RAPTURE Event for the Gentiles & Watchmen of Jesus the Christ

No offense intended but most people just cannot handle the truth due to their preconceived religious programming and their biblical education.

Rapture of the Gentiles will happen when the Fake Sun Arcs and God’s New Sun Arrives.  Bringing a New Nature.  The New World.

The Arc or Arching of The Sun-The Ark of the Covenant even Noah’s Ark.

Synopsis-The eclipse which Jazweeh referenced to signify the demise of the fallen Earth & coming of the New Earth just got more interesting.   A comet just came within sight (allegedly on July 25th, 2023).  And it will hurl closer and closer to Earth soon to be seen with the naked.    During the April 8, 2024 eclipse the comet will be very close to the Sun.  They are saying that Comet 12P/Pons–Brooks  came into view suddenly because of an active volcano erupting on its surface.  Enormous Comet with icey horns barreling toward Earth 

As cryovolcanic comets hurtle toward the sun, they’re heated up by solar radiation. Pressure from the particles within the comet will eventually build to the point of explosion, when their frozen guts will be spewed through gaps in the nucleus shell.

But not to worry — 12P won’t be hitting us any time soon. She’ll whiz by Earth again on April 21, 2024, before disappearing back into the cosmos until at least 2095.

Talk about throwing a big bang into the mix!  Jazweeh keeps saying “I feel that the Sun is going to explode”.  I never put it together as being a big bang creating the New magical Nature.

Definition-Electrical arcing & blast occurs when a discharge of electricity is produced during an electrical breakdown of gases within the air. This discharge is continuous 
rather than momentary, which is what separates an electrical arc from an electric spark. The current’s intended path becomes disrupted, and it will instead travel between two points, 
either from one conductor to another, or a grounded object nearby. When this happens, the conduction of electrical current is uncontrolled and the surrounding air is ionized. 
The point of the arc produces extreme light and heat, and this is known as the arc flash. An arc flash can cause severe injuries to workers nearby as well as property damage.

Moreover-Arc flashes are nothing to joke about as the effect of incident energy can be life-threatening. The progression of an arc flash event starts with an arc fault, 
which is essentially a short circuit conducted between two live parts, or by one live part and one ground, creating ionized air. The next event in this progression is referred 
to as the arc flash. Think of an arc flash as the extreme heat and blinding light produced by the arc fault. If the conditions are right, an arc flash can reach the final stage 
and result in an enormous electrical explosion known as an arc blast. This supersonic shockwave is the result of the arc flash and the newly ionized air vaporizing any metal conductors
within the unit. The traumatic force of an arc blast can severely injure or be deadly to those in the near vicinity as well as damage just about everything nearby.


The Archangels are already here.   Gentiles will sleep for a quick thousand years.

Dreams and visions by so many see the coming explosion.   But it’s not a nuke boys!  It shall be the arching of the fake sun.

Mankind will bring forth their own demise by their devices.  And is that not just like God to by free will allow mankind’s consequences?  Or is the Sun the same to you since 2012?  It’s no accident that since 2012 the Sun began to act just like tanning booth grow lights.  Sure its up for debate.  But I saw the black hole in its center.  Reference “Black Hole Sun” video by Soundgarden.

Mankind Brings His Own Demise

God is sending the comet to destroy their luminary and earthly devices.  The Black Hole Sun video makes the fake sun obvious.   A woman outside with a tanning bed light next to her.  Boiling heat due to the change of the elements.  I know my cooking has changed.

Truth in plain sight but it’s just too much change for most people to look at. We understand why.  The truth is emotionally disruptive.  The truth of what is now happening disrupts even Judah’s emotional condition.

The Chosen will seed the New Earth that’s why we are not under the strong delusion with the Gentiles.  We must know what is happening and what is to come.  We must remember.  We are the scribes who will catalog these events.

Whereas the Gentiles are spared seeing the abomination desolation to spare them the anguish that Judah has endured.  Anguish of watching the minds & bodies of mankind go reprobate by Esau’s soup & by the towers of babel and the strong delusion.   We watch as the bibles all versions all types old and new change on-going supernaturally on the shelves unto desolation.  Soon they will be desolate of God’s True words.  Gentiles will still see God’s words in the books as they do now.   It’s quite amazing and yet frustrating to watch.

Jazweeh’s Prediction THE BIG BANG

Seems the elites have some truth in their bag of lies.  Jazweeh now predicts there shall be a “big bang” as they say.  And then the New Earth shall rise with it’s New Glorious Nature. The Gentiles will have their rapture by instant annihilation.

Tree of Life

Then when the New Earth grows there will be Life on every tree.  Beauty at every turn.  Rivers of living waters.  God’s promises to us fulfilled. No death.  No dying plants or dying people.  No dying animals.  Even the Earth’s soil itself will be clean.

Because the chosen will survive this event those who are to seed the New Earth MUST be purified to survive the explosion and the new pure Love energy that is coming…after the big bang.

Don’t worry the Gentiles will sleep for a time, but as believers they shall wake up after the Earth is ready.

“What business is it of yours [Peter] if I choose [James] to walk the Earth for one thousand years and not see death?” ______Jesus

It may not have said “Peter, James” I am going on memory.  This scripture is erased on the most part from all bibles.  But I do remember it well except the two names that is.

More about the comet.  New Comet Has Entered Our Atmosphere!

And it could very likely collide with the Sun or Earth creating the big bang!

Second reference link

Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association thinks 12P may be one of 10 to 20 known comets with active ice volcanoes. The “magma” is a cold mixture of liquid hydrocarbons and dissolved gasses, all trapped beneath a surface which has the consistency of wax. These bottled-up volatiles love to explode when sunlight opens a fissure.

The best may be yet to come. The comet is currently beyond the orbit of Mars, but falling toward the sun for a close encounter in April 2024. At that time it is expected to become a naked-eye object at 4th or 5th magnitude.The timing is significant because 12P will reach maximum brightness only a few days before the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. Sky watchers in the path of totality could look up and see an outburst for themselves.

Feature Scriptures

Daniel 12:10
“Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

Yes the Dark Lord has control of the people and the books.  But God is still using the bibles to help us.  And new truth and old truth are still found in the books.  If you wear the belt of Truth you likely know the different beween truth and lies.

Identifying the Chosen Few. 

“Some shall be made white and purified”.

The wise see the deceptive signs and wonders.  Why?  Because those “made white” are purified for a reason.  They will survive the Sun the Son when He comes very soon.


Therefore those who are to see the New Earth MUST be purified to survive the new sun & the big bang.

Did God put you through a rigorous purification since 2017?  We have testimony of one being purified.  The purification took seven years.  Both emotional, physical and spiritual purification included.

Only God can purify a man in this way.

Viles poured out. The Iron oxide (ferrous meaning ionized therefore flammable) makes Earth flammable. Poured out from Venus by the tail.  See JeffSnyder2 on YT for plasma fire world info.

If you were put through the process you would know it.  It would include diet, anointing oils, certain clothing changes, perhaps some work on character flaws, addressing of all needed forgiveness.  Not perfection no human is ever perfect due to our nature.  You would of had a great awakening in and around 2017.  Do you see the miracles in the sky?  The brilliant bright Four Angel Deity?  The Mandela effects.  The extreme changes to the Luminaries.  The Two Witnesses?   Have you endured Jacob’s troubles?  Did God show you who and why you are.  Did He show you how your whole life past, present, future, has lead to this place and how you learned and grew from trials and trauma?  The prodigal walk was treacherous.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God.”

Dan 12:11
“And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, (the ‘daily devotion’ God’s true words) and the abomination of desolation is set up (desecrated bibles), there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.  (Seven years not 3 1/2.)

Dan 12:12
“Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.

Dan 12:13
“But you, go your way till the end; for you shall rest, and will arise to your inheritance at the end of the days.”


Commentary below from bbc link above.

Earlier this month the comet – known as Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks – became 100 times brighter with plumes of debris and ice blasting off it into space.

This gave it a horseshoe shape, which scientists likened to the Millennium Falcon spaceship from the Star Wars film series.

as a comet approaches the Sun and temperatures rise, it causes the ice to sublimate – turn directly from a solid to a gas – and jet away, creating the object’s trademark tail. (Writers side note-the viles being poured out upon the Earth are such “tails”.)

The comet will make its closest approach to the sun next year, passing about 144 million miles (144 Mil. B.S.) from Earth on 2 June 2024.

This is just weeks after there is due to be a total solar eclipse on 8 April 2024, although this will be mainly visible in North America.

But two such events happening so close is very rare, with Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association saying it’s “once-in-a-blue-moon that you see a comet next to an eclipsed sun”.

While it may be possible to see the comet with just your eyes, Miles has advised people to use binoculars.

He said: “It should be visible, it’s guaranteed to get a lot brighter, just in the normal way all comets get a lot brighter. What it could also do is have an outburst during the eclipse.”

At the moment it is only really visible with a telescope at a nice dark site but around the time of the eclipse next April, it will be bright enough to easily find with a pair of binoculars from your back garden, even if you live in suburbs.

Dr Edward Gomez , Las Cumbres Observatory

Astronomers aren’t sure exactly why the comet has brightened so much in recent weeks, but one explanation could be an active ice volcano on the surface that is causing it to light up the sky.

This idea is something Miles has said scientists would have never expected to see happen.

“It’s something of a revolutionary idea that you have liquid inside a comet and scientists have for decades never really come to terms with it,” he said.

“When you see this comet do what it’s doing, you can’t really explain it without saying: As well as solids and gases, there are liquids inside the comet making it behave in this very unusual way,” he added.

But the idea that there is liquids inside comets, could also help support a theory shared previously – that comets not only brought water to Earth but also helped spread the germs of life on our planet.

Dr Edward Gomez of the Las Cumbres Observatory in Cardiff, who have been involved in capturing images of the comet, said studying this phenomenon more “gives us a great snapshot of what conditions were like when the planets formed and how the planets formed”.

While most people will have to wait until next year to see the comet, amateur astronomers could have the chance to see it much sooner.

People in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes the UK, could catch Pons-Brooks this week while it’s still bright enough to see with a six-inch telescope.


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