The Techtronic Eye

What is a “techtronic eye”?

Check this actor (politician) out here, his right eye is the techtronic eye.  The man has either been unwittingly downloaded by being entrenched in EMF OR he has taken willingly a tech upgrade so he can be smarter and faster.

You can beat your ass that the richest men in the world have a techtronic upgrade that shows them all kinds of information and that they are being downloaded with knowledge at will.  Satanic Technology for his human servants.  Just as Father downloads His children with The Holy Spirit and much knowledge.  Satan grants men high level demons to help them gain mammon and whatever other carnal endowments they yearn for….FOR A PRICE, FOR A PRICE.


In the pic from a video a girls speaks of being inundated with energy that she swears is a spiritual experience. Even though she was driving and run off the road w/energy.  Her body tingling with electricity. Her mind confused by the author of confusion.   She shows in her right eye vs left the utter imbalance of the mind the the techtronic eye reveals.

No emotion in the right eye.  Her right brain is dominated by tech, plain and simple.

She says that people warn her of 5g but “it doesn’t resonate” with her.  So she ignores our warnings to detach from the phone and turn off the wifi.  Her mind is being split.  Look at the right eye.  If she were left handed it would be her left eye dominated by tech/no emotion, we believe.

You can listen to the video on YT as she denies 5g to her own detriment of self deception.  The paradigm trumps Truth.  She is not void of Truth she still has half her brain as her own.  The belt of Truth is the protection from the strong delusion and she need Jesus for that.  She most likely can’t see any mandela effects except run of the mill….if she does I would be surprised.   I HAD the tech eye.  It can be overcome and then yoour eyes will both be you, showing emotion.  Not a robot eye like this.  Go organic, Call out to Jesus, turn off all wifi, quit using the phone as much as possible, and stay the hell away from cell towers and all wifi.

What are your yearnings?  Rejoice in The Father and He shall give YOU the desires of you heart.  Double meaning scripture.  He changes our heart to desire that which is godly and He also gives us that which we desire.

Look closely at this man’s eyes.  See how one is fixed straight ahead in an almost robotic way and shows no emotion?  Now look at HIS left eye, smaller, and shows also a kind of warmth and human vulnerability through it.  What ever hand you favor, if your right handed the techtronic eye will be your right eye if you are under the strong delusion and have been influenced by your cell phone, sleeping with router on, being around way too much wifi, cell towers, etc, etc.   Men Crave Power.   You can just bet they are willing to put tech in their brains to gain more power.  Men like Jeffrey Bezos if he be a real person and if he be whom he pretends to be have access to such tech that will enable their ruler-ship and secure their heritage of power.  They come from a long line of kings & slave owners.  The billionaire rich do err in both judgement and in their assessment of the meaning of life.  Their mind is not their own.  AI is their god.

Brad Pitt Techtronic Eye
DO NOT TAKE THE UPGRADE FOLKS. The techtronic eye is the mark of the beast in the forehead.


The cell towers are the bullets and the smart phone is the gun.  Please do not beat yourself up if you show signs of the tech eye!  Ladies and gentlemen, before my awakening I Jazweeh shown the techtronic eye on my left side.  Yes I am left handed.  However, when I had my great awakening God delivered me and I saw my eyes change back to show balanced human eyes status.  I remember looking in the mirror over and over and wondering “why is my left eye fixed?”  also, I thought, “my left eye looks off balance.”

Notice how Mel Gibson in this photo unlike the techtronic eye, shows emotion in BOTH eyes… Its not just about sizeof eye though that seems to be a tell tell sign.  But also its the LACK of emotion showing in the larger eye as if it were artificial.  The place you will see this most is on TV.  Start being aware of it.

I had the Techtronic Eye

I thought maybe its due to my surgery where they took much flesh out of my left leg.  Or I thought perhaps I am just emotionally unbalanced.  Then after God woke me up, I was already born again, filled w/Holy Spirit, and healed yet I was blinded.  Not Lost, Blinded….I still wore the helmet of salvation but my belt of Truth was compromised along w/my breastplate of righteousness unfortunately.     I had peace of mind even though I was partially blind.  Father changed many things about me & my life when I woke up from lulled to sleep.

He changed my diet, my focus, my awareness, my prayer life, He changed my perception of reality and He showed me The changes to our reality and the KJV Bible changes.  He had me start two websites.  Father revealed to me the beast system.  He taught me the Truth that everything I was taught by the system was pretty much A LIE.  He showed me who I really am in Him and where I came from.  He showed me the sheep, the goats, the lambs, and the serpents.

My Great Awakening

My awakening all started by a prayer for God to help me be smart. I asked for brains people which is much like asking for wisdom and knowledge.  Honestly all I wanted was to pass my algebra class had had embarked upon a futher-ment of my college education and was having brain fog and memory loss.  I am 60 years old.  God fixed my brain alright!  But the knowledge He gave me had little if anything to do with carnal knowledge or algebra.  I was seeking God with my whole heart often and had begun reading the bible again…KJV I was always a “KJV only” kinda gal.

So there you have it.  My awakening.  I lost 60 pounds of waste material out of my body.  And God only knows what He cleansed me from…..had I kept eating the way I used to it would NOT have been good people.  Food is poisoned we must watch closely what we eat and from where we buy it.  I shop at the elite-est grocery stores because I figure the elite who are poisoning everything we touch HAVE set aside “safe stores” in every town for their children and loved ones to shop from so they do not eat the mind bending artificial chemical variant foods that are at stores like Wal-mart.  Its expensive but if you pray I believe Father will make a way for His children.  I am vegetarian now and lost the weight without any effort whatsoever.  Losing weight was not my goal but I sure am glad Father fixed my swollen body.  My feet and legs used to swell up. My thyroid was swollen.  I had horrible pain and was constipated weeks on end regularly.  It was HORRIBLE but my entire life was spent eating food that I could not digest and process.  Obviously since now I am regular like never before my body does not do well eating dead animals of any kind EXCEPT FISH and seafood.

My Health was Failing due to the Poison Food of The Beast System

I was ashamed when my doctor would ask about my waste disposal timing.  Doctors like to say “normal for you” in that area of health.  Right normal for me would have killed me in time.  I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW!  I try now to eat too much dairy but I do stay away from the artificial growth hormones and buy non homogenized NON GMO!  Better yet is the raw milk when available.

What I Eat

Its easy Eat Real Food that is alive as much as possible.  This means Raw product/fruit/nuts.  And cook to preserve nutrients.  Do not use ANY refined oils ever.   That means NO WESSON OIL and its in almost EVERY processed food product on the shelf.  NO processed and refined salt or sugar.  Stop eating all processed foods that have God only knows what in them.

Long story short, refined oils block oxygen to your cells.  So if you put salad dressing on a big organic natural salad you just trashed all the oxygen that would have gone to your cells and healed you.

I used grapefruit or lemon, or citrus juice mixed w/cold or expelled pressed oil organic & unrefined preferably so it has no CHLORIDE, or HEXANE to kill me.  Then I mix in some natural organic Maple Syrup and many spices.  This makes a fabulous salad dressing.  Add nuts and dried cranberries or figs, mmmm!

Read up on what they do to oil, you will NEVER eat it again.

Know people by who they show you they are NOT by who they tell you they are.  If they are poisoning everything, which they are, by this action you know they are evil and trying to kill you. Or they are serving someone who is trying to kill you.  WAKE UP! &

Why am I telling you how to eat?  Because the techtronic eye and strong delusion is tied to both spiritual Truth and Natural truth of clarity.  You need to eat right to get your brain working properly so you won’t fall into being deceived as easily.  The food puts us to sleep while walking around. Like the walking dead.

Why are men growing boobs?  They put artificial hormones in all dairy.  Men’s hormones for woman and woman’s hormone’s for men.  Eating cheese will trigger swelling breasts.  Test it.  The beast is diabolicalBu and wants your soul.  The beast will stop at nothing to blind you and put you to sleep.


Search EMF Safety

You simply MUST become aware of EMF pollution and make YOUR HOME a safe place with NO EMF.

What is EMF?  Electro Magnetic Frequencies that are UN natural to the Earth and to your body.  Every day go out and lay in the grass for at least ten minutes to balance you frequency to a natural level.  FEEL the difference!

DO NOT RUN WIFI- Hard wire all your devices using Ethernet cables.

If you have a cell phone tower close by you need to move if its close enough to see.  Or use metal to block the radiation.  You will need to research this

Do NOT sleep with a cell phone in your room keep the phone and its microwave radiation away from you as much as possible and NEVER on your body.

Don’t go places where people gather like a classroom or auditorium with 500 cell phones all transmitting date to your BRAIN.  You will end up with vertigo and a techtronic eye.

Every device in your home can be hard wired.  Be sure there is NO wifi emitting in your home.  This means you need to learn how to log into your router (not wifi login) this is Router System Control Page Login according to your brand of router.  You need to get the default user name and password and you need the link.  Then turn off all the wifi.  You will still have internet WIRED.  Easiest way to login to router is my hooking the Ethernet from router to lap top.

There are lots of articles on how to protect your home environment from EMF.  But don’t make a Faraday cage and then put cell phones in it, that would nullify the purpose.

Cheaply Block EMF


Buy a smart meter protective cover for your electrical pole.  It will allow 2% of the signal to emit and send info to the electric company.  Smart meters are killers you need to cover that thing with metal screen cover if you have one outside your home on the pole that the meter reader used to read and now sends signal by wifi.

The Techtronic Eye

The tech eyes is an eye that doesn’t look grounded and balanced with your other eye.  It looks robotic and emotionless staring straight ahead.  Its usually on the side that is you dominant physical side like right handed.

You need to pray that God help you disengage from it if you have it.

The techtronic eye aids the strong delusion and puts advertisements in your head that are not of your own making.  It is akin to mind control MK Ultra and its dangerous.  It is the beginnings of the “Hive Mind”.

If you don’t see the Mandela effects or Bible changes and nothing in your reality has changed then your sadly under the strong delusion.  You must repent of all lies and sin.  Put on your belt of truth and the rest of the armor of God.  Make sure you stay in Truth.

If you don’t know your self and your own character flaws then you can’t repent.  If you can’t repent you can’t expel the strong delusion.

Pray God that ye be not deceived.  Pray God that you can repent. Pray God that He show you how to put on the full armor of God.





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