cancer was once thought of as a "man's disease,"
 over the past several decades, women have been catching up. Today, lung cancer is the deadliest cancer among women – killing more women than breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer combined. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2017, 105,510 women will have been diagnosed with lung cancer and 71,280 women will have died of the disease. Compare those figures to men's statistics – 116,990 new cases diagnosed and 84,590 men dying of the disease in 2017.

My Aunt Janet died of lung Cancer.   Her husband worked at Firestone or Goodrich all his adult life.  But he didn’t do the laundry.  Nor did he work around toxic soaps that heat up in hot water and then breath them in like a vapor bath.

Even the medical doctor himself who treated my aunt had the sense to say why she got the Cancer and my uncle did not….some doctors are catching on.  But still that was asbestos nobody is mentioning all the other 1,000s upon 1,000s of toxic home products they sell us as happy joyous and helpful.

My uncle worked around asbestos for years and didn’t get Cancer but i can assure you the Dawn dish washing soap and Tide that my aunt breathed in daily are JUST AS TOXIC and carcinogenic to boot (that’s a known fact).

Walk out into the sun rays and shake out just one article of clothing.  That is not dust your looking at.  Millions upon millions of tiny metallic and non metallic particles engulf the air.  Do you really think its safe to breath those?


Hold your breath if you have to, tie a piece of well worn and washed cotton cloth over your mouth and nose.  Better yet….make your husband do his own damn laundry you take enough risks.  Okay he won’t wear a mask so you better do it for him.

Use common sense and know this….The Beast wants you DEAD and everything around you is toxic.   Learn how to eat.  Research foods.  Some are absolutely astonishing the poisons they add in for no apparent reason as secondary ingredients.

This one is the MOST INSULTING products.  Why?  Because true Joy is from Our Father.


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