Supernatural Bible Changes Brings A Second Passover

What About Second Passover?  “I don’t think he knows about second Passover Pip.”

Words “dead body” now all over KJVB Relates to “second passover”

Term “dead body”now all over the KJVBs and the related new scripture in John & in Isaiah calls the body of Jesus unclean and that when they brought it down from the cross after the death of Jesus it defiled those who touched it. Uhg! Numbers 9:10 &

This concept of being “unclean” plays into the new M.E. second passover because those who touched dead bodies or happened to be “on a journey” out of town during the luncheon event that is now deemed a feast instead of an actual [put lambs blood on the door so angel of death doesn’t kill first born true passover event] were now all eligible for “second breakfast”I mean “Second Passover lunch”. As usual the bible changes reflect in our reality this is to “second breakfast”.

We Must Start Thinking by Faith, Hope, Love, and But What God Shows us as Truth.  Not by the book.

Logically the Passover in the Old Testament was to save the lives of the Hebrews from the angel of death that passed over their houses to kill all first born sons.  That too has changed.  Now its both sons and daughters pretty sure.  But that clearly puts a second Passover as worthless because if you missed the first Passover lambs blood on the door you would already incurred the death angel.  There were no second chances so a second Passover makes no sense.  Furthermore since when is Passover a feast?  That’s not how I remember it

The alleged Passover meal was probably actually a farewell dinner to/for Jesus before His death and based on the theme of the NEW covenant, the final sacrifice perfect, including the blood He shed as symbolism.

“Though your sins be red as scarlet they shall be white as snow.” For BY FAITH are we saved.

Faith in God not Faith in blood.  Relationship with Father and with Jesus.

Not by blood sacrifice, I am not so sure any of that blood sacrifice stuff was ever really God’s will.  Sorry but we do at least know that the old law was imperfect for it could not cleanse men of their sin once and for all as Jesus did.

If we are saved by blood sacrifice then clearly the old covenant would still be in place.  Faith in Jesus, Faith in God this is what saves a soul, FAITH IN GOD.

The Greatest Spiritual Gifts

The greatest is Love, Faith, & Hope.  These three only remain after death but the greatest is Love.

This is why NOBODY knows who will be in Heaven because Love is not about ritual nor is it about FEELINGS toward others because even Jesus said “how long must I bear with thee” annoyed at the disciples ignorance and lack of Faith.  So a man could be saved and not know ANY Bible scripture.  A man could be saved and not appear sanctimonious or religious.

“Many will be surprised at who isn’t in Heaven and who is in Heaven”.

New Scripture as usual insults the wounded and pre-resurrected body of Jesus calling it unclean. Jesus rose in 3 days from the sepulcher behind the great stone cave.  His body illuminated had NEVER been unclean or rotting.

The Son of God is unclean in no wise!  He is the anointed one, Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, The Lord our Provider, The Lord our Healer.  Have you ever been healed?  I have and there were 4 things present to me and the preacher at that time and blood was not one of them.  Faith, Hope, and Love by the preachers actions he showed Love praying over me. And number 4# WAS THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS SPOKEN ALOUD.

I had Hope and Faith that I would be delivered from sin and I was.  But also God healed me as a bonus.  There was NO BLOOD in the room when I was healed.  Did Jesus have to die as a sacrifice?  Honest to God I believe it was the plan of God but when it comes to the particulars as doctrine and so forth how can I be sure of any of it unless it agrees with my heart?

After all if we knew every fact about doctrine as Truth beyond a shadow of a doubt it would n’t be faith and it would n’t be hope because we would already be there just as we are in this earthly plain.  We know what this realm has shown us.  But there are many many things we do not know about the next realm.  Does that make us faithless?  I think not.

All I really know is God/Jesus and The Holy Spirit have revealed themselves to me thank God!  I know these, FAITH HOPE, & LOVE THESE THREE. And, that EVERY TIME I HAVE BEEN DELIVERED, healed, received The Holy Spirit, Miracles, etc, The Name of JESUS had to be proclaimed for them to Happen.

There is No Forgiveness of Sin Without Blood?  This is a contradiction to repentance.  No blood is present when I repent and God forgives me.

What makes sense to me is this, Jesus overcame death and took the keys to death and hell so we also can do the same.  He set the president for us to follow in His footsteps by faith.  Will we also have to descend into Hell….no because Jesus gave to us the keys to the kingdom by Faith.  We are overcomers.  So even though my spiritual teach taught blood as being vital and that “without blood there is no remission (used to say forgiveness) of sin.”  What then?  I question this blood scripture because God forgives me every time I ask Him with a True & repentant heart.  Jesus is Truth.

Doctrine is secondary to Truth, Faith, Love, Hope.    We can no longer trust the book.  We must go by what we know first hand in our heart. Father supplies us the hope of salvation in our heart.  “Each man is given a measure of Faith.”

And The Mighty Name of Jesus is Powerful this I know because I have seen it.

Term Dead Bodies all over the KJVB

The term “dead bodies” is all over the book now.   Its new. Term would have been the body or gave up the ghost or passed on or no longer lives or not living, no longer living, the dead, those who live not, those not with us anymore, those who have passed on.

The KJVB had great grace and Etiquette in its wording. To say “dead bodies” is crass and disrespectful at best. Dead bodies equals horror film. Basically that’s what the book is turning into a horror film.

Not to mention lots of “flesh eating” going on in the book now. Flesh pots, flesh hooks, flesh this & flesh that Its disgusting. The book is morbid in its new form.  Yet FEW professed Christians will question even a “dot or a tittle” really ?  “Dot and tittle” (new wording) COME ONE.   No very few professing Christians question their sacred dottie tittle.  Why?   

For one thing the book WAS Holy which makes it very confusing for them.  How could it change on the shelves?  “signs and wonders” anyone?

Is God Truly Supernatural?

Those who see the Bible changes (though clearly to see the changes is not a requirement for salvation) REALLY DO BELIEVE IN A SUPERNATURAL GOD.  They are able to palate with some emotional processing these supernatural changes.  Not only that but also they know their Fathers voice and that new scripture ain’t it!  Not anymore.  They know we are in end times and that the strong delusion and the abomination of desolation BOTH refer to the KJVB as it WAS (NOT WERE) a “Holy Place’.

How is a temple built for an antichrist EVER considered “Holy Place” by Christians?  Wake up!

Or do they prefer calling the temple of the antichrist “Holy”.  A temple made by antichrists for their great and anticipated antichrist and we are going to call THAT a “Holy Place”.  NO hell NO!    A Jewish temple built for an antichrist by antichrists is never holy except to those of the antichrist.  Right?  An  antichrist temple would be an abomination to Christians, that-is unless they are living in the upsidedown which many seem to be.

“That which is evil will be called good and visa versa.” paraphrased as usual.

Idolatry Explained

That’s how you treat an idol, you call it God by saying its “The Word of God” (when we KNOW JESUS IS THE WORD OF GOD NOT HE BOOK JOhn 1.)  Then you call it above reproach, sacred, you idolize it and lift it up more than you lift up The Mighty Name of Jesus The Christ and Savior unto the world of men.  I used to fear questioning the book as if it were God.  I was in error and programmed to Love Israel and to worship the book above God HImself by The Great Harlot (now called “whore” in the decadent distasteful & blasphemous book.)

So, proper idolatry etiquette is to call the book “god” and to say that its above reproach NEVER to be questioned even though ten different translations will give you ten different stories.

“Same as it ever was, same as it ever was.”    Scream the blind guides.  That’s not my beautiful house?  Where is my gorgeous wife?  Same as it ever was, same as it ever was!

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    1. No salvation is a gift to all. Faith & Hope are a supernatural gift eternal in nature. Be transparent with God in prayer. Be yourself. Don’t copy the sanctimonious who say what they think He wants to hear. Be real. Repent. It’s time. Seek with all your heart. He will show you Himself if you do this. God is Love & very powerful to be revered. Father.

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