Fabric Gave Me Cancer

Stand Fast!  Do not wear the Muzzle of Silent Oppression for Anybody.


What’s a rant without a few cuss words?  Medical reasons why I don’t wear a fabric muzzle.

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Anti-Christ and False Prophet Revealed

The Anti-Christ Has Clearly Revealed Himself as Billy-Goat Gateors and the False Prophet is clearly War-on the Chinese food Buffet. (I apolgz 4-coad)

I am very serious here.  And I think you know why this is my belief.  I have never been so certain nor have any two ever fit the bill so squarely.

This is not a prophecy it is a very certain educated guess.  Sidenote:  I had a dream that Obama is a serpent.  When Jazweeh tried to pray for him she saw a great black ora protecting him from all Christian prayer. This never before happened.  We just realized Obama is also supported by the false prophet and he contributed largely to his presidential campaign.  Obama is an antichrist but we think not "the antichrist" who will supposedly "save the world" with probably his DNA vexing CV shots.  Not to mention the scriptures about the antichrist are corrupt and altered, skewed with words like beast and dragon.  The word "antichrist" has been removed supernaturally from many scriptures in Revelation. See https://abominationdesolation.com for details.


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Supernatural Bible Changes Brings A Second Passover

What About Second Passover?  “I don’t think he knows about second Passover Pip.”

Words “dead body” now all over KJVB Relates to “second passover”

Term “dead body”now all over the KJVBs and the related new scripture in John & in Isaiah calls the body of Jesus unclean and that when they brought it down from the cross after the death of Jesus it defiled those who touched it. Uhg! Numbers 9:10 &

This concept of being “unclean” plays into the new M.E. second passover because those who touched dead bodies or happened to be “on a journey” out of town during the luncheon event that is now deemed a feast instead of an actual [put lambs blood on the door so angel of death doesn’t kill first born true passover event] were now all eligible for “second breakfast”I mean “Second Passover lunch”. As usual the bible changes reflect in our reality this is to “second breakfast”.

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Supernatural Bible Changes & Sharing in the Sufferings of Jesus The Savior

No Holds Barred on this one folks.

By Dorothy Ruth Stirrumm an article and the Rant of the chosen few.

Sidenote: This article is for the Mandela Effected Mainly or the unaffected lol depending on how you look at it.

Jesus Suffered Greatly but what were the sufferings of Christ?  When reading that scripture most of us automatically go to the one day of suffering.  The few hours when Jesus was crucified and tortured by hanging on the cross. However, that was a very short time compared to 33 years.

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January 28th, 2021 Full Wolf Moon

Jazweeh Has Had a Vision of a Wolf THE KICK OFF EVENT of the Great Tribulations spoken of by Jesus.

(I had this article heading wrong.   It is a prediction of the great tribulation kick off event not the first rapture that I feel won’t be until six months after this event.  Its as if AI itself had come through my website and edited my article.  And this is not the first time.  I apologize for the mix up.)

And the voice of her angel said “The Great Tribulation kick-off event will happen at the wolf month”.

The Wolf Month is January.  We are very sure that means late January perhaps during the wolf moon.

Jazweeh clearly saw the head of a wolf and heard those words.  “The kick off event, the beginning of the great tribulation.” People its getting real.  And we who make (God willing) the first rapture will be raptured right as things look their worst.

“God makes a way where there seems to be no way”.  When we hit that place where there seems no way to escape the beast system and the consequences of non-compliance are utterly grave, THEN Jesus will intervene and take us up.

Evil Children

If you make the first rapture don’t expect the goats or the mainstream population to be aware of it.  They are blind to the beast and they will also be blind to the first rapture.  Unless THEIR CHILDREN ARE TAKEN and I just don’t know how that will go.  God has not made me privy to the rapture of the children.  Except children can choose evil or good and seek Jesus at a very young age.  I know a boy who is probably about 9 who accepted Jesus into his heart recently.  The boy knows God is real, he just knows it. The end times children to me seem either very special spiritually or evil one or the other.


Don’t assume that young children don’t carry out evil, my own sister nearly killed me on purpose at a very young age.  The chosen have come out of great tribulation and the 144 have already died once.  It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgement.  If you are 144 and have already died once (and been revived) you know what I mean.  Let this be a confirmation to you.  God is revealing the 144 to themselves.

Because God makes a way when there seems to be no way out.

The moon at its closest point to Earth for the month is sometimes called a “supermoon.” When that happens in January, it’s called a “Wolf Moon.”  See link for more info.


Salvation for Our Un-saved Loved Ones?

You Can Choose One Proxy Soul to Be Saved

I heard from my guides, (just men made perfect) or my angel that I can choose one Loved one who’s soul will be saved from Hell at the return of Jesus even though they do or (did) not believe Jesus is Lord.  Its a super-grace event that will reveal Jesus to one of my loved ones in spite of themselves. It passes over the free will of men for this one reason only.  And it may very well be because of this clause that Satan will be released for a season around the 1,000 years of peace.  Meaning if those proxyed do not find Love they cannot remain in a sacred place with The Spirit of God.

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