Ten Things The Father Warned and Ten Things The Blind Sheep Refused

“Write Now Child of My Father, send forth these warnings forthwith.”

   I heard those words and so I stopped what I was doing and sat and wrote.

Fathers Words

I think to myself…how will I know it is My Father and not my own vain imaginings that I hear in my head?  “You will know”.

Now is the time of the storm, thus sayeth the Lord God Father of the Sheep

Father of the elect/chosen

Father of the Bride

Father of the Prophets new and old

Father of those not called “Christian” by any man even by themselves.

For many shall wonder and will be confounded at who belongs to The Father and who is with Him in the Heavens.

Do not wonder after the beast My children.  Do not be amazed by its feats of color and light.

The false light is come upon the blind sheep to lead them deeper into captivity

The Strong delusion sent by the wicked one is upon you.  Repent that you may shake the cob webs off your mind.  Because you say you are awake you do not seek further Truth.

I took action to provoke your mind of ten things and ten things ye refused.

I asked the Father “how will they know that I am not the accuser of the brethren by this post?”  He answered.

“Love covers a multitude of sin and by My Love I give, I grant, I present to the blind sheep three days of Repenting Grace in a dispensation or time when Judgement is on high and wrath is appointed unto men (not Grace not anymore).

For The Father is allowing 3 days of Grace in a burning time of judgement at hand during the storms.

The storms stir in the West and they are steered by the prayers of the chosen.

Meaning the chosen of God can change their direction from death to life.  “Death and Life abide in the tongue”.

I repent then oh Lord gracious Father in a time when I was unable to.  I pray this brethren:

Please Father oh Father, Jesus oh Jesus Please LET ME NOT BE DECEIVED BY THE STRONG DELUSION AT HAND AT HAND, let it not encompass me or the sheep.  I pray again for the blind sheep.

Again ten things I urged your hearts to do and ten things most sheep refused.

One   Change you diet.  No longer should you eat the things that blind your minds.  I have urged you to become as Daniel with a diet of vegetables, water, and fruits that you cleanse your bodies for Spirit and for health.

Two I urged you to turn from the things that you covet.  I have even left you time to slowly lessen pharmakeia of drugs with spells that dull your minds. Those drugs you do not need and blind you.  Embrace the freedom I have poured out upon all flesh to expel dependency on the beast pharmakeia. Take time to slowly reduce, this is okay but reduce you must. The day will come when the pharmacies crash and burn.  Please prepare.

Three  I have provoked you to prepare by giving you extra resources to buy item of preparation but many have chosen to purchase entertainment items instead.  You bought TV’s instead of water jugs.  Clothing instead of bags of rice and beans.  You bought candies instead of water. Did you not receive extra funds?  You bought pictures instead of candles, and soda instead of batteries.

Four    I encouraged you all to pray and ask for deliverance from My Wrath events by many different words the prayer to avoid the wrath of the age of judgement you could have prayed. You could have even prayed for those in The Bahamas but you didn’t.  Not even for those in Florida did you pray. You left on the curb the blessings and protection this would have brought you my blind sheep.  This means your wake up call must be even stronger and louder lest your soul perish.  You do not perceive the value of your own souls you who I call mine.  Prepare for the Loud Call of God, it is at hand.

Five  I warned you to turn off the wifi and hard wire every device.  But instead you put the router by your bed….now the beast controls your thoughts and dreams and the right eye (some left eye) of the MANY is controlled already by that part of the mind which the beast controls by wifi.  Did I not tell you Satan is the “prince of the power of the air”?  Look at the eyes.  See the difference of the right and left eye as the right eye look robotic so it is.  One eye is wider, more fixed and separated from human emotion.

Six  I showed you the signs and wonders by Mandela effects. I changed the very history of some things and Satan changed Truth to Lies in many sacred books while you walked on rationalizing it as some kind of mistake in your own memory.  Thousands upon thousands of changes to history in movies, products, stories and poems, land, sea, even your very bodies…yet your minds eye would no allow you to look.  Seeing you see not. Hearing you hear not, and feeling you ignore.  You would not explore the end times signs and wonders.  Therefore the wicked one’s signs and wonders have encompassed you as your truth, while you sunk into the strong delusion.

Seven I sent my elect with open eyes to alert you of the signs and wonders. You called my very elect “Satan, blind, evil, Antichrist, mentally ill, blasphemous, full of abomination, as they showed you sacred Truths you dismissed their words and called My absolute Truth a lie.

Eight Finally little blind sheep….think not that your chances are over because more opportunities have come for deliverance from my end times wrath….I hope you don’t have to die for deliverance.  I will send my elect to identify for you the mark of the beast.  Do not mock, do not scorn.  The mark is a mark on your body that is the temple of God that defiles it and shows your allegiance to the beast and its system.  By the mark men can buy, sell, and do other wifi related tasks.

By my elects words they are without excuse.

Nine I gave you dreams upon dreams that you either ignored or were bombarded by the wifi that you refused to turn off just while you sleep…at least.  I sent many blind sheep dreams that they did share.  Even those who seek me are blind to the strong delusion because they Loved not The Truth and preferred the lie over Truth.  The Truth was to inconvenient for them.  The Truth was too much work they thought.

Men prefer lies therefore their armor the breastplate and the belt have dropped.  How can they fight without their armor?  How can they battle without Truth?  Its not faith if its not FAITH.  So many asked for carnal signs, but if Jesus appears to you once a week with miracle after miracle, then how is it faith that has saved you?  I am the still, peaceful voice.   I am the voice of Love.

Ten  I sent you the prophesies of old as they truly were and are but you chose to believe the lies.  The abomination desolation is nearly finished as the sheep embrace the lies in the book they idolize.  Idolatry is to believe a lie of carnality, over God’s Truth.  Idolatry is a statue, a book, a man or woman, and worship and esteem it above God.   Your idolatry has become full by choosing the book over Truth.  The book is now full of blasphemy yet you side with it and defend it while it crushes and perverts My wholesome precepts of Love and Life everlasting.  The book is your idle. Turn from it now and seek Me.

Mandela Effect Sidenote from the writer.

Side Note.  The Movie “The Shack” I remember it coming out in 1989 or so.  The shack was the home of an OLD BLACK LADY (thin & wise) and 6 or 7 people who were led of God were led to the shack because of end times events and God’s leading.

The movie was NOTHING LIKE THE one now put out in 2017 which some lush busty black woman.  NOTHING like the Shack movie that I remember.  I had an experience today that reminded me of the movie so I researched it….finding that again ITS ALL CHANGED.  Everything has changed.  The end times signs are everywhere for those who look.



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