Supernatural Bible Changes & Sharing in the Sufferings of Jesus The Savior

No Holds Barred on this one folks.

By Dorothy Ruth Stirrumm an article and the Rant of the chosen few.

Sidenote: This article is for the Mandela Effected Mainly or the unaffected lol depending on how you look at it.

Jesus Suffered Greatly but what were the sufferings of Christ?  When reading that scripture most of us automatically go to the one day of suffering.  The few hours when Jesus was crucified and tortured by hanging on the cross. However, that was a very short time compared to 33 years.

Jesus was on the Earth for 33 years and He started His ministry as a teen very young.  Imagine, just imagine for a minute The Son of God yet human.  He had great, great spiritual knowledge & insight that many people would never be capable of seeing much less of understanding it.  He knew things that most would have called “ridiculous” or “impossible”.  Do you see where I am going with this breathren?

The chosen share in the sufferings of Jesus.  And what a high honor those sufferings are.  Such a high honor selah________

Now this shared “suffering” could mean dying as a martyr in the end times, and  some have & will.  But the life long sufferings of Jesus very likely were Him having no one on the face of the earth who was able to relate to Him or empathize with Him in His Great Knowledge.

He had insight, He performed miracles, He had great power, deep unending Love, courage, hope, miraculous Faith and extreme revelation that not one human would ever be able to fully feel or understand .   He was ALONE in this way.  Can you relate to being alone in your revelations and insight.  Heck yes you can if you see what we see, heck yes!

The sufferings are a blessing and still we WOULD NOT TRADE our SIGHT for comfort not for a minute!  But we long for others to see, oh how we long for others to understand us.  Thank God Jesus gave us each other’s words online.  Thank God!

“How long must I bear with thee?”  Do you ever feel that way when your listening to someone quote blasphemous scripture?  Uhg!  I do!  [Hand raised]

I watch YT to see the recent ongoing bible changes but I suffer with them as well.  YET every changed verse, every nonsense verse, every new word term reminds me that the prophecy is being fulfilled and confirms for me that Jesus is returning very soon. Amos 8 11-12 and the one very few see “the abomination of desolation.” Prophecy.  Or the desecration of the book KJVB.

Jesus was a man who knew so much more than the average person, that many would have called great spiritual wisdom “folly” much like those who see the supernatural bible changes. 

The Chosen Few

The chosen do not attack people who don’t agree with them…of course we don’t attack them.  We may try to open their eyes but we know we really cannot.  Spirituality in end times doesn’t work that way does it.

Clearly We Have Been Betrayed By those who Claim they have eyes to see

Yet these poor sots deceive themselves first & foremost, just as we know by our own self awareness we also once did.  Still I feel betrayed because of their mask.  They claim to be like me, to Love Jesus and to Love  and honor Truth.

“They chose the Lie”…they preferred the lie.  Ouch!

So its no wonder at the same time we pity them yet they have lied to us as well.  But before all their lies their deepest deceit was to themselves.  That is why their belt of Truth has fallen.  They do not have the courage to look into their own eyes.

A man cannot sit in Truth before God unless he first sit in Truth before himself.

Oh sure we have been down the self condemnation trail plenty!  No more!  We do not have the right to judge and condemn ourselves do we?

So we take in their blindness and we emotionally process in whatever way we do….screaming is a great way to process because it doesn’t hurt anybody and lets out frustrations.  Moaning works well also, and other guttural sounds from the inerds.  The chosen do not project their pain into a blame scenario…at least not openly by attack.  Hey, if I scream at the TV is that sin?  Lol….I don’t think so.

Please I am not saying we are on the level of Jesus by sharing in His sufferings. I am saying THIS is what was meant by sharing in His sufferings on a larger scale than those who will lose their head for Jesus name.  Larger scale because for Him it was years of dealing with those less spiritual and less knowledgeable than Himself.   Yes beast programming is saying “you can’t say such good things about yourself, such high minded things!”  I share this for myself and for my breathren who share in the suffering of Jesus.

What Triggered You Emotionally Dorothy Ruth?

I watched today as a preacher of sorts taught on some new blasphemous bible change script.  I felt deep and horrendous pain for this man and because of the debauchery that now is the KJVB.  “Dead bodies” was the subject matter.  This guy was rejoicing over the fact that he had put together in Isaiah “being defiled by dead bodies” and then he rejoice that somehow there was a second pass-over the those who too Jesus down off the cross because they touched the body of our Savior and he deemed that body “defiled”.

Obviously this enraged me calling Jesus in any format as being “defiled” is horrid.  And then ….there’s the fact these Christians read new scripture popping up from day to day out of the ether and have no clue that its new.  And have no clue that its corrupt extremely corrupt.  So there’s the suffering for them and the anger that has to be processed…its hurt is what it is but my go-to response to hurt (unfortunately due to years of dysfunction) is anger.  Thank God Jesus did say “be angry and sin no”.

Do not minimize what YOU are going through if you see these changes and especially if you see the extent of them like EYA portrays to see.  YOU ARE NOW SHARING IN THE SUFFERINGS OF JESUS THE CHRIST OUR SAVIOR.

Jazweeh says she is getting alot of input the Israel and the whole Jewish thing is propaganda.  “Israel” is in the KJVB 2,568 times.  This in itself is now suspect.  Not to mention is our God political?  I don’t think so.  Jesus was Hebrew but He refuted the religion and traditions of the Jews.  Jesus was not religious.  And I don’t believe that God Loves some country folk more than others because of where they are born.  Old law is legalism that no one could fulfill to full obedience.

Seems to me Israel wants to be worshipped.  I say this…the word was “Hebrew” never “Israel”.  The Hebrews had no land of their own.  They were slaves just as we have been born into slavery to the banksters.

And God is Love not prejudice or partial because of bloodline or birthright.  We are all children of The Father whom we choose.

Jesus said “you are of your father the devil” to the religionists.  Worship, loyalty, faith, hope, Love, prayer, meditation, seeking God with your whole heart all a choice.   Actions speak louder than blood.

Personality of the Wise (false humility is dishonest)

The 144 do not allow the beast system to define their sin.  We have a true conscience.  We know that the beast would call every human condition we have including human emotions “sin” while smerking as it pours out false shame and guilt on the innocent.  NO MORE Mr. Beast, NO MORE will we wear your false guilt for things like fear or anger!  ACTIONS are sin and ACTIONS alone can show disrespect toward our fellow man. But but but Jesus said….yes he said if you think it you did it.  Well allegedly He said it…but really if you look at that scripture logically it can only be interpreted as an idiom and a tool for legalism to sprout and blossom false guilt all over our conscience.

I have real sin to deal with…sure I pray for righteous thoughts and I have repented over thoughts before, but Father tells me that the flesh will be with me as long as I am in this body and therefore not to fear when strange thoughts pop into my head.  Especially when I approach Him on His throne…thats when the odd thoughts want to pop up.  He says its my flesh and to just let it go.

The 144 are guided by the Spirit no by rules and regulations.

Don’t be tricked into thinking your supposed to like the goats either.  Sorry but no fake lovey dovey feelings for the goats except on occasion.  Love is an action.  Love is power and it is giving.  Feelings toward your husband or boyfriend we call that Love but its really stuff like passion, compassion, favor, strong affection and the like.  I do not have strong affection toward goats, usually anyway.

What am I getting at?  “Love your neighbor as yourself” this is the kind of care and respect that wouldn’t allow your neighbor to say…starve to death if you can help him.  This is the Love Jesus spoke of.  If he is hungry your moved to help him.  If he thirsts you don’t shut down your compassion for him.  And you probably feel a certain responsibility toward the needy.

Christians on Youtube say “I love you” at the end of the video.  Really?  You Love me?….I scream at the TV, “LOVE IS AN ACTION”!  How is it they say they Love us when they do not even know us.  Maybe its an idea that they love.

The statement is obviously false and unrealistic.  Jesus is Truth and his firstfruits are of Truth.  We do not appreciate being told by someone who has no clue who or what we are that they “Love us”.  What?  You have strong feelings for me?   Any-who…this is becoming a RANT…yikes.

Do not minimize your value Mr. 144.  And do not allow the beast to play your conscience.  The beast is the accuser of the breathren and very cunning.  Weigh every word that comes out of the speaker box for manipulation and for cunning insult.  Pay attention to your triggers.

If the box is guilting you process it by diving into your own subconscious and saying “what am I afraid of & do I have anything at all to confess to Father?”


I watched a watchman on YT today.  He has a large blatant pair of fallen angel wings on his forehead.  He has the supernatural mark of the beast meaning he has made his choice.

I listened as he quoted new made-up scripture from the KJVB about the “word of my patience” allegedly spoken by Jesus.  Whatever that new phrase means is vicarious and veg at best.  Literally it would be a word perhaps proclaiming how patient Jesus is.  And by this they are saved?  Certainly Jesus has shown me patience and for that I am grateful.  But it is my testimony that has the powerful supernatural weaponry that aids me to overcome sin and testifies of Jesus.

Most mandela effect supernatural bible changes are evil in nature.  Some, very few are actual truth and others make no sense at all.  Some changes are vile.  But these people, most having the mark on their forehead remember the new bible verses & words as part of their own history kept in their memory banks.

I can only assume by evidence that the strong delusion is a great deception that downloads lies to one’s memory banks.  Why?

Because they have chosen the lie and prefer it.  Those who prefer & choose the lie never came to the realization that they have relied on lies and taken comfort in them and then repented of it.

Since all of us were programmed to take comfort in lies we must see this and repent from it.  This revelation of our reliance on lies makes us aware of future temptations.  It helps us to put on the belt of Truth and side always with Truth.  It shows us how Truth protects us.

By Faith we are saved.  God is Love.  Grace is part of forgiveness.  Truth is armor.  Hope is our helmet of armor.  The Sword of the Spirit is Truth and The Word of God (Jesus), The belt of Truth. Jesus is The Truth.  The shield of Faith.  The breastplate of righteousness.  Jesus has made us righteous.  Feet shod with the Good news of The Gospel of Peace.  Jesus gives us Peace when we invite Him into our lives.  The prayers of God’s children are mighty and part of us.  Prayer in The Spirit is part of our armor.



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