Courage Cannot Be Present Without Fear

Know Fear, Know Courage.  No Fear, No courage.

More Tricks of The Beast System to Shame us over that which is impossible to change.  Would the beast shame a tree for having leaves?   Would the beast shame a cat for having hair or whiskers?   How dare they shame a child for being afraid.

Instead they should commend the child for being human and then teach them of courage and walking through the fear.  Not allowing the fear to paralyze or stop us from our good works.  The beast system is cunning and programs us at every turn.  It’s time we recognized why and how we become so very belittled in our own minds and hearts.  It is by design that we have been demoralized.

Fear is part of the human condition they need it to survive.  The quote “fear and faith can’t live in the same body” is religions way of making believers feel ASHAMED and faithless because we all experience fear, its natural.

Churches program us to be ashamed by commanding of us the impossibility of being utterly fearless.   There is no such human.  That’s a lie. Not to mention the indoctrinational formidable years, programming terms for fear…[chicken sh**, woosy, yellow belly, panzy, and God forbid we be labelled pu**y! ]  All these terms are made to shame us even though fear is a part of our human survival and emotional condition.

I say, NO FEAR NO COURAGE, KNOW FEAR KNOW COURAGE. “Courage cannot exist where there is no fear”. The real courage is to know fear and take action anyway. Walk through the fear overcoming it.. That is how we build our strength. In many cases if your not afraid something is seriously wrong.

The beast wants you to suppress, hide, & deny fear so it can grow and consume you. Confess fear and it loses power over you. Confess fear not as a sin but rather as an obstacle to your success.  Make a fear list and ask God to remove the fear this is the solution opposed to shaming and denial.

Even HOPE itself is laced in uncertainty. If It ain’t faith if it ain’t faith. Do not allow the beast system to shame you for your human emotions. There is enough real sin around without calling our emotional condition a sin.

Human fear & the spirit of fear are two different things, spirit of fear is another animal entirely and should be cast out by the laying on of hands by prayer at alter call, it paralyzes us, and causes panic attacks and anxiety, this is the spirit that fights against faith but even the spirit of fear cannot cast out FAith.

FAITH itself LIVES IN US WITH MANY OTHER things present, including the prodigal instances, back sliding, and sin .


Do you become an unbeliever the minute you are afraid of the guy standing over you with a knife for instance?  Or would that fear provoke you to pray to God for a quick deliverance.

Thank God FAith isn’t so fragile it leaves at the scent of human survival fear and deserts us….NO Faith is one of the greatest gifts along with Love, Hope, but the greatest of these is Love/(Charity). It is better to give than to receive.

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